Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekly Recap - 4/17/2017 - 4/23/2017 (possibly an offensive rant)

Catching up on other's blog, there is always something that sticks out to me or reminds me of something I said with a lot of passion.

"Well, anybody can jog or walk a marathon and not pass away, but to run/race it with gusto, you have to suffer every time." -- Muddy Puddin'

The Boston Marathon was Monday.

I have a tremendous amount of respect and awe of this particular race.  You have to meet a standard to even apply to run Boston, and that isn't a guarantee you get in!  Could this be construed as unfair?  Perhaps.  Personally, I'm not all about a trophy for everyone. 
Skip to ENDS if you don't want to read my opinionated rant... Fore warned is fore armed!

I've nothing against charity running, I've done it, several times, two half marathons and two marathons, and now I bike a charity bike event, my team was formed specifically for raising funds for lung cancer.  I have a tremendous respect for those who do this.  What I have equal respect for is the sanctity of the Boston Marathon.  It is an elite event, one you qualify for, one you train for, one you race with gusto and you suffer.

Not everyone qualifies for the Olympics, right?

Several people I know were charity runners at the Boston Marathon, I donated to them, either for their cause to show support for their efforts or both.

It became clear one of these charity runners was only in this to say:  "I ran Boston".  The training commitment wasn't there; the commitment to the charity was non-existent, the injury list became longer and crazier as marathon Monday approached.  They made it to the start line and were disqualified when they didn't make the cut-off for a timing mat.  Seven hours and many facebook posts later they crossed the finish line and someone gave them a medal. (There is so much wrong with this picture) 

There is being a tourist in races to enjoy the scenery and the experience (me, usually) or being a tourist by walking 26.2 miles, and believing they are justified to be pissed off that everyone went home.  This annoys me, no this chaps my ass, and there I said it.  It annoyed me long before Mikey qualified for Boston, however, missed gaining entry by 8 seconds, and was it one of these charity bibs?  I dunno, however, that is what it is most easy to direct my disgust towards. 

If this makes me a horrible human being, so be it.  I'm a horrible human being.  My mother has assured me, in general, I am not horrible, however when I whine, weelllll then I'm really not very likable....

Anyhoodles, it takes a lot of time, energy, concentration, and dedication to training to run those paces to qualify in your age bracket.  Boston is for the elite, and those who treasure what it means to them and to the running community, not a means to get a BOSTON STRONG 26.2 tattoo...

Guess I wasn't quite done, I certainly am opinionated, yes, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  This is my space to let out my opinion.  I'm not lobbying for anyone to agree with me on this point.  Or argue with me.


After an eating, standing and being uncomfortable, trying to make awkward conversation with Dave's brother's wives and the three teenage girls and the 6-year-old boy (I seem to do best with the boy) fest at the in-laws, I woke up in a grouchy mood on Monday.  No surprise there, except Dave always seems to be surprised by my surly attitude.  I was awake well past 11 p.m. I stood in his mother's kitchen for 5 hours trying my best to be the good daughter-in-law, sat and ate for an hour, and then drove home,  Welcomed, after 10 p.m. by starving dogs who didn't know if they wanted to be fed or go to bed because it is way past dog dinner time and dog bedtime or be mad at us.

Yes, yes I don't like my time taken away from me and get nasty about it from time to time.

After I got off the bike on Saturday, I was cold and hunched up in the shoulders and managed to tweak something in my neck, so I had a stiff neck on top of all this.  I couldn't turn my head to the right, so of course, people wanted to stand to my right to talk to me.  They got a lot of side eye, and it all wasn't just because I couldn't turn my head!  Fortunately, Amy was in the gym today and she could straighten me out a bit and ordered me to ice my neck. UGH, I know heat feels better, however, ice is healing.  I obeyed Ms. Sharp Elbows and dealt with the rash of crap the boyz gave me.  I did get in a very very short run, and it felt good to be outside and moving.   

Nope, still surly....

Gus got a walk, we explored a new path I've been observing being built.  I kind of thought I knew where it went, and for the first time, probably ever, I was correct. It dumped out into a dead end in a ‘subdivision'.  Kind of a nice distraction from the usual routes we take.  Lots of bunnies! Gus was quite interested in trying to chase them!  My right arm is now longer than my left!!  ha ha ha

Ok maybe a teensy less surly....

