Saturday, August 30, 2014

Roger Schoning 5K - Recap

August 29th was my last day of 1/2 day Fridays, official, 1/2 day Fridays.  I'm sure there will be a few I sneak out early...  I'm a rebel like that.  Plus I'm exhausted by Friday and focus goes out the window around noon.

The usual routine of grocery shopping and getting the text from Dave with what we needed from the grocery store when I walked in the house.  I got most of what we needed.  I'm never here, how do I know what we need.  There is diet coke, JD, and peanut butter so I'm set...  (we may have uncovered the root of my weight problem, ha ha)  he seems to need things like oatmeal, half and half, and coffee (ewwww).  I unloaded the groceries, wandering down to the shop to note I missed several items.  He said "Yeah I heard you walk in the door as I sent the text."  Brilliant.

Friday afternoons were made for napping and nap I did.  Two hours, it was bliss. Pulled over an ottoman so Giizzy could curl up with me and Jax snuggled in at the crook of my knees.  Bliss...  Dave didn't have any noisy equipment running in the basement (oops I'm in New England, cellar) double bliss.

6:00 race start with the kids race starting at 5:30.  I love watching the kids run, they are too cute.  No I don't want any.  I ran down from my house to the YMCA, 0.5 miles, downhill, decent warm up.  Saw Mike B, did another run around the block.  Jibber jabbered with Michelle and Phil.  Watched the kids run.  Talked to Chris a bit.  

We were off.  Wasn't really feeling anything, just a nice night for a run.  Traffic was very much under control, thanks to the Westerly PD! I zipped along intending on a 9:30 pace which will get me under 30 minute 5K.  At this point that is my goal, sub 30.  I know what I need to do for that and ran as I wanted to.  Much to my surprise.

As an aside: On New Year's Day run from Esker Point to Mystic I said I might need to drop back on a hill and Steve said, "Watch the feet of the person in front of you, you will get into their pace and keep it and close the gap."  That helped keep me at pace on that day and this time on this pancake flat course got me in pace and able to close the gap and pass, always saying something encouraging as I passed.  I pinged off 10 people.  Stupendous for me.  Thank you Steve.

I finished in 29:42. (2012 was 29:46)  Now it is time to work on sub 29 and determine the pacing required for that.  Slowly I'll get back to my 27:27 PR on the Mews course of all places!!  That's how it works right? Set a goal and work towards it...

Full results here.  WTAC cleaned up over all and in the age groups!  Great job guys and gals!!

I see progress:

2012:  29:46 (9:36 pace | 103/129 | 14/19 div)
2014:  29:42  (9:35 pace | 85/131 | 12/18 div)

This was a good race for me, I got past that or at least made friends with my I hate 5Ks demon.  I think I like longer runs because it gives me the ability to be lazy.  I'm not really sure.  What I do know though is I love the feeling of a long run, I definitely get euphoric and goofy and very much enjoy that feeling.  Usually happens after mile 5 for me. 

Beth, feeling far more positive this year than last year...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Weekly Recap 8/25 - 8/31

 Monday - 0

I was supposed to travel to Kalamazoo MI for a new project.  Thought maybe I’d run when I got to the hotel or maybe not.  I spent a lovely week in the Providence Airport Monday afternoon and ended up with a cancelled flight due to a hole in a tire.  Do these people not know about the dollar bill in the tire trick?  Apparently not.  After a very direct conversation with the last of several people I was headed back home, texting Dave to let him know he should send the dancing girls home and take down the disco ball because I was going to be home and not in MI.  He was bummed, he lost his deposit.  Well that just sucks.  I did get to sleep in my own bed and had my outfits for the next two days all planned out, so well guess we can call that a win.

I called my parents and youngest brother to let them know that I wouldn't be around for dinner on Tuesday. I was pretty bummed about this it has been too long since I've seen my people.  

Gizmo got in my face for a walk, I wasn't in the mood, sorry dude.

Tuesday - Run 3.5 / Bike 14

Nice 5K run at work.  Steve scared the crap out of me by sneaking up on me (iPod blaring in my ears blissfully oblivious of everything around me – see Gazelle it’s not just you) stuck a finger in my back and said “Stick ‘em up”  I shrieked.  He laughed.  Thanks.  I said something I probably shouldn't repeat, of course I will “Happy now, you finally made me scream.”  Cue laughter.  We had a nice run I was surprisingly in a jibber jabbering mood and went on and on about the book I was reading (actually listening to) and how it grabbed me from the beginning and isn't letting go.  Our pace wasn't anything to write home about since I’m the one setting it.  On our return to work (he works 1/2 mile further up the road than I do) we spied Don and Ro and did the “stick ‘em up”  they weren't the least bit phased.  I walked for a bit and then bid adieu to run the rest of the way back to campus – it was down hill after all.

Kinda bummed there was no Dog Watch fun run to go to so I got out on my bike.  My butt is not sore, quite pleased with that.  As I pedaled away I realized I forgot my helmet, turned around and righted that situation.  Back on the bike I totally spaced on where I had intended on going.  I ended up riding to Watch Hill and then down Ocean Road and back home.  Very much at an easy pace.  When I got home and checked my texts, one from Ro about riding on River Road in Mystic and meeting up with the TRALPers who are now back at Harp and Hound since Dog Watch runs are over.  Crap, that is where I wanted to go.  River Road is so nice to ride on, guess what, it does follow a river, the Mystic River. 

Wednesday -  Walk 3 / Run 2.5

Walked with Ro and Darlene – Steve was out running again and decided against his stick ‘em up routine when approaching three women.  Smart man.

Jennifer wanted to run hills so we met up in Watch Hill, after work, and ran a few hills, I’ll tell you she is a good hill runner, had to drag me up the steeper ones.  That didn't last too terribly long and while I should have pushed for another ½ mile (it would have been down hill) so we’d hit a respectable 5K I didn't.

Figuring we’d continue with our post run drink we sauntered into The Olympia Tea Room in Watch Hill and slowly backed out when we realized there must be a dress code.  Wandering down the street wondering if there is an actual bar in Watch Hill we determined, um no…. and went to Misquamicut starting at Paddy’s and I was a little taken aback after we had to get wrist bands because we were of age for drinking.  Um been that way for a looonnng time…  The drink menu went something like this:  Pick your booze / Pick your mixer / Pick your animal shaped straw cup.  Um, no…  Jennifer said “Ya think Sandy’s is divey?”  I was game to check it out.  It has been years since there was a ‘bar scene’ in my life and really not looking for one.  It wasn't divey and it wasn't crowded and instead of $20 meatless nachos they had $10 meat nachos (yeah, I’m still tasting them – but that is neither here nor there) with beer in a bottle and wine we were set.

