Monday, February 12, 2018

Week 6: 2/5/2018 - 2/11/2018

Wonder how long I'll be able to keep track the week number?  Thinking that wasn't such a great idea...

Monday (Run 3.1 + core) A nice sunny day, over 30 but the wind was the problem!  I went to make the loop around Eastern Point and was having no luck fighting it and moving forward I turned around and made up the lost 0.4 miles elsewhere.  

One of my favorite pictures of Diesel, the wind was so strong his ears were standing up!

Tuesday (Spin 15 + core) Spin was good, I opted to purchase a Wahoo cadence sensor that will track cadence with the sensor in my shoe.  It worked!  The purpose was to use it on the spin bike with the CTS training videos on Strava, they give a target cadence and tension.  I like to have something to aim for.  I didn't watch the cadence during class, I let the app run and see what I saw at the end.  

Data is always interesting.  Will I do anything with it? 

Wednesday (Run 3.1 + core) It was icy out, no wind, which was the nice part.  The smart people stayed inside.

A bit of hip drop, he keeps his sense of humor and is so good about being in the crate.

Thursday (Training video 63 minutes, at least 15 miles)  WTAC Board meeting, so no evening spin class.  The cadence sensor definitely worked to keep me on task with cadence.  I may need to adjust my cadence goals versus tension goals.  Otherwise, I'm, ha ha, spinning my wheels and won't make progress! HA HA!

A really crappy picture, but I think it is really sweet how Jax keeps an eye on his big brother.
Usually one of the footstools is there and Jax will sleep on that to keep a good look out!

Friday (0) A trip to the walk-in clinic, and a viral bronchitis diagnosis and some freaking awesome cough pills Tessalon Perles, the cough bugging me for the last three weeks nearly gone and I could sleep.  Excellent!  I was just glad it wasn't pneumonia, sometimes I overreact.    

A surprise when I got home from work!
Sweetheart Hoya (Hoya Kerrii) plant.
What a nice surprise from Monica, Mike, and Murphy!
The box says "Heart of Gold"

Saturday (Walk 3.5)  Took me for a walk out on Napatree to get some fresh air and some exercise.  It was cloudy with a low wind, spring-like!  Missed the Old Mountain Field 5K, it was a mud fest, I'm so bummed to miss it. 

Watch Hill Lighthouse in the distance.

Sunday (0) It rained all day and that is my story.  I got a lot of housewifery and knitting done, for those who know what it means I turned the heel on the socks for Dave (AKA The Imaginary Husband).  Jax also convinced me to play The Dumb Game more than I liked...  He's too cute to ignore.

I have no idea if this will make sense.
What you are looking at is the foot of the sock with the heel at the left of the picture.
There are two circular needles, one for the 'front' stitches and one for the 'back' stitches
Turning the heel is making the heel, well a pocket to put the heel in!
It really is a fun process. Kinda like magic.

Feet:  9.7
Saddle:  30


Nearly finished the brown baby sweater and got the bug to start socks again!  I got one started, toe up and put that on some holders to get the second one started and would be able to work both at once.  The process of getting two socks started at one time is a level of frustration I wasn't ready to deal with and probably part of the reason I've been sock gun shy.  Well, that and working a pair that wasn't knitting up correctly because I had two different sized needles!!!

I had to re-teach myself the cast on and the formulas I used.  I didn't make really great notes for the last pairs of socks I made Dave, I regret that now.  Fortunately, he has several pairs still in great shape so I could get some measurements and stitch counts!

And my knitting student and I got together during the week to catch up with what she has been up to since retirement and work on our projects, she is about 3/4 of the way through the last part of the project, the sleeves.  She is fearing the sweater will be too small like mine ended up being.  It is such a pretty sweater.  


He is stable, ending week two of 24x7 crate rest.  He has his moment of high anxiety however he isn't in pain, so that is a plus.  He walks more like someone who had a three-martini lunch rather than someone who has been drinking since breakfast, I guess that is progress?  I think all of us have figured out how to communicate and week #3 will be a bit easier?  Jax came running through the front room tossing toys everywhere and Dave and I looked at Gus, and he had this look of utter relief to not have to deal with Jax's nonsense.  Clearly, he inherited our warped senses of humor?  He eats like a hungry hippo and that is awesome considering his only exercise is getting out of the house and walking around to relieve himself.  


"Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine" by Gail Honeyman
In progress

Captivating and disturbing.  Eleanor had a horrible childhood and it is slowly unfolding as the book progresses. 

Beth, coughing so much she should count it as a core workout!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Week 5: 1/29/2018 - 2/4/2018

Monday:  (1 Walk) Not a great day.  Jax humored me and we went for a mile walk, mostly with the purpose of depositing some Gus poop into the First National Poop and Trust.   We were successful and Jax enjoyed stopping to smell everything and make his own deposit.  It was snowing and really rather nice with the headlamp making the snow look more like glitter.  Jax is not big on leash walks; he’d rather hike in the woods or chase the mountain bike.  I think it’s the control thing; he really doesn’t like it when someone else is in control or tells him what to do.  Gus pretty much goes along with whatever; Diesel was like that too, everything was a fun adventure for him.  The others, not so much, skeptical about what that command REALLY meant and they would unwillingly follow direction.