After a reasonable night sleep, Tuesday wasn't so horrific, or I wasn't so horrific, other than it being tax day.  There were still a couple three numbers Dave needed for his portion of the taxes.  These required me to make a few phone calls and deal with some uber helpful customer service folks!  All in all not bad and I became slightly more informed and thanked the uber-helpful customer service gal!!

I really really didn't want to run, and that meant I really really needed to run.  The 5 was completely average and instead of the usual clock-stupid direction around Eastern Point and Avery Point I ran clockwise.  This also afforded me to not run into the icy south wind coming off the Long Island Sound.  Good grief I work and run in such a beautiful place during the week.  I was a little more able to turn my head to see over my right shoulder to not get smacked by a car, so this was also good. 

My planking was particularly good, yeah me.  I'm really thrilled I'm sticking with this.  If I gave up the beer I might even have enough confidence to run in a sports bra!

The evening switched back to cool which meant both dogs came to bed with me, Jax to find a warm spot to snuggle in for the night and Gus to wake me up at 3 a.m. because he was cold and I needed to do something about this.  Dogs are perpetual 2-year-olds, aren't they? 

Fortunately, Wednesday didn't start as abruptly as I expected it might, my 3 a.m. wake up decided to snuggle in with his face on the pillow and not his butt and fart, thank-you Gus for that small favor?  Yes, not letting dogs in the bed would also solve that problem, however, they are boxers and very much pack animals where togetherness is essential.  Meanwhile, Dave had his half of the bed all to himself, lucky him.  And really, besides being a horrible human being, I love my dogs and love snuggling with them, no matter what.  Well, not so much after they get skunked.
Sleepy Jax!

Ro and I did our last hill power walk until June!  She and her boyfriend are going out West for 6 weeks for some epic rafting, biking, hiking, and skiing adventures.  We were talking about how they first started talking about this trip and it seemed so far in the future, and now, here it is, they leave on Sunday.  I'll miss her while she is gone, and I'll enjoy seeing her and her boyfriends' adventures for the next 6 weeks.

NYC for the day on Thursday.  We met with the team lead and she very awkwardly asked us to 'slow your roll' for a month or so, we were getting through the documentation too quickly and they couldn't keep up.  Huh, well that certainly is an interesting turn of events.  So we will have our Thursdays back for the next month and go from there.  We think this may be a two-month hiatus, just in time to be in NYC in the dog days of summer.  I'm happy to get Thursday back at least for a few weeks.  The project is mentally exhausting and it takes us till Monday to feel right again.  It's nice to use the old brain for a new experience!
This cracks me up, Jay takes Blossom for a walk and Yoko (the crazy orange cat) tags along for a stroll!

Sluggish Friday was met with rain and a circuit class; I'm enjoying the strength training.  Based on how much I didn’t feel the workout on Sunday, I need to up the ante to 15 lbs as my heavy weights.  Work consumed me the rest of the day.

Either Friday or Thursday I threw my hat in the ring for Seven Sisters, this was the beginning of my undoing in 2015.  I'm healthier and in better shape, I may not have the miles under my belt, so recovery may be a bit tender and extended. 
This is more because I did give up during that race, and I know why I gave up.
I've dealt with that demon.

I met up with a friend to bike in Mansfield, CT on Saturday.  When I got up I did the usual weather check and the rain was going to hold off until 3 p.m.   Well that changed on my 50-minute drive out to meet Jess.  We had coffee for an hour and took the time to chat, which was really nice, so much easier than talking while riding.  I have to say that I'm glad it turned out that way!  The weather app said the rain was ending so we went out.  Well, THAT storm ended and a new one started.  We soldiered on. The course seemed to be a lot of downhill in the beginning... and we were both a bit bummed it was raining and slippery and best to ride the breaks down the hill.  Eventually, the rain slowed, after pounding for a bit, and the uphills started!  HA HA HA!  It was such a beautiful ride with an enjoyable companion I'm happy I went and didn't bail because of just a little rain.

The rain followed me home... oh well.  Ruby needed a good cleaning, she was a disaster!
Oh my poor bike, so gritty!

Finally feeling normal and getting a good night sleep Sunday was fun.  My legs felt like lead from the cold wet ride on Saturday, I managed 6 and that was good, it should have been 8, Gus took me on a 2 mile cool down walk, and later we went on a 2.25-mile hike. 
New outdoor dog beds.
Jax is a little dubious, they both came and laid with me on the one I took the picture from.
Then they were happy and both checked out the other one. 
Soon it will be warm enough for sunbathing.