Thursday  - Run 5.5

Today was the day I was going to run more than 3 miles at a time, how long has it been???  It was windy, from the north, I planned on finishing by running into the wind, I’d be running downhill it would be OK.  It was really windy and I wasn't running fast and decided to just run to the beat of the music when I could.  The iPod Shuffle was in a weird mood and played the trashy songs on my play list.  Sure.  I’m good with that.  Kid Rock, Eminem, Aerosmith, Pit Bull  lifted my spirits about my shitty pace and I enjoyed singing lines out loud.  I really need to not do that.  

Getting back to the gym, Mike B wandered in after leaving me in his words "a nasty note on your desk".  He asked how the run was I said uninspired, slow and windy.  He was staying in to do weights commenting that his run on Wednesday sounded the same.  He spied me planking and decided to join me, keep your butt down and your back won’t hurt.  HA!  That was entertaining.    

Friday - Run Schonning 5K

Write up on another post.  

Saturday - Bike 30

I was going to haul myself up to Killington and run in Chatfield Hollow.  I decided better of that with Labor Day traffic and got on the bike.   Dave was off to VT to ride with some friends Sat and Sun he left early (6 a.m. which IS early for me on a Saturday - for some they are just finishing up their 20 mile runs, perspective).  The dogs were up and about milling around, I fed them hoping that once they got some food they'd just go back to sleep. 

Really didn't have a particular route in mind, I just wanted to pedal and thought about going out to Narragansett not quite up for a 60 mile bike ride though...  I pedaled for an hour out on US 1 and then turned around and pedaled back.  Not very inspiring.  

All in all it felt good, my legs were very tired in the beginning and I wondered if I'd even make the 5 miles to the beach!

Sunday - Run 2

This morning Tammy died.  Nearly a year long battle with lung cancer.  She had to bow out of the Princess 1/2 Marathon in February, hip pain.  The cancer spread to her bones.  46 is too damn young.    Parents should not bury their children.  Children should be adults when their parents die.  In a perfect world these would be true.  However, death is inevitable, it happens, sometimes far too soon.

Jennifer and I were going to run 10 in Narragansett with another friend of hers.  She texted, lets go to Goddard, it will probably be cooler.  I was game, trails sounded nice. The weather was horrible and I was in a bad place in my head.  I don't know if I could have run 10, I did know I needed to get out of the house and on my feet and be with a friend.  

The loop we did was the one Jennifer learned to run on.  I feel very special sharing this trail with her.  We ran two miles, enough for both of us to work up a sweat and to get up and moving.  It was perfect. 

Beth, who is very happy Surftown sold out!  I'll be out there cheering you runners on!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rhode Warrior ½ Distance Ironman - Recap

Most of my teleconferences start with waiting for this person or that person to dial in.  I find it insane that meetings go from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. and then the next is 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. even in High School and College we had time to transition from subject to subject and room to room but apparently as adults in a business setting we are supposed to have possession of Hermione Granger’s time turner so we can magically appear at the exact beginning of a meeting which is the exact end of another meeting.  Alas, a discussion for another time.  So the first 5 minutes are usually gathering people in a room and on the phone lines.

One of the gals had just finished the Luxembourg ½ Ironman and I had recently finished the IAT 50K so we discussed, to everyone’s dismay and horror, endurance events.  This is what happens when two Midwesterners get on the phone, they are really really good at jibber jabber.

A few weeks passed and Tanya and I were back and forth about something and the fact I lived in Westerly was unearthed, as someone told me Midwesterners communicate in stories, so of course there was a story of some sort.  She asked if there were any tris in the area and I told her about Crabman in just a few weeks and about the Rhode Warrior Half Distance Ironman.  I sent her the info and heard back in a day or so. She wasn’t ready for another half Ironman however would I be interested in a relay if she could find a runner. SURE!   She didn’t want to do that much elevation gain over 58 miles and doubted she knew a biker who would be game.  Oh ok.  A runner was found, I talked with the RD and was able to pull all my volunteer points together to get us into the relay as the “Legal Ladies” for the low low cost of $50 (well and the other two had to stay overnight and travel in from Brewster and Brooklyn NY so it wasn’t completely cheap).

As race day approached I wondered what I had gotten myself into.  I’d only briefly met Tanya and never met Karen.    

Karen wouldn’t be able to make it in to do package pick up the day before.  Of course this put me in a panic, what if I overslept, what if we missed the start, and so on…  worry is useless, why do I bother?  So I had nightmares, waste of precious sleep time.

This was the first year for the Rhode Warrior, 150 participants.  I guess I was imagining chaos, there was none.  Kathy Robbins would never allow such nonsense.  

To quell my nerves and also to not have to fight with Vinnie’s stupid trunk I road my bike to the start, 5 miles in the dark, it was weird and it was soothing.  Definitely was the right thing for me to do.  In hind sight I should have worn my headlamp. Safety first!

We met at 5:30 a.m. to pick up the package.  Karen is so calm and soothing, from Ohio, of course another Midwesterner, so weird how water seeks out its own level sometimes.   Karen’s calmness and her boyfriend’s even calmer demeanor Tanya’s energy and well me… who knows exactly what I bring…

Beth Tanya Karen

Watching everyone get ready for their transitions was interesting.  Quite the science!  Nice to get to talk with everyone and great to see Mike B down there to see the guys off on their adventure!

Tanya was first up with the 1.2 mile swim.  The swimmers had to walk down the beach to the start of the swim and it took a while for all to get gathered so they were a bit late getting started.  I paced and jibber jabbered with Mark and Karen at the start.   Tanya was in and out of the water in 36:03.  While the current was strong and helped push her along it also was pulling her off course. The helpful advice was “Swim towards Taylor Swift’s house”  COMPLETELY lost on Tanya who lives in Brewster NY.  She had no idea which of the giant Watch Hill homes were Taylor’s, well she knew the yellow one was the Ocean House so not completely unaware.

