Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekly Recap: 9/19/2016 - 9/25/2016

This week it all came to a head.  Like a big old pimple.  I was re-living High School, the boys only paying attention to me for my friends...  

Anyhoodles, on with my weekly update....

Monday (0/6/0) - Wow what a day, it totally got away from me after Dave called, buying a new truck keeping the old one.  But that's neither here nor there, two car payments, again, after a 5 year break, kinda sucks....    Anyhoodles, I ran in to Mikey in the hallway, literal as he was walking distracted while I was walking distracted, collision in the gerbil tube.  He was lamenting he couldn't run till later, and hadn't run over the weekend and he couldn't take three days off and he didn't want to run in the rain.  I smiled.  I knew EXACTLY what I was looking forward to: 6 miles in the rain.  The usual calling of crazy ensued.  That IS a compliment, right?

The initial downpours were pretty strong, but I was out in the nice medium speed soft warm rain for a lovely 65, minutes, 5 minutes faster than I ran the same course on Friday.  Whoo hoo.  Totally loving the ON Cloud Cruisers, finally got the replacement shoes after a few months.  Nice company to deal with.  I believed them on the suggestion to order a 1/2 size larger than you normally do and they were way too big.  I went with my usual running shoe size and they still feel a little big I can wiggle my toes all around and that is rather lovely so I'll go with this size for now and see how they wear once I get a few hundred miles on them.

Soaking wet and very happy with this run.

The evening was spent dealing with vehicles and ignoring the dogs.  Jax was not pleased!  He was also not feeling well.  Probably had a little paper snack and this upset his tummy, but he had a funny cough, so neither of us were sure what was going on in the middle of the night, because no living thing ever feels that off during daylight hours so no one, but Gus slept well.  Well that's not entirely true, at 4 a.m. Jax decided he'd feel better if he slept in The Gus Hut and Gus was not in the mood to share, so he slept where Jax usually sleeps, on me.

Dave learning how to take selfies

He likes the first one better

Tuesday (0/0/0) - NYC for the day.  Dress, heels, and not much outside time made me a little stiff and bloated and cranky...  that and the lack of sleep due to my 'family' and having to get up early...

Dave took the pups for an adventure and they seemed fine, ok so maybe this was just a little blip with Jax.  We are on pins and needles worrying that he is going to get cancer like Diesel, yet doing everything we can to enjoy every day with both of them.

The rock pile is an interesting story.  Quite a nifty machine!

Wednesday (0/8/0) - My first double run.  5 grueling miles in the heat, is summer ever going to end??  I nearly turned back and made it a 3 mile run and said the hell with it.  My beer gut giggled and I knew I needed to keep on keeping on.  Christ, why is it so easy to gain weight and so hard to lose it?  Well I've only really been at this a week and I haven't been trying very hard, but still...  The second run was the Stavros Memorial Race at the Westerly Town Beach, 3 miles.  This was the 23rd year and the 23rd anniversary of Charlie Stavros death during a race, probably a blood clot.  Those buggers get so many people, terrifying, actually.  To die during a race.  I know we've all felt like it.  I pushed the pace, for me, for barefoot on the sand.  It felt good and nothing hurt while I was running, my calves, well as the night progressed they may tell a different story.

I've been bugging Dave about a Mountain bike.  I'm ready to ride trails again, I have the confidence I needed to get back out there after a long hiatus.  He said I could with my ancient mountain bike, but let him talk to a few of the guys and see what they think.  So looks like I'm in the market for a 29" hard tail, with 3" tires.  Yippieee!!

Thursday (3.6/0/0) -  Ok so I got in a dog walk...  ok two, the faces break my heart.  I walked them together!!  I couldn't face leaving one alone and walking the other and reversing the process. Skipping to the punch line: They were excellent. They figured out someone was going on a walk as I muttered, where is my damn watch.  Jax started his spinning in wild circles and Gus started his pout. They are so very different.  I put the harness on Gus he was all WHOOP! I'm DA DOG!!! and strutted around.  Jax looked on the brink of tears.  I put the harness on him and he was spinning so fast he spun the harness off!!  So we had to repeat the process and get it on correctly.  Off we went, me thinking I am going to regret this.  They were good, a couple quick reprimands and they focused on walking and not being annoying.