As expected I managed to nearly complete the button band on the trip up to Worcester to visit the in-laws. 

Finished "Wilde Lake" by Laura Lippman, it moves slowly in a delicious sort of way, never rushing never feeling like you HAVE to get to the next thing, it unfolds just as it should.  Even the ending, she finished the book at the same cadence, and it ended and I didn't feel like I was exhausted with the sprint through the finish chute, it ended just as it should end, slowly fading away.  I really enjoy Lippman's writing style.
Started “The Scribe" by Matthew Guinn, another one that is evenly paced in its writing and how the story unfolds.  A murder mystery set in the Reconstruction Era. A very interesting story set after Atlanta burned.  So far, this is excellent and accurate historical fiction.


I knew going into this week it was going to be a low mileage week, sort of a taper for the 1/2 marathon on the 30th and sort of a result of my general mood and available time.
Not quite 20 running and not quite 9 walking with 23 on the bike.  Planking is good.  All in all, for my general disposition I got a lot done.

Beth, onward with a better attitude (finally)...

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Weekly Recap: 4/10/2017 - 4/16/2017

Usually, I manage to stay up to date noting anything noteworthy in the trusty blog...  It is Saturday, gorgeous outside and I am doing taxes and catching up on paperwork.  Guess this is my just rewards for being mopey during the unending rain.

I made my Monday run interesting by counting nip bottles, everywhere else in the country they are called airplane bottles.  #1 Smart Guy googled the term "nip" when I was recounting how many of these bottles I saw on my run, 57!  I grew up knowing them as airplane bottles but learned nip out here. There is a whole history of the word and how it originates from the Dutch nipen, and yes, sometimes it does feel like I sit with Cliff Clavin (and Archie Bunker when Jackass starts in on #1 Smart Guy about politics and political correctness).  It was an interesting conversation on an otherwise uninteresting and unbelievably quiet Monday.  School Vacation week this week, another new term to me in the last 18 years.  That and February break, and March break, and School Vacation week, and do the teachers ever actually teach out here or the kids go to school?  Seems like there is some sort of vacation or school gets called for weather every time I turn around.  Although it has been nice NOT hearing the school announcements when I'm running late getting to work.

Gus was in the mood for a nice long walk so that's what we did.  Jax went on a hike with Dave, his ACL (Jax) is healing and he is moving much more comfortably.  Eventually, we can take the two of them together and they can harass, um, play, with each other.

Faith texted to run on Tuesday, she had a 75-minute run and figured I'd run part of it with her on my usual 3 point loop.  I was feeling rather chipper so I stuck around and we logged nearly 7 miles, between my trot up to our meeting spot and her running me back to campus.  All told she was a minute shy of her requirement and, I think, pretty happy to not have to go through it alone.  She has a very heavy training load, and it's starting to wear on her.  I think next week is an easy week or two.  Besides, what's better than snarking for 75ish minutes with someone who "what is said on a run stays on a run"?  Seriously people...  seriously.

It was iffy if it was or wasn't going to rain on Wednesday, the quick weather check in the morning showed no rain!  Yippee!  Ro and I killed the hills today!  I went out for a quick bike ride after work, no point in being inside in a spin class when I can get out on the roads.  This is the fun time of year when it is nice to be outside and everyone is doing their best to find something to be outside for.  Quite a few runners and a few bikers out and about on my peppy loop.

Snagged my first QOM off the season!  Pretty solid one too.
Unfortunately not an oft traveled road... not a lot of competition

NYC is Thursday and Biddy and I managed to get out for a 2-mile walk, ahhhh that helped both of us cope with the project.  I finally managed to catch up on Better Call Saul!

Friday is strength day and no time for a run, maybe next week I can squeeze one in.   Good class and I'm definitely seeing improvement, although my form for some weight work really needs improvement.

After a longer than expected night out, whoops....  I was feeling a little delicate on Saturday morning, more from the beer I had after I got home.  I really need to remember I'm not 20 something.  In that state, and on April 15th what a better day to down a pot of coffee and start the taxes!!!

Historically I was done by February 1st, waiting, impatiently, for my husband to finish his business taxes.  Slowly but surely he has moved me away from this in the last 17 years and this was the first year where he said, "Um so, you started taxes?" on Friday the 14th....  sheepish as it was, it was an admonishing of me.  Score one for the imaginary husband people, score one for him!  I'm a tough person to be married to, my parents assure me of this, and at times so does Dave.  Well lemme tell you, he is also a tough person to be married to, his mother assures me of this.  We met our match, as it were.