The bike course and the elevation profile
We had an easy transition.  I forgot to get my space watch started right away so I missed about 1/10 of a mile.  In the grander scheme of nearly 58 miles, 1/10 of a mile is no big deal.  Having no idea how to execute this mount, was there a special way one was to get on the bike?  I watched everyone.  Oh they just got on the bike, although one person had their shoes in the pedals and well that looked complicated fastening shoes while pedaling, probably not advisable for me.

And she's off!!
Photo Credit:  Jana Walker
I didn't notice the headwind on the way out to the course; I was trying to get into a rhythm and find my gear and not wear myself out on the first mile of flat. Should I pass that person.  Oh sure, they will just pass me later… Wow adrenalin certainly is something.  The back of my mind was Pendleton Hill.  Once I was at the top, the real top with the stone fence and the corn fields it would be downhill from there.  After crossing US 1 I was pretty much on my own, which was just fine.  People who read my race recaps regularly know I’m happiest on my own or running with a friend I planned on running with, and please only minimal pleasant jibber jabbering with the other competitors.  

Miles 1 – 10 40 minutes

It was hard to get myself sorted out for pacing and eventually I did.  It was so fun to fly across US 1, with traffic stopped for the biker.  This also started the climb on a very shady beautiful road, I want to live on this road when I grow up.  It isn’t as pristine as the roads leading up to it, and it isn’t very well traveled.  There were a few people out cheering on the bikers.  Awww so sweet.  The Race Director does a great job with alerting the community.

Miles 11 – 20 41 minutes

The climb off of Tomaquog Road and on to Woodville Road.  Woodville is one of those roads they put all the pot holes once they are done filling them.  After you cross into Connecticut the road gets better and has fresh tar.  Oh I love this stretch.  At one of the crossings, again just zipping through was fun, the highlight were a couple of calves in the front yard of a farm house.  There they were in all their black and white, spindly legged, calf cuteness.  I said HI to them.  I love to see cows and corn fields – there were PLENTY of them on this route, yippee!!

On Pendleton Hill
Photo Credit:  Crutch

Mile 18 was a familiar blue truck with a bunch of poster board signs and Crutch making a lot of noise and cheering and clapping!!  So sweet!!   THANK YOU CRUTCH!! Me and my bad eye sight couldn’t see the writing on the signs.  

Miles 21 – 30 44 minutes

More climbing on Pendleton Hill and then Rockville.  I sort of forgot about that climb on Rockville in all my fretting about Pendleton Hill.  Once over that hill I could feel that it was definitely downhill from here and any further uphills would have a little downhill assist to them.

Miles 31- 40  36 minutes

Oh yes lots of downhill and some coasting.  Navigating the cross over route 3 was tough, traffic was a little backed up and people were hugging the right shoulder, which was full of sand I slowed down a lot so I didn't end up tangled up with my bike on the side of the road.

Miles 41 – 50 42 minutes

At the intersection was Amanda!  Flagging and waving and shouting.  Oh how I needed that cheerleading and I knew she was going to be there; perfect it had been 20 miles since I saw a familiar face.  THANK YOU AMANDA!  

Well there was another familiar face I’d see along the course, a guy in a red shirt with a blue car with MA plates, he was a super cheerleader.  I don’t know which biker he belonged to but when I’d hear that cow bell I’d wave at him, thank him and call him rock star or something equally as dorky.

Miles 51 – 58 28 minute

Oh this was nearly over, my A goal was 3:30, my B goal was 3:45, my C goal was 4:00, my D goal don’t die.  I really need to add in an additional goal have fun!  E goal have fun!

I thought we were turning left down Winnapaug Road, we weren't I was crushed. B goal flew out the window.  Oh crap where do we turn left, here? here? here?  FINALLY left on Maplewood and then on to Atlantic.  Remember that headwind from the start?  It was still there and I was really getting tired.  Dodging cars and tourists schlepping chairs, umbrellas, coolers, and kids and with that wind I was getting a teensy bit irritable.

Finally the parking lot, then the bike in chute, then off the bike and giving Karen the timing chip and wishing her well as she went off to run a ½ marathon in the heat of the day dodging cars and tourists.  Ugh.  I think she had the worst leg.  A two loop  course the only saving grace was it was pancake flat.

Tanya and Karen
Love how they are still smiling!!

Tanya ran a couple miles with Karen.  I cheered on the folks I knew running, Nicole, Jennifer, Bethany, and Karen.  Crutch showed up to run a couple miles with Nicole and give her some moral support.  Gezzz I should have thrown my running shoes in my back pack.    Gazelle and 5K were done and waiting for their age group awards!  Great job guys!!

 Oh yeah, I finished at 3:53!  For my first ever bike race and not knowing what to do I’ll take it!  Strava handed me out several awards, so I worked hard for that 3:53 and I’m pleased with myself.  

Collected some nice PRs - proving to myself I worked to earn that 3:53
NB:  I've ridden all these roads at least once so the PRs are legit!

Did I have fun? Of course!  There were a few demons here and there and then I remembered this was fun and chased them away, they scampered to the corners of my mind and would poke their heads around the corner from time to time.  All in all it was good to see familiar faces and cheer them on and congratulate them and it was super great to get to know two people I work with and build those relationships

Legal Ladies on the Podium placed 8th!
Photo Credit: Mark

Beth, who really did enjoy this experience and wouldn't say no if there was another opportunity to participate in another Half Ironman (maybe a full?) relay!

Jittery and Nervous at the start!
Photo Credit: Mike B

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Weekly Recap 8/18 - 8/24

Um, wow, what have I been up to…

Dave arrived home Monday afternoon from his 100 mile mountain biking adventure, tired and grouchy so I’ve been making myself scarce around the house.  I figured he was better healing and recovering in peace, I know that is my preference.  

Monday – TRX / Dog Walk 2.4

Working from home in the morning until I absolutely had to go into the office for a web based meeting.  With my luck the internet would crap out mid meeting and well that would just be, well bad.  Besides Dave would most likely arrive the moment I had to speak on the call and the background noise of barking would be, well bad.

When I got home I surveyed the piles of dirty biking clothes, filthy bike, tent, quilts, and air mattress.  Wonder who is going to put all that stuff away?  It’s like that episode of Everybody Loves Raymond where Deborah tripped over the suit case Ray left on the landing on the stair case.  And Dave all curled up on the couch grumbling.  Oh lovely…

Tuesday – Battle of Stonington 5K / Dog Walk 1.8 / Walk with the Usual Suspects 2.9

Race day!  After work races aren’t really a favorite, I’ve run this one the last three years, and the weather looked to be perfect, low humidity and temps with a water breeze. 

