Sunday, April 16, 2017

Weekly Recap: 4/10/2017 - 4/16/2017

Usually, I manage to stay up to date noting anything noteworthy in the trusty blog...  It is Saturday, gorgeous outside and I am doing taxes and catching up on paperwork.  Guess this is my just rewards for being mopey during the unending rain.

I made my Monday run interesting by counting nip bottles, everywhere else in the country they are called airplane bottles.  #1 Smart Guy googled the term "nip" when I was recounting how many of these bottles I saw on my run, 57!  I grew up knowing them as airplane bottles but learned nip out here. There is a whole history of the word and how it originates from the Dutch nipen, and yes, sometimes it does feel like I sit with Cliff Clavin (and Archie Bunker when Jackass starts in on #1 Smart Guy about politics and political correctness).  It was an interesting conversation on an otherwise uninteresting and unbelievably quiet Monday.  School Vacation week this week, another new term to me in the last 18 years.  That and February break, and March break, and School Vacation week, and do the teachers ever actually teach out here or the kids go to school?  Seems like there is some sort of vacation or school gets called for weather every time I turn around.  Although it has been nice NOT hearing the school announcements when I'm running late getting to work.

Gus was in the mood for a nice long walk so that's what we did.  Jax went on a hike with Dave, his ACL (Jax) is healing and he is moving much more comfortably.  Eventually, we can take the two of them together and they can harass, um, play, with each other.

Faith texted to run on Tuesday, she had a 75-minute run and figured I'd run part of it with her on my usual 3 point loop.  I was feeling rather chipper so I stuck around and we logged nearly 7 miles, between my trot up to our meeting spot and her running me back to campus.  All told she was a minute shy of her requirement and, I think, pretty happy to not have to go through it alone.  She has a very heavy training load, and it's starting to wear on her.  I think next week is an easy week or two.  Besides, what's better than snarking for 75ish minutes with someone who "what is said on a run stays on a run"?  Seriously people...  seriously.

It was iffy if it was or wasn't going to rain on Wednesday, the quick weather check in the morning showed no rain!  Yippee!  Ro and I killed the hills today!  I went out for a quick bike ride after work, no point in being inside in a spin class when I can get out on the roads.  This is the fun time of year when it is nice to be outside and everyone is doing their best to find something to be outside for.  Quite a few runners and a few bikers out and about on my peppy loop.

Snagged my first QOM off the season!  Pretty solid one too.
Unfortunately not an oft traveled road... not a lot of competition

NYC is Thursday and Biddy and I managed to get out for a 2-mile walk, ahhhh that helped both of us cope with the project.  I finally managed to catch up on Better Call Saul!

Friday is strength day and no time for a run, maybe next week I can squeeze one in.   Good class and I'm definitely seeing improvement, although my form for some weight work really needs improvement.

After a longer than expected night out, whoops....  I was feeling a little delicate on Saturday morning, more from the beer I had after I got home.  I really need to remember I'm not 20 something.  In that state, and on April 15th what a better day to down a pot of coffee and start the taxes!!!

Historically I was done by February 1st, waiting, impatiently, for my husband to finish his business taxes.  Slowly but surely he has moved me away from this in the last 17 years and this was the first year where he said, "Um so, you started taxes?" on Friday the 14th....  sheepish as it was, it was an admonishing of me.  Score one for the imaginary husband people, score one for him!  I'm a tough person to be married to, my parents assure me of this, and at times so does Dave.  Well lemme tell you, he is also a tough person to be married to, his mother assures me of this.  We met our match, as it were.

Anyhoodles, I got the taxes done to the point of the business taxes.  Although I managed to mislay some of the charitable donations.  Crazy, right?  I know I did a big purge this year....  or was it last year?  huh.....  the years do run together as one piles them on.... 

A nap to sleep off the last of the hangover and then a bike ride, Gus hike, and Jax walk.

Went out for a half-hearted long run on Sunday and got a 3/4 long run, so I guess I'm up by 1/4?  Technically I did my 12 miler last weekend so this weekend was supposed to be 8.  Two weeks till the NY 1/2, should be fun.  I'm ready to run 13.1, not PR it by any stretch of the imagination.

Knitting:  No progress, although I'll be able to knit some in the car on the way to the in-laws, I'll probably finish the button band.  

Books:  "Wilde Lake" by Laura Lippman, is really good, it took me a little bit to get used to the back and forth between Lu as a young girl and Lu as a woman.  Definitely, keeps my attention!


Not too shabby! 25.8 running 12.4 walking and 44 in the saddle!!

Being able to get out for a couple miles at lunchtime on Thursday really did help.  Now to start biking into work on Fridays!  Just have to not crash and break the work computer...  

Beth, so happy to be back out on the bike.


  1. Nip bottles? I hadn't heard that term before but omg, there are probably about 95 along the frontage road where I finish up my runs. It's crazy.

    I haven't gotten my bike out of the trainer, but it's time.

    1. See, exactly! I had never heard it until I moved out here, and now it seems normal. Although it will always be pop and not soda!