Runners Love Their Beer @ Mt Washington 2017

Tuesday:  (15 Spin + Core) A little better of a day.  Dinner out with the in-laws was on the schedule for the evening.  We met them at the casino so it was smokey and I coughed the whole time.  There is something going on, probably a cold or asthma and the smoke wasn’t helping.  Even my rescue inhaler wasn’t subduing the coughs.  It happens. 

My Mom grows some beautiful Bougainvillea, this was early in the season.

Wednesday: (15 Spin) My cough is close to nonexistent but I didn’t want to tempt fate and run in the cold so I took the spin class.  If I’m going to use a piece of exercise equipment the bike is my preference.  As I told Eric while he was on the bike nursing his not quite healed yet foot, “Bikers have better legs.”  He said, “For sure they have better calves.”

I think I can say this worked!  Or my lack of running is contributing to my lack of knee pain.

 Thursday:  (15 Spin + Core)  I contemplated running.  Next week I can get back at that, let my lungs get back to some semblance of normal. 

That's a big rock! - Gus

Friday: (0) Really not feeling much of anything.  At this point, I can't quite remember why.  #1 Smart Guy announced he is retiring on 3/31.  That was kind of depressing, but he's got 35+ years and is 58 this year and his wife is a breast cancer survivor and he has a pup with one eye.  I think the guys been put through is paces and deserves to be on his own schedule!  This leaves me with Jackass, Dr. Done, Garbear, and Howie...  I will truly miss his level-headedness.  He was a fair boss for the short while I worked for him and someone I truly enjoyed working with. 

Play with me! - Jax

Saturday: (8 Mountain bike) Dave was off with the guys to go to Big River and that meant I needed to sneak out to avoid the patient getting agitated.  I was not successful...  I had a good ride along icy carriage roads in Barn Island.  I wasn't up for much, a little concerned with whatever is going on in my lungs.  I'm chalking it up to a Lupus thing and moving forward.  The ride didn't result in hours of coughing so I'll call it good.  Seems like the coughing sessions happen when I don't exercise - Friday was a bad one. 

Pretty much

Sunday: (4 Run) I could take a deep breath with no pain or coughing.  Off I went on a run.  I wasn't sure how far, but 4 was probably the limit.  So nice to start running on the downhill versus uphill.  I saw quite a few other runners, walkers, and a couple bikers.  All in all a good run and I felt good, and no pain. 

Snoozing in the sun!


Another not so great week if I were a real athlete, for a rank amateur trying to hold it together with bubble gum and binder twine I'm winning!

Feet: 5 Week /  47 YTD  
Saddle: 53 Week / 157 YTD

Gus:  I'll give him his own section, so you can skip it or read it!

Gus has a slipped disc or discs.  With his heart condition putting him under to get a complete diagnosis is not possible.  He is on 24x7 crate rest for 4 - 6 weeks, and it is showing results!  He was walking much better and has an occasional whappa whappa (head shake)! He certainly is ticked off being in the crate all. the. time.   I would be too at his age. I don’t think dogs get consequences, that the fact he feels better is because he is in the crate so he can work his way to forgiving us.  Instead, we get the stink eye.  At least he is not destructive and tearing apart his new fancy orthopedic bed!  This will continue minimally for 3 more weeks, likely 5 more weeks.  We can re-assess at 3 weeks and see how he is moving.  Maybe give him some non-crate snuggle time.  Far cry from Monday where we were considering we may need to put him down.

Pets are an emotional roller coaster.  They try their best to communicate with us and we with them.  For now, he seems content enough, not at all happy about being confined.  However, we are lucky he trusts us.  


Finished the Lilac sweater, started a brown and will trim it with a deep rose to break up the montony of brown, plus I have a few more Beatrix Potter buttons!

I was having a stress fest over my closet of yarn, it was actually stressing me out.  I collected so much pretty yarn and did not identify a project for it and finally, it got the best of me.  I took an undisclosable amount of yarn to a local yarn shop.  The owner has a relocation plan for this yarn and it will be made into scarves, hats, and mittens for SE CT homeless population.  


"Coraline" by Neil Gaiman

A cute short juvenile story, perfect for escaping the realities of being an adult.

"Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine" by Gail Honeyman

This one is slowly unfolding with Eleanor's past and how it impacts her present.  Seems like she has had some very horrible experiences in her short life and does her best to compartmentalize them.


It was a week, a week in the normal life of a work a day dog mom trying to hold it together and not stress out a geriatric injured pup or her ill parents with too much drama.