I was tired all day, back to being away from 3 – 5 a.m. yippee…

Ran into Gazelle pinning on his number and he pretended to ignore me.  Yeah, I so totally didn’t see him and the other WTAC guys on their bikes or hear my name being shouted on Sunday.  I was off in my own little world, hopefully not singing out loud to the song playing.  No one needs to hear that.

Jennifer appeared out of nowhere and we went to pick up bibs and shirts and just like that she disappeared and then reappeared after my warm up run to and from the car.  There were 4 other  Red Felters there, we lined up in the back, well I stopped to say HI to Buzz Light Year and his wife, and his wife chuckled with the shout out of  “Hey Buzz” and Buzz muttered something under his breath.  He totes looks like Buzz  Light Year.  So I lost the gals, again.  

Now was time to figure out how I wanted this race to play out.   My past results had been in the 29 minute range so that seemed kind of a gimme. Goals:  A:  Sub 29  B: Sub 30  C: don’t die.  I hemmed and hawed about music or not and decided on just replaying Eminem’s Till I Collapse, that would keep me around a 9:30 pace.  I stuck to that until the point Jennifer caught up with me and I didn't click the song back, then she stopped and then I remembered my strategy.  And rewound (is that even a thing anymore with digital music) back to that song and picked up the pace a bit.    I also remembered to pick a target person to chase.  Ka (finish time:  28:40) was this target, she keeps a very steady pace and I just kept her in my sights.  I lost a little bit of time towards the end when she took off and my legs weren't having much of that.

Happily finishing a 29:08 on the Garmin and 29:11 per SNERO (9:25 pace).  Results here.  I’ll take it.  Wonder if I lost 11 seconds hamming it up for Lisa and Ro’s cameras?  Possibly. Possibly not.  Sometimes just seeing a friendly face, hearing a cheer, or a car horn beep helps boost the energy, agree?

Had a quick beer and a nice chat with Lisa and then Gazelle and scampered home to the grouch and quick zipped off to give Gizzy his walk.  I never did manage to find time to shower before bed.  Ick…

Wednesday – Bike 26 / Dog Walk 2.6

Jennifer and I were going to meet up and run the Tom McCoy 5K course and then the mile and those plans fell through.  She let me know just as I was taking the first bite of my lunch so there would be no midday run – I learned that lesson once.  Left work a little early and got out on the bike.  I raised the seat up just a bit maybe ¼ of an inch and felt a difference.  When I got back from my rounds my knees didn't ache like they had been, so I’m calling it good.  I did some flats and some minor hills, all in all a nice night for a ride.  Now if I could just remember what I did with my damn sunglasses.  I took them off shoved them in a helmet vent and usually I put them in my purse or the mail basket – they weren't in either place.  I liked those glasses too.  Had to dig through the glove box to find a pair for this a.m., nice either the bedazzled ones or the 1970s cover up my face huge ones, ugh…

Long ago Gizmo found $5 on one of our walks.  Mid spring I took him to Dairy Queen  to have some vanilla ice cream with his loot.   He had enough change for another trip so we went last night – yeah full on avoidance of being home.  Seriously if Dave would have listened to some of my advice he would be feeling a heck of a lot better, but no… what do I know about endurance anything…  sheesh...

Gizzy was a bit hit at the DQ, lots of questions on his age and if he was getting his own ice cream and would he eat it all at once.  Well he is old, and we share a small vanilla and if he ate it all at once he might get a brain freeze and that might be a bad thing.  He was nearly perfectly behaved.  Didn't try and lick the ice cream cones in the little kids hands, let everyone pet him, and cleaned up some errant peanuts on the floor.  It was hard to get him to focus, he is nearly deaf and has a mind of his own, and can be damn near immovable if he wants to be.  He had most of the ice cream and some water and was happy to trot back home.  He was quite pleased with this walk.

I do watch as he has some problems with his hips and his legs aren't getting the right signals and he does some funny steps.  We are sure the walks continue to be good for him keeping up his strength and giving him his much desired special attention, yeah and a treat every great once in a while.

Thursday – Run 4.1 / Dog Walk 1.8

Dave woke up in a much more pleasant mood, I may go home on time tonight!

Holy humidity, at least the temperature was just in the 70s with an ice breeze on the run out (the run back it was at my back).  Put on my new Kayano 20s.  I do love that shoe.  The experiment with the Nimbus is going well, I like them.  When I put on my favorites (well the next model up) my feet sang, it was weird; probably mental.  The run was tough, felt like I was hauling a sled with a good deal of weight in it.    My feet were happy in their favorite shoes.  It will be interesting to run in them for a week and see how I feel in the Nimbus.   There is another experiment waiting in a shoe box, I don’t think I need three shoes in rotation but I just might try it and see how I like the GT1000s.  

Friday – Not sure / dog walk

My Friday night knitting group is having a pop up fiber fest!  I’m so happy to be able to see these gals and knit with them again, it has been since April!!  I’m pretty sure, April.  I did see a few at the Tuesday night fun runs and we talked running / walking / knitting.  

Saturday – Not sure – maybe just an easy run, not sure what I should or shouldn't do pre bike race.  Probably biking isn't a good idea.

Sunday – Bike as part of a ½ Ironman relay team

I’m not really sure how to prep or taper or what for this bike race, or really a ride where I push myself to go faster.  It will be so fun to experience a tri from the inside.  I've marshaled at 3 but that doesn't really give much of a perspective.

I’m also not sure if I should bike to the race or drive, it is less than 5 miles from the house…  I’ll probably drive.  My quandary is because Vinnie has decided he won’t let his trunk be open from the outside so I have to use the emergency release lever on the inside.  I need to get a piece of string to tie to it so I don’t have to crawl into the trunk, that will be difficult with the bike in there (been there done that, already know how much it sucks).   I’ll take him to the shop to see about this issue, I've tried the remedies I've found on line and nothing. Grrrrr…  thinking SUV for my next vehicle, just not sure what either Ford, Volkswagen, or BMW.  I do miss my Explorer that was a handy vehicle for sure.