Anyhoodles, I got the taxes done to the point of the business taxes.  Although I managed to mislay some of the charitable donations.  Crazy, right?  I know I did a big purge this year....  or was it last year?  huh.....  the years do run together as one piles them on.... 

A nap to sleep off the last of the hangover and then a bike ride, Gus hike, and Jax walk.

Went out for a half-hearted long run on Sunday and got a 3/4 long run, so I guess I'm up by 1/4?  Technically I did my 12 miler last weekend so this weekend was supposed to be 8.  Two weeks till the NY 1/2, should be fun.  I'm ready to run 13.1, not PR it by any stretch of the imagination.

Knitting:  No progress, although I'll be able to knit some in the car on the way to the in-laws, I'll probably finish the button band.  

Books:  "Wilde Lake" by Laura Lippman, is really good, it took me a little bit to get used to the back and forth between Lu as a young girl and Lu as a woman.  Definitely, keeps my attention!


Not too shabby! 25.8 running 12.4 walking and 44 in the saddle!!

Being able to get out for a couple miles at lunchtime on Thursday really did help.  Now to start biking into work on Fridays!  Just have to not crash and break the work computer...  

Beth, so happy to be back out on the bike.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Weekly Recap: 4/3/2017 - 4/9/2017

Slowly getting in to the grove of one day a week in NY, back to reading heavy subject matter, and slowly finishing the sweater!

Monday was a nice day, and I ran so little last week I opted to run and bailed on Ro's spin class.  It was a good run, actually an excellent run I managed 3 miles at a really decent pace for me!  All told I was under a 10 minute mile average for 6.4 miles and I haven't seen that in a long time.  And I didn't feel dead.  I also managed 4 minutes of planking!!!  I'm really starting to feel a difference when I run.

Rain was in the forecast for Tuesday and it started really early in the morning and was coming down in buckets in the morning.  I opted to park in the parking garage and not fight with the wind and an umbrella.  I am so grateful I have this as an option.  The skies cleared for my run and I was very grateful for this also.  A bit of a sprinkle but an Easterly 23 MPH wind was more of my worry.  I knew I'd be a little tired from Monday and decided to go as flat as possible and stayed in a neighborhood south of campus.  It worked perfectly as going back to campus would be running to the north up a slight incline and the wind would be at my back.  By the time it was going to be 5 miles when I'd get back to the gate I knew I was done, so I opted for 5 instead of 6.  I do want to get back to 6 as my minimum run, I also don't want to spend a year like I did last year in pain, so there is a give and take.

My usual routine is power hills with Ro on Wednesday, we were both feeling off and were taking it easy.  Well Garmin told me a different story, we were right on target for where we want to be!  And we both really thought we were taking it easy.  Guess this is paying off!

Both the boys got a walk because Thursday I'm in NY and it was supposed to be rain all day.  Well they won't know anything but not getting a walk on Thursday, but if it is raining when I get home then I won't feel too guilty.

It was a hell day on Thursday, extra early because I needed to leave early and then a meeting and I wanted to curl up in a ball and sleep or rip someone's lips off.   And that is that.

I slept like the dead until Friday morning.  Gus got me up at the usual 3 a.m. and I couldn't even lift up the covers to let him snuggle.  He crawled on top of me and made himself comfortable, I was out, Jax was in his usual spot.  Hopefully I'll get used to this Thursday thing.  It may have been easier to deal with on Tuesdays because I was more alert?  I'm not sure.

Strength and Core (or whatever it is called) was at the gym at work. I get in one class a week and my daily planks, it's more than what I was doing a year ago, probably still not enough, but what is enough?  I'm happy with my progress.  If there is progress then it is enough!

Went for a bike ride when I got home from work.  I wanted 30 miles, I got 20.  The wind was killing me, more my toes were FROZEN.  I should have worn my winter boots.  In any event it was a good ride, other than the wind, and 20 at a decent effort for this early in the season is a win!

On my schedule was 12 miles, I didn't get in a second hill workout so I decided to run the Nooseneck 18K route on Saturday as that has hills and while I'd short myself I mile I'd be ok with that especially with that finish.  Sunday was going to be overtaken with working the Clamdigger and possibly a bike ride so better to JFGID (Just Fing Get It Done) as former boss used to say.