I can enjoy my beer in peace!

Friday (5.8/1.8/0)  - Tuesday with Faith became Friday with Faith because of me being in NY.  She was off on Fri and I worked at home so we met at the Westerly Y for a 5 mile run with a HUGE HILL ending mile 2.  That got a little turned around as we made a quick detour to my house, Jax needed to slobber on a new person.  He did exactly that and we skedaddled on to our appointed route.  Damn it is hard to get back to running.  My breathing is all over the place and my form is off.  Faith was in it for the company not speed.  THANK YOU!!!  I plodded along nearly on death's door and she chattered endlessly, THANK YOU!!  Mostly kept my mind off the gasping for breath and the fat jiggling.  It was a warm run, we walked a couple times and ended with a walk, over all 11:28 pace with walking nearly a mile of it - Faith had 11 so I'm good with that. I have to be, it is what it is at this point.

Saturday (8/0/0) - Westerly Heart Walk kicked off the day.  5 miles in scenic Watch Hill.  I signed up with my Physical Therapy group and enjoyed a nice 5 mile walk with another woman who was on her second hip replacement, well they were replacing parts, she was 57, holy crap.  She kept up a good pace and chattered the whole time and I was relieved.  I wasn't in a chatty mood and really suck at chatter with strangers.  People who know me, well they know me and kind of expect the unexpected to come out of my mouth, people who don't, well I think this is an off putting trait.  My filter is broken.

Took the boyz for another double walk and while that had it's challenges it was good.  An hour massage to work out more of the kinks in my legs and back, still not there, yet.  And my day was pretty much over.  Quite content to call it a day and flip on the TV, a rarity for me and catch up on recorded shows, Gotham and Blindspot, and binge watch Vikings!

Sunday (0/4/0) - The test drive of the Stashe Mountain Bike doesn't actually count as biking, but I was on a bike and it was FUN!!!  NBX has a nice little course, and I mean little, to test the bikes on.  It felt good and comfortable and it only took a second to remember how to shift the mountain bike versus a road bike.  Weird with such a wide handle bar and front shocks and big tires.  Thinking there will be one of these parked in the dining room soon.   I want to be out on the trails, and this will get me there until when my  hip can't.  

Took the boyz out for an evening constitutional to wrap up the week.


Feet:  37.2 for a total of 1,313.8 against a yearly total of 1,482.2
Saddle:  0 for a total of 1,247.8 against a yearly total of 1,482.2

Beth, happy the harassment has ended.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Three Things Thursday

Gentle readers I think that is over, for now, and maybe we can get back to my dull and boring life filled with running, biking, beer, knitting, reading, dogs, and NOT FREAKING OUT a list of people, including my mother, who are concerned about the commenter on my blog.  Yes, I have each and every one of the comments kept in a safe place.

The headache episode has passed and seems to be related to allergies.  Made for an even more miserable week last week. 

My husband's first selfie.  He was welcomed into the world of iPhone this week...  This is way better than him trying to smile, he looks less deranged.

Beth, taking it one day at a time

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wordless Wednesday


Beth, who has started reading her own blog, only for the comments, they aren't boring!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Weekly Log -- 9/12/2016 - 9/18/2016

Yeah the weekly log kinda gets boring, however if I actually kept accurate labels I'd be able to know the last time I had a days long headache.   I think it was Feb and it was 4 or 5 days.  I woke up with this one in the very early hours of Saturday a.m. and seems to maybe have let up, but I'm not going to say it's gone till the last of the Acetaminophen is out of my system.  I've consumed more than enough Ibuprofen in the last 4 months so.... time to give my poor liver a break....