Beth, being summoned for a walk.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Weekly Recap - 8/11 - 8/17

Monday – Run 5 / Bike 5 / Walk 1

I don’t usually have the opportunity to run on Monday, this Monday was different.  I was able to run and it was awesome!  Well other than being snubbed by Mike B.    It was hot and dry, so much better than hot and humid.  Soon the running weather I love best will be here, patience, patience, patience.  This run felt good, finally.  I think the PMC took a bit more out of me than I had expected.

TRX was cancelled, I took the opportunity to go to the grocery store and when I got home discovered Dave was out and about and I had about 30 minutes to burn.  Took a quick bike ride and made it home with time to cook some dinner, ok boil water for the corn I picked up at the grocery store.   Still it required turning on the burner!

Tuesday – Walk 4/Run 2 /Rock climb

Tuesday was a team building day at the Sports Center in Chelsea Piers in Manhattan.  

I walked from GCT to Chelsea Piers, always love a nice 5K walk in the city.   Couple miles on an indoor climate controlled track at the Sports Center.  OMG that was absolute bliss!!

Team building was good fun, not the most athletic of groups and I was so surprised by everyone getting involved and participating!  I do work with a great group of people.  The highlight of the day, for me, was rock climbing.  Oh yeah, and actually catching a football!

Wednesday  -  Run 6.2

Ran a 5k for lunch and then after work.  Surprisingly consistent on my pacing.  I was a little beat from a long day on Tuesday and yet pretty charged up as it was a very successful and fun day.  Nice to run with Jennifer and keep each other motivated and honest.  

Thursday – Run 3.1 / Walk 2.7

Perfect running weather today and I couldn't pass it up!!  Totally left my space watch at my desk, turned on Strava and never turned on the GPS, oh well nice to be gadget-less for a 5K.

Gizzy has been neglected lately, so we had a nice long walk in the cool evening air.  

Friday – 5K walk

Took full advantage of a compressed work week and working from home.  I'll pay for this on Monday, when I am in catch up mode.  HOWEVER, a morning of eMail serenaded by the whirring and carving of the CNC machine in the basement was followed by lunch with the girls then a pedi afterwards.  Delightful.  Took a nice long nap when I got home.  Long dog walk with the Giz rounded out my rest day nicely.

Saturday – Bike 26  (probably a dog walk)

I wanted one last climb up Pendleton Hill on the Rhode Warrior course.  For some reason this particular climb has been weighing heavy on my mind.  So that was what I set out to do, climb it and put that angst behind me.  Done and dusted and feeling more positive about that section of the course. 

Dave is off to ride the Hampshire 100, packing put the dogs in an absolute tizzy, Jax looks on the verge of tears, Giz ralphed, Gus can't get out of his own way.   Should be a fun couple of days for me.  I think he will do fine.  He figures he was sore for a week after the 74 mile ride and well another 26 he will be more sore, so he grabbed some Vitamin I.  Knocked me on my back foot, he rarely touches the stuff.  Better to be prepared, right?  Can't wait to hear about his adventure.  I think I'm more excited about it than he is!!!  

Sunday – Run  10K (maybe an easy bike later in the day)

Blah run, I thought about 10, and then decided on 10K.  Thankful for the portapotties in the park for the Shakespeare play.

I need to raise the seat on my bike and clean the chain.  I think my knee issue is a combo of repetition and seat height.  They felt fine on the run, a little pain on the inside of the left knee, I really need to follow Mike B's advice and tape it.  I listen, I don't always act.

Beth, who's knees are a little less angry with her, and feeling ho hum... (which is about right 2 weeks post PMC) 

posted: 8/14
updated: 8/16  & 8/17

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bobby Doyle 5 Miler - Recap

Nicole is training for her first 1/2 Ironman and we haven't been able to run together much, which sucks.  In the meanwhile I made a new running friend, Jennifer, who is also a bad influence on signing up for races, although more of a bad influence with the drinking that seems to accompany running.  

Fortunately, or unfortunately I have been progressively feeling crappier this week. I skipped the pizza party at Jennifer's on Saturday night.  Woke up feeling slightly better than I did yesterday morning and hemmed and hawed about running the race or not.  My head is plugged up, it would be lovely to breathe was my only thought, the dogs were concerned about breakfast.  Dave was off early biking, leaving me to dog breakfast, again.   The hounds weren't going to give me a moments peace so I might as well get up and since I'm up suck it up buttercup and run the 5 mile race it will be easier than running on my own.

The Bobby Doyle 5 Mile Summer Classic is in its 7th year, celebrating RI's marathon king, proceeds of the race go towards the Bobby Doyle Scholarship.  

As I got close to the start of the race, Pier Middle School in Narragansett, I noticed a group of young boys running with numbers.  It was just after 8, wait the race starts at 9, doesn't it?  Wouldn't be the first time I messed up a race start time.   Then I saw people milling, ok, they are warming up, no worries.  Bib pick up and shirt pick up.  Nice shirt.  I don't have any that color blue.  

Shirt and a Medal!  The clover spins!

Time to consider some goals, A goal 9:45 pace  B goal 10:00 pace  C goal don't die.   C is the sure thing!

Eventually Jennifer and the other Red Felt Running Club gals found me.  Ah, nice, so I wouldn't be alone.  Jennifer said "If I don't puke by mile 3 I'll be surprised."  Guess they had a pretty good time on Saturday night!  So that would be fortunately I was feeling crappy.  We all started together and pretty much hung together through the race, some a little faster some a little slower. 

Photo by Allison
Of course I stopped at the water stops, I haven't mastered drinking and running; honestly I could have done without the water it was nice to take a break and dump the water down my back.  I really didn't study my watch till we hit the 5K mark,  31 something, hmm  ok.   Maybe I'll hit a 10 pace.  I really wanted to blow my nose, ugh, I hate this crap.  Not a decent snot rocket was to be blown, which really sucked.  I've become such a mouth breather it isn't even funny.

Finished with a little pep at a 9:58 pace (my watch read 5.1 miles at 51:02 and I started the clock just before the timing mat and stopped just after the timing mat)  I'll take it!  Full results are here, gun time.   Despite my whining about my snotty nose it was a good run.  Narragansett is a great place to run.  The course is flat and scenic.  

As always I am in awe of the front runners.  Fun to see them heading towards the finish when I was winding up mile 2.  And then doing their cool down when I was finishing up!