All went well, I remembered, one right turn and then left at every through road.  Well until I missed the last through road and went straight.  It started looking unfamiliar and familiar in all the wrong ways.  Oh there is the parking lot at the top of Pinto Hill in Big River.  Wait, am I supposed to pass that?  Hmmm not sure... mile 7 clicked off somewhere before that and there was new tar so I stopped looking for mile 8.  This was long about mile 9 I realized something was terribly amiss.  Did I turn around and go back how far was it?  And it was up hill.  Fuck...  I thought, well this has to run into Nooseneck and I can go left and get to my car, right?

Well not quite.  After consulting a driver I flagged down at a stop sign I did head in the correct direction, which, for me, is pretty darn excellent.  What I didn't realize was just how far off course I was!!!

By the time I was 12 miles in I noticed a DEM officer, two actually.  I decided to see if they would assist me.  They were happy to offer all sorts of advice and give me a ride 2.5 miles back to my car!  I was never so happy to see Eddie in my life...  well in his life, there have been many occasions where I have been ecstatic to see my car for one reason or another.

I was supposed to turn Left on to Henry Brown the yellow line....
I got distracted with some bike course markings at the corner?

For all the walking I did the last couple miles my pace wasn't too bad.  I think I'm ready to run 13.1 miles in a couple weeks.

Nothing hurt more than normal aches and pains after running.  Guess the cross training and planking are helping?

Volunteered at my running club's spring race on Sunday.  I was out of sorts after a night of not sleeping, taking 1 Advil PM, and my brain process my being lost yesterday.  After a nap I got all sorted and took Gus out to a local preserve that was 'resting' over the winter.  I missed this preserve and the Land Trust did a lot of clean up of trees and widening some paths.  I stayed mostly away from where they were working, it looked so unfamiliar to me and I didn't have my trusty map!

The Big Rock was still where it was, after the big mud puddles.
Gus was a happy dog to have lots of mud before and after the rock.


Not much, Better Call Saul was on the DVR and one of the shows Dave and I enjoy watching, so I pulled out the sweater and one row takes 10 minutes at this point.  It was a 10 minute segment on Gus.  I thought the show wasn't back on till the 10th.  It's all good man!


When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi back to the heavy subject material.  This was Paul's story about his short life, a life ended by lung cancer.  Really a beautiful almost poetic autobiography Paul wrote in his last year of life.  

I started Wilde Lake by Laura Lippman, she can write some pretty deep and disturbing stuff to.  Seems to be that holds my interest the best?


This was a high foot mileage week for me, over 40 miles (42.5 with 29 of them running).  Not surprising I am feeling it today, and could account for my off feeling on Thursday.

I'm glad to be able to get outside and bike at least once a week.  A Sunday ride was an idea not materializing, the nap was a better use of my time. 

All in all a good week, slightly on the moody side. Hopefully the weather is on the mild and sunny side, maybe a little less wind?

Beth, noticing how much pain she isn't in compared to a year ago.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Weekly Recap: 3/27/2017 - 4/1/2017

I am always so amazed and appreciative of the compliments (?) I get from runners I know.  Seriously,  you guys are the best and so supportive, making me feel like I'm someone special, MUCH appreciated!!  And it's nice to know I have a couple "brass ones"  no wonder they get so cold in the winter!  ha ha ha  (delightfully inappropriate?)

The thing I love the most about living out here is the weather, particularly the sun, it is out most of the time, but when it decides to go on vacation it sucks, lately Dave and I have been referring to the lack of it as Michigan Sun, when the sky is a brighter shade of gray.  I honestly don't remember what shade of gray Monday was.  It was spin day as well as eye dilation day.  For the only time each year I am happy for a non-sunny day to coincide with my pupils getting as big as dinner plates.

I took a picture, I'll spare you all the details, suffice it to say they stayed that way until 3 p.m. from an 8:30 dilation.  The blessing of blue eyes, I suppose. 

My intention was to run on Monday, but with glasses, and rain, no thanks, plus focusing and seeing clearly more than a foot in front of my face was a tad difficult.  I took Spin, the first class Ro was teaching on Monday while Addy is out on maternity leave. 

Both boys got a walk when I got home, it seemed to be the largest space of time with minimal rain.  They were happy, and were content to walk then eat and pass out in front of the fire.  Ahhhhh...  

I knitted a bit, take 10 minutes to complete one row of the front edging and collar on the sweater.  My mother assures me I will not run out of yarn.  It is always best to believe and trust mom, so I will.