Beth, honestly wondering why people take and post pictures of food.  It always looks so unappetizing to me...  maybe it is just me, but it keeps me from snacking!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Week 4: 1/22/2018 - 1/28/2018

"Start as you mean to go on."  Was how I originally heard this quote.  I'm not sure of the actual quote.  

“Begin as you mean to go on, and go on as you began, and let the Lord be all in all to you.” - Charles Haddon Spurgeon, All of Grace

Or perhaps:

"Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop." - Lewis Carroll

I've had a slow start to the year mile wise.  Gus, Gizmo, Sage, Diesel, and even Jax are/were motivation for evening walks and weekend hikes!  Clearly, the credit goes to the pups for 10 or so extra miles a week.  I thought about going out today, it's not so much fun alone, especially on a rainy dreary day...  I knew I enjoyed experiencing things through their eyes, I just didn't realize how much.

Since I have nothing but pictures of beer, I dug through my running photo archive...  I've had some great races over the years.  Nice memories!

Monday:  (4 running) I did it!  4 miles!  It felt so nice, kind of freeing.  My knees were a bit achy the next morning but not for long.  I ended up using my core work time chatting with Mikey about his new pup and the trials and tribulations of two dog household.  A two female dog household is going to be interesting for them, for sure. 

Run Around the Block 15K, Block Island RI 2012
Probably one of my favorite blog posts too!
Not such a nice face.  That would be a fun race to run again.

Tuesday:  (15 spin bike) Other than my knees giving me a little grief in the morning all was well.  I had a core routine all worked up, but no time to get to it before spin class.  Stupid work.  Spin class was a lot of interval work, I needed some of that for sure.  

My last marathon - AZ R&R 2013
Erwin, Andrea, Gabe, MaryAnn, me
Wednesday: (4 running) Challenged myself a bit turning right out of the gate and going down to Jupiter Point and back to campus.  Two things I'm not a huge fan of going up Shennie (it is more "elevation" than Eastern Point) and then running out of the hole of Jupiter Point.  It is kind of a mental game and kind of a well crap I'm tired, running a slight long never ending incline into the wind.  Can't I just die now?  I did it, nothing spectacular pace-wise.  I am very happy being able to run and not have to THINK about how I'm going to get up and down stairs and not yelp.   There is a lot I forgot about not being in constant pain, slowly I am remembering what it feels like to not wince or think about getting up and moving. :)

Newport 1/2 Marathon 2012 - my PR!
Thursday:  New York for the day, I was on an interview panel...  questioning the expected outcomes of future lawyers about Fellowships grants they are applying for.  The projects presented were thought provoking,  innovative, and impactful.  It was hard to pick one.

The last running of the Camier Firecracker 4-Miler 2013
That was a horrible race -  Racing in July is miserable no matter what the distance.
Nicole, me, Jackie
Friday:  Between NYC exhaustion and my hands and feet not wanting to warm up I had a pretty crappy day.  Even my massage wasn't so wonderful as I didn't want to be touched.  Guess this is how it goes sometimes.

Belleville Pond 10K 2014, always a favorite!
Monica, me, Crutch

Saturday:  The first race in the WTAC Clamshell Series, Charlestown Early Learning Center Chili 5K.  It is a 5K PR course for sure, flat and fast and challenging with the wind as it is always blowing.  Did I PR?  Ha!  No!  I didn't fall or die and that is pretty much all I'm hoping for.  I did have to stop and tie my shoe as I entered mile 3 and that kind of sucked.  I haven't had that happen in a long time.  Huh...  I've been using a 'reef knot' and that is NOT supposed to happen.   Probably time to go back to double knotting.

It was a nice race, I didn't hang around after.

Sunday:  The ongoing rain put a damper on my mountain biking plans, don't really need to rut up the trails but being muddy and wet would have been super fun.  This is going to be a low mileage week and that's about it.   I caught up with a lot of things I've been remiss in attending to.

One of my favorite 5K pictures.
George Ross Photography
A month before my one and only 50K.  Everything was easy for me then.
RI State Police Foot Pursuit April 2014

Gus:  Resting comfortably, he wants to be up and around but it wears him out.  Rest is really important for recovery. Thursday is the appointment with the Neurologist, we will know more then.  


"Anansi Boys" by Neil Gaiman 
Finished (1/28)
The whole time I listened to this all I could think was I know this story, wait do I?  Turns out I remembered very little of it from the first time through in 2011.

2011 review: Wonderful story, made me smile the whole time! Our parents teach us valuable lessons and give us valuable gifts; sometimes it takes us a lifetime to understand them.

Still holds true!  

"Coraline" by Neil Gaiman
Started  (1/28)


Still plugging away on the Lilac sweater.  


Feet:  12 / 42 YTD
Saddle 15 / 104 YTD

Thrilled I had two runs for longer than 4 miles and no pain!  Not disappointed I didn't get in more miles either on my feet or in the saddle, I wasn't feeling it on Friday for sure.  Anxious about what Thursday will hold, is Gus treatable or not?  

Beth,  remembering memories stay with us for a lifetime.