I bowed out of post race mimosas and went home to ice my aching knees, fold the laundry, and curl up on the couch and sleep.  The ice was delightful, the laundry a wrinkled mess, and the nap was bliss.  My knees didn't even hurt afterwards.  Guess I caught up on lost sleep?  Who knows.  I'll take it, especially if I'm not wincing walking down stairs.

Most Sunday nights Dave and I take the dogs out to the RC Plane field, he heads out a little earlier with a plane, the young pups.  He orders a pizza and Giz and I pick it up.  The young ones can run themselves to near exhaustion, refuel on pizza crust and we all take a couple mile hike around the property.  

Beth, feeling old and ornery

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Weekly Recap 8/4 - 8/10

Monday - TRX / Dog Walk 2.7

Feeling a little sluggish after quite a memorable weekend, that will go down as one of the best in 2014.

TRX was tough, my knees were not happy with me.  I think it is just the repetitiveness of 164 miles on the bike not any other type of issue.  I didn't put my all into the work out nor did I just go through the motions.  Definitely felt better physically, however I wasn't feeling much of anything on Tuesday afternoon, when the DOMS sets in.  Feh, we have weeks like that.

Tuesday - Walk 3 / Run 3

Lunch walk with the Usual Suspects (or Hewey, Dewey and Lewey - ha ha Mike B) catch up on the weekends activities.  Damn was it muggy out there. Ro and I agreed to leave before the 6:15 start for the Dog Watch fun run.  Her hammie is still complaining and I had no idea how my legs would react to running. 

We did the full 3.1 walking a little the first lap.  Turned into somewhat of a progression run for us, and in the appropriate way, going faster mile by mile, instead of my usual regression runs of late.

Awesome game of father daughter Jenga on the dock.  So cool!

Wednesday - Run 5

Solo run, it was miserable, the weather is horrible and hot, I really prefer the cooler and dryer temperatures.Thankfully the wind was off the water and the first half was nice and breezy, almost windy in spots. 

Met up with a girlfriend at the latest place in Mystic Red 36, to watch the Morgan sail back to the Mystic Seaport.  Very cool.  The dichotomy of the old wooden whaling ship against all of the modern power boats. 

Cleaned and lubed my bike.  Yowza it was a mess.  Lots of road grime.  The chain that thanked me for a good cleaning by not squeaking and shifting cleanly.  Probably should have had it greased at one of the rest stops along the PMC route. 

Thursday -  10K (Strava challenge - check)

I was going to bike into work, the weather has shifted to dryer, thankfully.  Not really feeling the Mystic Hills at the moment and I do want to give it a good go on Saturday morning when I bike the Rhode Warrior course.  Excuses excuses...  some day I will come up with a good one!!

Friday - Massage / Walk 1.5

It has been too long since I indulged in the luxury of a massage.  It was wonderful.  

Quick walk with Gizmo, really would have preferred to nap...  it is Friday after all!

Saturday - Bike 30 / Walk 2.4 

Dave wants to stay off the road bike until after the Hampshire 100 (8/17).  I was looking forward to resuming out Saturday rides.  The residual soreness from his 74 mile mountain bike ride on Sunday is still hanging in there.  Mostly IT band issues.  To the point he actually started using the foam roller, bitching about it however using it.  Looked like quite the epic ride he and several others took.  They covered a lot of ground (ha ha) from Big River out to Patchaug and back...

I was going to bike the Rhode Warrior course, woke up feeling crappy and stuffy.  Dave was up and out by 3:30 a.m. to go striper fishing off  Block Island, or something like that.   Or maybe he and Jim were watching strippers, I get confused...  in any event he said the day was a bust.  He caught the only fish (no word on the strippers, but he left a stack of 1's on the table so that mustn't of went well either).    The dogs had no intention on letting me sleep past 7.  I fed them and crawled back in bed, maybe they'd let me sleep now?  Hmm riding in the rain last weekend may be to blame?  Fiddle farted around and decided I either needed to clean the house (I could knit another dog with the amount of hair on the floor) or do something. 

Dave doe this 30 mile route from time to time and it is pretty flat so what the hell.  Nice to ride in the sun for sure.  Low wind, no break neck speed, even on some of the easier parts.  A nice couple hour pedal. 

Manged to lift a layer of dog hair off of everything.  It has been a few weeks since I vacuumed, yes I am a terrible housekeeper, this should be nothing new to anyone.  I simply don't care.  The bathrooms and kitchen are clean and sanitary, I don't give much of a crap about the dog hair bunnies...  

Sunday - Bobby Doyle 5 Miler

I'm falling down the slippery slope of races again.  This is local and for a good cause.  Better excuse?

I'll update in a separate post. 

Beth,  working towards hitting that weekly running goal and pondering if hiring someone to vacuum and dust would be worth it..

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Beth, who was remiss in updating the blog with the 7/26 fluke and seabass haul.  The stats reported were: Fluke: 8 18"-21.5" and Sea Bass: 3 16"-19"  (not sure what happened to the 8th fluke).  That is all.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Pan Mass Challenge - Recap

Where does one start to recap a 164 miles and just under 11 (10:53 of moving time to be exact) hour amazing moving bike ride?

Let’s start at the beginning  

Once upon a time…  ok not that far back…

In January I was flipping through the Christmas cards and spied one from Diane Legg  I love this picture and the emotion it shows and it brings to me. 

I re-read her personal message on the back if she could get me to ride with LUNGstrong in the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC) for 2014. I looked up the ride dates, and did a double take on the date.  August 2nd?  That is the 7 year anniversary of when my mom called to tell me she had lung cancer.  This is kismet, I must do this.  

I met Diane through Team Lung Love, my first ½ in May 2011 (3:18) and I still remember the conversation I had with her at the team dinner.  She was a bit dubious on my even finishing the ½, she never said this, her face did. It was at that point I knew she was someone I would admire and aspire to be like.  I did finish that ½ and paid the price for being completely untrained.  Lung cancer wasn't going to best my mother and this ½ marathon business wasn't going to best me:  2012 was my comeback year and I finished in 2:17 and signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon and finished in 5:09.  Vowed to do better in 2013… 

Well that didn't go so well for a variety of reasons. I loved running for Team Lung Love but that marathon experience was going to be my last, and I am sticking to that.  The Ultra isn't a Marathon it is a whole different experience, so quiet.  It was also time to do something different, and the PMC had been lingering in my head since I stalked LUNGstrong over the last few years.