And more rain, and an early wake up on Tuesday, not sure why, no one slept well, too humid and cold?   Had a nice 6 mile run at work with a sprint for the last 1/4 mile when Steve from EB caught up to me and wasn't going to let me slog down the hill.  I'm glad for the encouragement and I had about 1/4 mile of moving quickly in me.  Honestly it does feel better physically, is that weird?  I  know my form and breathing get better.  Now if I could manage this on my own... ha ha ha...

Got in my planks, I'm not hitting my 3 minute goal I am working on proper form for the full time I plank and it may take 2 or 3 planks to get the form right for 3 minutes.  I'm good with that.  Added in side planks to the mix on Tuesday made it more interesting rotating through front and then each side, otherwise it really is a boring activity.

Wednesdays are my double day.  Power hills with Ro at lunch and then Spin, today we had the added benefit of a power walk with Gus.  He was so bummed to not get out on Tuesday and then to find himself alone when I got home on Wednesday (Dave took Jax on a hike).  I quick fed him, washed off the stink from spin, gobbled a PB&J and we went on our walk.  He was high stepping it.  Damn, I should have put on a dry warmer shirt and dog jogged with him!  I think he was happy to be unencumbered by Jax who has to smell every blade of grass completely.  It was a triple?  Considering how inactive Thursdays are turning out to be, probably ok.  Complete rest with a double dog walk when I get home maybe the perfect compromise?  All in all a good day, productive in both work and working out....

And back to NYC for Thursday for "The Project".  It is a tedious detailed project, fortunately the person I work with and the people we are assisting are awesome, make that AWESOME!  After the mix up with the dogs getting two dinners last week I confirmed Dave was feeding the dogs before band practice.  I wasn't surprised by an excited greeting, they do this even if I leave the room.  Gus was pretty insistent he had not had dinner, Jax gave up, so I figured all was done as confirmed.   I had a quick bite and harnessed up the boyz and we went for a 2 mile walk.  Oddly they were exceptionally well behaved, maybe they could tell I was tired?  About 9 Dave called, he forgot to feed the dogs because he went biking first.  I should have counted the bikes in the bike and beer room....  The two dogs who don't normally snuggle were snuggled together on the couch and VERY excited to FINALLY get dinner.  Doh!!

Rain was planned for Friday and that is my cross-training strength day.  Class was good, and I don't know if I could have managed a run.  I did bring a long sleeved shirt in the event I felt like it after class.  I felt like lunch!

Saturday, more rain, I wonder what people talk or complain about where the weather is always perfect.  I was a slug, taking Gus out to find some mud after the rain.  We were surprisingly unsuccessful, should have gone to Riverwood not Champlin.  Whoops.  We ran a couple miles and called it good.

On tap for Sunday was a bike ride, I think I got an outside ride every month but March, oh yeah my flat tires on Barney and I must have wimped out on taking Ruby out for a spin.  Whoops.  Faith and Joe got road bikes so this was the first opportunity we had to ride together, it was fun!  A very easy ride for me, which is a nice way to break into the season?  Pan Mass Training starts in earnest May 1st but I'll get out in April for some long rides, working on getting the April - October gran fondo Strava badges.  April is 100K (62 miles) peaks in August at 150K (93 miles) and back down to 100K over the fall/winter/spring months.  Which sucks for those in the southern hemisphere!


Managed to get the button holes in the button band and have a few more rows until that is done and I can start the sleeves!  I didn't work on this nearly as much as I wanted to, it's 10 minute commitment to finishing one row so I have to be committed when I start, and setting down a row 1/2 knit with dogs jumping about is a recipe for stitches being pulled from needles and new and inventive ways to use curse words.


Old Ways by Robert Macfarlane is interesting, very calming, not unexciting, as there are some harrowing trails Robert and his friends have on trails, however they aren't presented as suspense filled and angst causing.  I've been enjoying this although sometimes zoning out for parts of the book, mostly thinking about my own adventures or picturing what his adventure was like.  Might be a better one to read on the Kindle so you can see pictures of what he is talking about.  Not necessary though.


I really dogged this whole week on foot.  I even missed my arbitrary activity minute goal of 600 minutes by 2 minutes,  really?  I wasn't even checking to notice.

Feet:  24.7
Saddle: 51

Beth who vows to possibly pay attention this week and hit the arbitrary numbers.... well the long run one she really should hit, that's probably the only one that isn't fully arbitrary.