Monday (3.2/3/0) - Ran all by myself.  I walked the first 1/4 mile and the last 1/10 mile and a few steps in the middle.  All in all I am satisfied with this run.  I knew I'd be running with Faith on Tuesday so I'd get in some more solid miles, keeping up with her is my goal.  No pain, other than the left knee with the arthritis, and that wasn't even that bad.  I'm still icing.  It feels good, so I keep on doing it.  It was a challenge to myself to run solo.  Why I'm being so weird about this is anyone's guess..

Walk with Gus after I cooked dinner, he was peppy tonight!  The cooler and drier air definitely helps.  Glad to have a bit more speed back in our outings, my beer belly can definitely used the extra calorie burn!

Tuesday (5.3/0/0) - Tuesday run with Faith, we started with a walk at my request, she was still sorta feeling Surftown from Sunday, I wondered.  We didn't walk long, just up the hill, it was long enough to start running, plus then we'd start the run on a slight downhill and that's never a bad thing, right?  I'll get the start running right away point eventually.  It was a nice run, low humidity, however deceptively warm.  Faith is getting back into heart rate training which means her running my pace more than me running her pace, nice for me.  We were about mid way through mile 4 and on a slight uphill when I started feeling my hip, it gets later and later into each run.  I'll call that an improvement, and it's more like I feel tension, like I need to do a deep stretch.  The next couple Tuesdays I'm in NY so that will suck.  OH yeah and the headache is still there.  Bastard...

Wednesday (5.6/0/15) -  Woke up with no headache!  That's pretty stellar.  Not sure why the little bastard decided to go away, glad he did.

Hills with Ro was good, as usual.  She is adjusting to her mother's death, that is the best I can assess.  Not having lost a parent I have no idea.

Jennifer resurfaced and the sun is setting earlier, back to Spin on Wednesday.  My first 'double' in a long time.  My hip felt it when I got home, a little ice and all was ok.  Or maybe it was the beer?  I hate spin, I really do.  At least it is only 45 minutes and over by the time it starts. It's good for me to do....

Thursday (0/3.3/0) - PT in the gym for lunch.  Boring, and necessary.  I did some stuff with the TRX too.  I do miss that quite a bit.  Enough to keep me moving for an hour.

Walked Jax, he was decent, I can usually count on wanting to strangle him in the first 1/4 mile, and tonight was no exception.  I did set him up a bit by walking by the JV game at the High School, so I didn't count his lunging and pulling against him.  Once we got by that, it was like walking a normal dog, until there was a house already decorated for Halloween, with things in the front yard.  This freaked him out then set him off.  Poor guy.  Lola was like that too, anything looking human like (includes snow men) and BOOM her head exploded and it was an immediate threat to be dealt with.

Friday (6/1/0) - I ran 6 miles with no breaks!  I am very proud of myself.  It felt good and it felt harder than it should have.  I did it and that is what matters.

Saturday (0/2.7/42.2) - After a slow start to the morning I finally got on the bike.  Figured I'd get in a few miles, pedal out to Noak and check out Sue's new shop and probably pedal back.  Kinda sorta what I did, meandering here and there.  It's nice to just be out on the bike on a beautiful sunny cool dry day.   I do love biking, and should do more of it.  Running is 'easier' in that its all weather all season all conditions all terrain....

I love the little reflective red eyes
The sign says "this belongs to the residents of Osbrook, it is not fire wood"

Noank, CT

Noank Ct
Ice Cold Ice

Groton Long Point
No Dogs
No Bikes

Groton Long Point
In the distance is a fishing boat and a sail boat,
the dichotomy of the two was what prompted me to take the picture

Jax got walkies because Dave had to walk Gus to and from the vet on Friday as his truck was still in the shop.  Gus did not think this was fair because it wasn't a fun walk it was a walk with Dave and the vet was involved.  I can sorta kinda see his point.  Jax is finally, after how many YEARS, getting this walking thing and not being a complete idiot on the leash.  Might be able to do double dog walks shortly!

