Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Weekly Recap: 3/27/2017 - 4/1/2017

I am always so amazed and appreciative of the compliments (?) I get from runners I know.  Seriously,  you guys are the best and so supportive, making me feel like I'm someone special, MUCH appreciated!!  And it's nice to know I have a couple "brass ones"  no wonder they get so cold in the winter!  ha ha ha  (delightfully inappropriate?)

The thing I love the most about living out here is the weather, particularly the sun, it is out most of the time, but when it decides to go on vacation it sucks, lately Dave and I have been referring to the lack of it as Michigan Sun, when the sky is a brighter shade of gray.  I honestly don't remember what shade of gray Monday was.  It was spin day as well as eye dilation day.  For the only time each year I am happy for a non-sunny day to coincide with my pupils getting as big as dinner plates.

I took a picture, I'll spare you all the details, suffice it to say they stayed that way until 3 p.m. from an 8:30 dilation.  The blessing of blue eyes, I suppose. 

My intention was to run on Monday, but with glasses, and rain, no thanks, plus focusing and seeing clearly more than a foot in front of my face was a tad difficult.  I took Spin, the first class Ro was teaching on Monday while Addy is out on maternity leave. 

Both boys got a walk when I got home, it seemed to be the largest space of time with minimal rain.  They were happy, and were content to walk then eat and pass out in front of the fire.  Ahhhhh...  

I knitted a bit, take 10 minutes to complete one row of the front edging and collar on the sweater.  My mother assures me I will not run out of yarn.  It is always best to believe and trust mom, so I will.

And more rain, and an early wake up on Tuesday, not sure why, no one slept well, too humid and cold?   Had a nice 6 mile run at work with a sprint for the last 1/4 mile when Steve from EB caught up to me and wasn't going to let me slog down the hill.  I'm glad for the encouragement and I had about 1/4 mile of moving quickly in me.  Honestly it does feel better physically, is that weird?  I  know my form and breathing get better.  Now if I could manage this on my own... ha ha ha...

Got in my planks, I'm not hitting my 3 minute goal I am working on proper form for the full time I plank and it may take 2 or 3 planks to get the form right for 3 minutes.  I'm good with that.  Added in side planks to the mix on Tuesday made it more interesting rotating through front and then each side, otherwise it really is a boring activity.

Wednesdays are my double day.  Power hills with Ro at lunch and then Spin, today we had the added benefit of a power walk with Gus.  He was so bummed to not get out on Tuesday and then to find himself alone when I got home on Wednesday (Dave took Jax on a hike).  I quick fed him, washed off the stink from spin, gobbled a PB&J and we went on our walk.  He was high stepping it.  Damn, I should have put on a dry warmer shirt and dog jogged with him!  I think he was happy to be unencumbered by Jax who has to smell every blade of grass completely.  It was a triple?  Considering how inactive Thursdays are turning out to be, probably ok.  Complete rest with a double dog walk when I get home maybe the perfect compromise?  All in all a good day, productive in both work and working out....

And back to NYC for Thursday for "The Project".  It is a tedious detailed project, fortunately the person I work with and the people we are assisting are awesome, make that AWESOME!  After the mix up with the dogs getting two dinners last week I confirmed Dave was feeding the dogs before band practice.  I wasn't surprised by an excited greeting, they do this even if I leave the room.  Gus was pretty insistent he had not had dinner, Jax gave up, so I figured all was done as confirmed.   I had a quick bite and harnessed up the boyz and we went for a 2 mile walk.  Oddly they were exceptionally well behaved, maybe they could tell I was tired?  About 9 Dave called, he forgot to feed the dogs because he went biking first.  I should have counted the bikes in the bike and beer room....  The two dogs who don't normally snuggle were snuggled together on the couch and VERY excited to FINALLY get dinner.  Doh!!

Rain was planned for Friday and that is my cross-training strength day.  Class was good, and I don't know if I could have managed a run.  I did bring a long sleeved shirt in the event I felt like it after class.  I felt like lunch!

Saturday, more rain, I wonder what people talk or complain about where the weather is always perfect.  I was a slug, taking Gus out to find some mud after the rain.  We were surprisingly unsuccessful, should have gone to Riverwood not Champlin.  Whoops.  We ran a couple miles and called it good.

On tap for Sunday was a bike ride, I think I got an outside ride every month but March, oh yeah my flat tires on Barney and I must have wimped out on taking Ruby out for a spin.  Whoops.  Faith and Joe got road bikes so this was the first opportunity we had to ride together, it was fun!  A very easy ride for me, which is a nice way to break into the season?  Pan Mass Training starts in earnest May 1st but I'll get out in April for some long rides, working on getting the April - October gran fondo Strava badges.  April is 100K (62 miles) peaks in August at 150K (93 miles) and back down to 100K over the fall/winter/spring months.  Which sucks for those in the southern hemisphere!


Managed to get the button holes in the button band and have a few more rows until that is done and I can start the sleeves!  I didn't work on this nearly as much as I wanted to, it's 10 minute commitment to finishing one row so I have to be committed when I start, and setting down a row 1/2 knit with dogs jumping about is a recipe for stitches being pulled from needles and new and inventive ways to use curse words.


Old Ways by Robert Macfarlane is interesting, very calming, not unexciting, as there are some harrowing trails Robert and his friends have on trails, however they aren't presented as suspense filled and angst causing.  I've been enjoying this although sometimes zoning out for parts of the book, mostly thinking about my own adventures or picturing what his adventure was like.  Might be a better one to read on the Kindle so you can see pictures of what he is talking about.  Not necessary though.


I really dogged this whole week on foot.  I even missed my arbitrary activity minute goal of 600 minutes by 2 minutes,  really?  I wasn't even checking to notice.

Feet:  24.7
Saddle: 51

Beth who vows to possibly pay attention this week and hit the arbitrary numbers.... well the long run one she really should hit, that's probably the only one that isn't fully arbitrary.

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  1. Weather-wise, March plain sucked! Gray, rain, wind--that was the theme here. I'm going to have to do my speedwork on the treadmill this morning because of the wind! Grrrr.

    I don't do the eye dilation anymore. It takes too long for my eyes to recover. At the place I get my eyes checked, they take a picture of my retinas and put it on the big screen. I have to pay extra for it but it's worth it!