Diane and I talked in January and I signed up, scoped out the training plans and clearly I could continue to focus on my Ultra training, plus the Ultra (is that even supposed to be capitalized?) and the PMC were all about endurance.  Keep up with my spin classes and Sufferfest when I missed spin and I’d be OK.  I was SO chomping at the bit to get out on the bike as soon as I could.  Nearly accomplished my goal of riding once a month, I missed (Feb and Mar).

History of LUNGstrong provided by Diane 

“When I was diagnosed with lung cancer almost 10 years ago, I remembered that our friend Ira Hart had ridden in the PMC in the early ‘90’s and thought that this would be a great thing for Dave (my husband) to get involved with since he liked to mountain bike (I thought all bike riding was the same…ha!)   Dave wanted no part of it.  He loved mountain biking, didn’t have a road bike & had no intention of getting one…I dropped the notion.  Summer of 2007, Ira called to tell us that his sister was diagnosed with lung cancer, she died a mere 18 months later, she was only 42 years old and left a devoted husband and three young children.  The day of Arielle’s funeral, Ira asked Dave if he would ride with him in the PMC that summer (it was 2009) and of course Dave said yes.  Dave still didn't have a road bike but Ira lent him one of his bikes; Dave figured it would be one and done.  It was the two of them that year, there was no “Team LUNGstrong” but 100% of what they raised went to lung cancer research at Dana Farber and they raised $13,761.  Dave was hooked after his first PMC by the thrill of the ride, the cause, the volunteers & the overall experience…by the end of the 2009, Dave would have his own road bike.

While Dave was riding his first PMC & Ira’s second, the boys and I were with my friend Maura Chapman and her family in Falmouth and met them at the finish in P-town….Maura had just lost her dad to lung cancer that Spring.  Maura’s husband, Cory, decided he didn’t want to be on the side lines and committed to ride in the PMC the following year and suggested we put a team together.  It was Maura & Cory who came up with the name LUNGstrong!!  Team LUNGstrong was born!

In 2010 we had 5 riders, Dave, Ira, Cory, Chris Vossler (my brother in law), and Carolyn Hodges (who was riding in her 9th PMC & a childhood friend).  At the end of the PMC we met up with Tom Leblanc, who had just finished his 12th PMC, we gave him a LUNGstrong t-shirt and he joined our team!  The team raised over $36,000 that year!

In 2011 we grew to 15 strong and raised over $110,000.  In 2012, I joined the team along with 32 other riders….we raised over $210,000!!  And last year we had 61 riders and raised just over $300,000.

All of us have a reason to ride in the PMC this year.  Many of us have been personally touched by lung cancer, which may have drawn you to this team; but regardless of the type we ALL have been affected by cancer….whether it is a wife, husband, mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter or friend…whether we are riding in memory of or in honor of…we all ride to make a change…And we all will be changed this year AND we all will make a difference!

Dave and I wanted to let you know how much it means to us that you are riding with Team LUNGstrong this year.  We appreciate it and look forward to seeing you all on the road or at least in Bourne!!

Thanks again!!

Diane & Dave”

NB: 2014 61 riders and $170,00 raised towards a goal of $350,000, that will mean Team LUNGstrong has raised over $1,000,000 for lung cancer research at Dana Farber in 5 years. 

Show time

I drove up to Wellesley on Friday afternoon, super quick drive and easy to park and get my stuff, although the volunteer handing out the package was all excite this was my first one and rang the cow bell and handed me my bag.  Um, what do I do with all this stuff???  She was on to the next person.  No worries, I unloaded my bike and set it up and talked to a few other riders and got it straight what tags went where and racked my bike.  Off to find the Babson Conference Center where we were all staying.  I noticed my roommate, Traci, had her bike in the room.  I remembered reading no bikes in the room (well that was for the Mass Maritime Academy – doh).  I hemmed and hawed about going back to get my bike or not or what and decided well we all had to leave from where the bikes were racked, it would be OK. 

The team leaving from Wellesley met for dinner at 6:30. Diane gave all the gals an Alex and Ani bicycle bracelet!  Goes very nicely with my winged foot!  (no comments about swimming, ok?)  Good to meet a few of the gals and finally meet my roommate for the night!  I felt a little more comfortable, especially knowing some of the people I would be spending the next two days with.

There are a total of 61 members of Team LUNGstrong 2014, 7 started at the NY border riding from NY to PTown (through Sturbridge) to do a true Pan Mass, 13 started in Sturbridge, 40 started in Wellesley, and 2 started in Bourne.  I chose Wellesley because I prefer to ease myself into things, wade into the water versus jump in and all. I don’t have a lot of hills locally.  I've heard how tough the ride from Sturbridge is and was concerned.  A friend who rides out of Sturbridge assured me if I can ride the hills here and especially the Tour de Lyme, I’ll be fine for Sturbridge next year. Now that I've seen the Strava elevation profile I think I will be ok with a Sturbridge 2015 start.

Day 1 Wellesley to Bourne 84 Miles

Strava info:

Up and on the road by 7 a.m. on Saturday.  I was a wreck for the first 21 miles until the first water stop.  The rain was not going to hold off or be kind, this was going to be a wet ride was part of my anxiety and the other part was just riding in a group.  Fortunately, everyone was very cautious and courteous and that helped put me at ease.  I hooked up with a group of LUNGstrong at the stop and we all checked in with each other 

Smug smile = apprehension

I lost the team before we got on the road because yep, I needed my rain jacket thing.  I picked it up on a whim when I first started riding and hadn't used it.  It worked great!  Kept the chill off my arms and chest which was what I was most concerned about. Took about 6 weeks for that horrible cough to finally disappear and I didn't want is coming back!

Eventually I caught up with team members here and there and rode and chatted and eventually one of us sped up or slowed down.  I am always curious to know their connection to lung cancer.  

When I caught up with Deb.  She and I matched pretty well for pace, riding and conversation style  we rode together to lunch and rode the last 40 miles together. (I think she Ro and I would be a treacherous trio besides being a blonde, brunette, and ginger) These were also the rainiest of the miles. A great time to have someone with a similar style to you to power through with. At one point we were giggling about someone avoiding a puddle.  We are soaked to the bone, really avoiding a puddle?  What is that going to help?

I found co-worker Lisa at lunch, 5,700 riders and I saw the orange cones and BOOM! There she was in all of her absolute cuteness.