Sunday (0/6.2/0) - Didn't do much today, didn't really plan on it.  Happy to get both dogs walked, a sweater finished, a sweater started, a couple more episodes of Vikings Season 2 (it is horribly violent, and I am enjoying it), and make dinner.

Jax protecting me from a wooden turtle.
He really can't understand yard art.


Foot:  Weekly - 33.6  Yearly - 1,276.6 against a straight-line target of 1,443.6
Saddle: Weekly - 57.1 Yearly - 1,247.8 against a straight-line target of 1,443.6

Beth, thinking maybe it's time to find a race or something to train for, but not really sure.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Weekly Recap: 9/5/16 - 9/11/16

Monday (0/5.1/0) - Nice little hike almost around Napatree Point in Watch Hill.  It got a little dicey on the bay side and two of our group of four decided to back track while Joe and I decided to soldier forth through the water because we were shoe less.

Who goes to the beach with shoes on?

Hermine, once a hurricane, down graded to a tropical storm, and we were under watches then warnings then watches then warnings from Saturday - Tuesday.  Hermine made the trip fun, we went at high tide to make sure we got the most of the experience.

At low tide you can usually get across that little part and continue on the bay side of Napatree.  We cut back across to meet up with Faith and Jaime.

It has been a while since I did that, Sage used to be my adventure girl, she liked all that stuff.

Tuesday (5.4/0/0) - Back to weekly runs with Faith!  I forgot my space watch at home and I was all stressed out about how to manage my intervals of 10 minutes walking 1 mile run 5 min walk x 4.  Faith has a space watch and offered to assist me in my conundrum!  I wasn't sure if we would get all 4 miles of running or not.  I supposed had we gone down Jupiter Point we would have managed.  But my hip did start to ache in mile 3 so I knew it was probably about time to wrap it up.  We finished the mile and did the walk and then started mile 4, Faith was going to get the full 4 in!  We got to her car and said our good byes and I walked back to campus.  Over all 5.4 miles with a 12:12 pace.  I'll call it a run.    The hip felt better as we started the 4th run mile so I think it is the process of getting back to higher mileage and no walking runs.

I don't even remember what the rest of the day consisted of other than back to work after the long weekend and the unfortunate end to summer and NOW everyone wants to get started on projects, WTF were they doing all summer?  I really dread September for the onslaught of work because it is the last quarter and no one seems to actually work over the summer...  They aren't teachers....

Wednesday (0/7.6/0) - I graduated PT!  Yeah!  I only go back if I need to, however keeping up with my exercises is key to not having to go back.  I was sad to say good bye to Sarah, Danielle, and Joe.

Back to hills with Ro, now in her second week of retirement, or is it third?  Her mother passed away last week and she really needed to talk it all out. The detailed blow by blow, was I willing to listen? Of course.  Never doubt that.  I've always been curious about the dying process, nearly as curious as I am about the living process.  Happy to listen as she talked non-stop going from one emotion to the next. The big stresses in life marriage, death, divorce, moving, job change, she got two at once.

Thursday (0/2.5/0) - I did my PT exercises and was quite content with that, I had 15ish miles for the week already and needed to dial it back a bit.

Gus got a ride in the new car, my first car payment was made, so it's not new anymore....  We went to Champlin Glacier Preserve only a few miles from the house.  It was very hilly and rocky and in spitting distance of the ocean.  Glaciers, amazing things, they made it flat where they moved and hilly where they stopped to rest and eventually melted.  There was a nice swamp, I'm sure it was good and muddy, not yet, Gus give it a year before muddy dogs in the car?  And one spot that looks to get good and muddy in the spring and probably after a heavy rain?   The 134 acres are surrounded by houses and a busy road on one side it is remarkably peaceful and has a feeling of being in the middle of no where, something I very much enjoy.  Plus being surrounded by roads the ever present fear of being lost and never found is a very tiny quiet voice in the back of my head because less than one mile in any direction I'd be in civilization.

Friday (0/0/0) - I was feeling the hike on the uneven ground in my legs, mostly in my shins.  UGH, how did THAT happen.  I had a lot of niggling to do lists and wasn't feeling as though a 3 mile run would help me focus, it may cause me to lose focus, plus the shin thing had me a little worried, so I worked and with great satisfaction obliterated a few pages of to-dos.

Jax needs to learn how to relax.

Met up with a runner friend for beer at Grey Sail, which turned into a field trip to Beer'd, if you are going to come all the way down to South County you might as well go 'round the corner and go to Beer'd.  So we did that!  I actually enjoyed a Double IPA, who knew THAT could happen.  It wasn't IPAy tasting at all.

Saturday (5.1/1/0) -  The texts started mid day Friday with the 'Gansett gals and who was running.  Nicole had 14, Jenn had 20.  I said I could do between 3 and 5.  I met up with Nicole and Jenn at 8 a.m. Nicole had 5 left, Jenn had 11 left.  I ran 5 with them at a super comfy pace and it was so nice.  I started feeling the hip late in the last mile and that is just fine, I knew I pushed it with 5 and knew that I WAS going to be smart and take it easy the rest of the day (although I REALLY wanted to bike) so it would be OK.  My confidence that I can run 5 miles is back and that will up as time goes on.  Hopefully I'll be back to every other day 6 mile runs and a long run on the weekends maybe October I can hit a 10 mile run?   I'm super nervous about going back to all that pain, maybe I'm being overly cautious?  Maybe I'm not.  What I do know is the pain started as acute in April (OK maybe February, if I'm really honest) and became chronic in mid May....

Sunday (0/4/0) - Went to cheer on the runners at Surftown, on the only hill in Watch Hill.  Met up with a couple Jeff's and a Crutch.  Good times!  What a miserable race in the humidity and heavy air. Fun hanging with the guys.

I took some pictures with the big camera, something, most likely the firm ware has gotten funky and the pictures didn't turn out all that great.  A few did.  Disappointing.  Now to brave it update it.  Digital is nice for immediate results, print is still better, but who has time for that?  Should have used the iPhone.

After the race I took myself for a walk to the end of Napatree.  Debated on a run or a ride once I got home and decided I'll continue to ease back into being more active.  Honestly I'm scared of reoccurring pain.  I know there is always going to be some pain, but that pain was so awful.  Like stepping on the tender part of a bare foot on dried holly tree leaves and not being able to pull them off.

Clip from a video of Gus enjoying a back scratch and Jax interrupting it,
I love that look on his face as he enters the frame

Feet: 29.2, for a total of 1,243 against a straight-line target of 1,405
Saddle:  0 this week for a total of 1,190.7 against a straight-line target of 1,405   Planning on doing the Western Hills ride next weekend.  I'm in the mood for hills!

Beth, happy to feel like she is back to running, looking forward to more miles!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wordless Wednesday -- 3Q2016 is a Wrap

Beth, guess we can see from all the north of 200 miles Jan - April perhaps this hip thing was destiny?

Monday, September 5, 2016

Weekly Recap: 8/29/16 - 9/4/16

Monday (0/3/0) -  I spent my lunch hour in the gym doing my PT.  Good girl!  I recall this making me rather grouchy as all the happy runners came in.  I try so hard to not snap at them in some sort of a jealous rage.  I don't know if I am at all successful.  Bad Girl!

Time to break out the headlamp for evening dog walks.  I'm sad the sun sets earlier, happier the evenings are cooling off.

The mail basket with my hometown newspaper!

Tuesday (5.1/0/0) - A running day!  Yippeeeeeee.  My Rx was 5 x 400 meter run with walk breaks of about 90 seconds between.  I ran 8.  Not a fan of odd numbers?  It felt great, well the first few steps hurt (I reminded myself to count the number of steps the next time I could run - data is good more data is BETTER!).  I ran back and forth on a flat asphalt surface and was so tickled with myself it was like when I finished my first pair of knitted socks and they fit!

Dinner out, Dog Watch BBQ, I mention this because the food was EXCELLENT and Revival Brewing Co also has a special Dog Watch Ale, only sold there, that was perfect with the BBQ.  Now to get the restaurant snob to go.

Dog Watch BBQ

Wednesday (0/0/0) - PT morning, Sarah asks me about what I've been doing and I recapped the run and the bike on Sunday and she looked at me.  "Doubles?  And how do you feel?"  I felt a little stiff, but it was slow and flat bike ride so I didn't really think about it as a double.  She shook her head.  Finally saying "If you felt no pain I think it's fine to try a mile run this week."

The rest of the day were evenly spaced out meetings, Number One Smart Guy and Jackass in New York, Gary was on Fishers Island so it was rather quiet and dull.

Jax ready to "kick some squirrel butt"
He cracks me up

Thursday (0/3.2/0) - Last water PT class.  They've exhausted what they can do with me so now it is time for more land and full body weight PT.  Hey, if we don't talk about the belly it doesn't exist, right?  shhhh...  I got in my 20 minutes of jogging and was able to play around with different types of water core work, so that was good.

Walk at lunch, rainy and actually rather refreshing.  I'd rather run, however I'm seeing the advantage to active recovery, and Wednesday was a complete and total slug day.

Friday (5/2.8/0) - Would have been a good day to bike to work except it was Friday of a holiday weekend.  Plus I was going to get to run to day, to run my MILE!! (and well that whole disapproval for the double thing) After a 15 minute warm up walk I ran my mile and it felt awesome, well the first 45 steps hurt (remember I said I was going to count them), and my left knee got it together and the muscle tenderness on the right hip sussed itself out.  I figured, well since I did run 2 miles on Tuesday, I could do an extra mile, just to see how it felt.  It felt even better!!!  Since my lunch run was going to creep over an hour with walking the last 1.5 miles back to campus I did a third mile, it was far slower, however also on the stretch of Shennecossett that I hate, that gradual sneaky hill, I was pleased with my success and lack of pain, I can't wait to tell Sarah on Wednesday!!

Gus and Jax, up to no good.

Saturday (0/5.9/0) - Volunteering for the Westerly Track and Athletic Club's inaugural Whaneeta 5K, registration and course marshal at the split, go right for the first lap and left for the second.  It was fun and my first event as a newly minted member of the board of directors.

White blaze with a black dot, always makes me feel like I'm being watched!

I wanted to take a bike ride to Buttonwood Farms, that never materialized.  Gus was still pretty ticked from being snubbed for a walk on Friday and Dave was having truck issues and of course had a long bike adventure to go on so someone had to deal with that.  Lucky me... Gus got his walk and I got some chores done and then decided to take myself on a walk on Napatree Point.

Sunday (0/1/28) - Got my bike ride in.  As I was approaching the light at Greenhaven it was green and staying green, this never happens.  I was able to get up the sharp hill and on to US1, turning left.  Then I realized I really wanted to turn right.  Oh well.  So off to Stonington Borough to explore. I wasn't going to be breaking any records today so might as well just explore all the dead ends and side streets and see what I see.  It was a perfect day for this, sunny not humid, a bit of a strong wind kicking up now and then.  Found things I didn't know existed and that pleases me!

Foot:  26.2 for 1,213.8 for the year against a straight-line target of: 1,366.5
Saddle:  28 for 1,190.7 for the year against a straight-ling target of 1,366.5

Yeah those goals are slip slip slipping away.  Fortunately though my hip is much healthier and I had forgotten what it is like to NOT be in pain 24x7.  It's pretty darn nice.

Beth, pleased each step is easier and faster!!  Ok easier not necessarily faster!