Getting in to Bourne the rain was pelting, all I could think was how much more horrible this would be on a motor cycle.  Oh yeah, and there was beer in Bourne, Harpoon IPA.

After figuring out what to do with bikes and find bags Deb, Cathy?? and I headed to the dorms, I had a room overnight and sure wasn't going to let them stand in the rain or use the portable showers.  We all huffed it to the dorms to find the room I shared with Mary Ellen and two women neither of us knew.  That was a little strange.  At least the LUNGstrong women weren't strangers to me.  One of the gals showed up and we introduced our selves.  No one actually ever met the 4th gal she was asleep by the time the 2nd roommate, and didn't get up at the 4 a.m. reveille.  Guess it was strange all around for everyone? 

Four to a room, bunk beds, or what I thought were bunk beds, the bottom bunk was actually a desk.  There were two pads so I put them on the desk, seemed to make sense. Many people left the pad on the floor.  Ick, the floor was dirty.  Yes, yes, we spent 6 hours riding in the rain and were full of road dirt from the roots of our hair to our toes, but still, we weren't about to sleep in it!!  It was at this point I started regretting not remembering to pack a fan like Paul suggested.  The rooms were a teensy bit stuffy.

The shower was hot and wonderful.  It was hard to not be a total pig about just standing there first getting a good deal of the road grime off of my bike clothes and then to warm up.  Going from cold blue to a warmer pink and that point where your skin starts to itch as it warms up.  Eventually I gave up my shower.  This was a dorm, they weren't going to run out of hot water.  And from what I could tell they didn't. 

Shared what I could of the newspaper I brought to stuff in my shoes to dry them out.  You have to change them every 30 minutes or so, a section of the Sunday paper can soak the water out of a few pair of shoes, ahhhh…. Wish I would have crammed more papers in my bag to help more people. 

We rounded up the female contingent of LUNGstrong and one was missing a bag, eventually an outfit was pieced together for her and her bag was found.  Then off to find beer, food, and meet up for the team picture.  The rain stopped and the sun peeked out a little bit for our picture.  All of us in either the LUNGstrong riding jersey or a LUNGstrong race shirt.  I didn't want to risk getting my jersey wet before Sunday and opted for the race shirt.  

Bedtime, 8 p.m. are you kidding me???

You’d think after 3 beers and two Advil PM I could fall asleep.  Nope.  Usually I can’t get through all my Words With Friends games before I doze off.  Tried some 2048 and nothing.  It was stuffy but I bet the fan would have really helped with some white noise to lull me to sleep.  Mary Ellen said she was the same way.  If either of us got more than 3 hours of sleep it would be amazing.   I didn't have my FitBit and that will tell me how I slept.  I’m kinda glad in the rush of packing in the a.m. I managed to pull it off my wrist.  It may have been more of an annoyance.  I left my wedding et all rings at home, didn't want to lose them or just have them in the way.  It was one less thing to keep track of.

Day 2 - Bourne to Provincetown - 80 Miles

Strava info:

4 a.m. reveille and we were groggily up, brushing teeth pulling on our ‘kits’ we had laid out the night before knowing it was going to be tough to get moving, packing up our bedding and trash bags of wet clothes from Saturday.  I had a diet coke with me to have with breakfast, at least a little caffeine, not cold or anything, but something to help.   We were ready to ride by 5 a.m.  

Off by 5:12 according to the Garmin.  Up and over the Bourne Bridge.  

I was so thankful I set aside my favorite bike shorts for the second day.  I am bummed the company no longer makes these and haven’t started selling a replacement yet I only have one pair.  

My butt didn't hurt like it had been in the beginning of July.  Guess things got all sussed out with my week off from everything but drinking?

For some reason I expected the Bourne Bridge to be more of a climb, like the Newport Bridge, it wasn't.  maybe it was different in the saddle from on my feet?  Who knows.  Perhaps it was the fact it was 5:30 in the morning and none of me was fully awake yet?

Up and over the bridge, a couple of slippery wiked hard turns and we were off on the Cape Cod Bike path.  Nice, all these bikers whizzing by guys fishing and biking to their fishing spot on the canal, bikes all tricked out with pole holders, very cool.  

Couple miles of rollers until we hit the rest stop in Barnstable.  Love riding on the rollers.  Always challenge myself to not down shift at all during these sections to get up enough speed to power to the top of the next roller.

Guess who I saw!!!

Ran into Dave Legg for a bit, we chatted.  He is usually WAY in the front of the pack and was trying to stick with the pack and having a problem figuring out the pacing.  It was nice to see he and Diane riding together, despite his confusion over this slower pace.  Such a sweet couple.  

Along another bike path section I saw Mike off by the side fixing a tire.  I offered some moral support and he was happy to have the company and he efficiently changed the tube and we discussed the hole in his tire and what to do about it.  It was a pin prick and the tube didn't come through so we figured it was fine.  It was nothing like what happened to my tire during the New Haven Century.  He got everything all put together and we rode along together for a while and I guess I lost him or he lost me...  I'm not much of a talker, more of a listener.

Riding out to PTown was very cool a bit on the bike path a bit on the road.  Made it to the PTown border!!  There were two men trying to do a selfie with the sign.  I pulled over and said, "Hey I'll take your picture if you take mine."  They were game.  They started from the NY border and wanted to document they made it!  Absolutely adorable!!  I think I kind of surprised them tearing off over two lanes of traffic to get to the median.  Brain off, pedals on?

I love the dark shirt WAY better than the white one!

After I got a little further down the road I had a decision, the short way to the finish or the long scenic way.  I stopped here for a bit wondering when I should be meeting up with my LUNGstrong team mates.  Funny for ME to be waiting for team mates -- usually the WTAC guys have collected their prizes and finished their cool down runs by the time I make it across the finish line  --  I hung for a bit and got passed by a LUNGstrong shirt and he went the long way.  OK cool that is the way I wanted to go.   He was stopped just ahead and said the plan was to stop and wait at the turn off for the Provincetown Inn and we could all ride in together.  Well I found that and thought he said it was a left not a right, so I ended up finishing,  oh shit… that was where I was supposed to stop, it was a right not a left and perhaps this is why I get lost? Me and directions always a bit dubious, at least I didn't get lost, or should I start saying ‘confused’?  Hmmm…    I managed to bike back to the turn off point (it was a mile) and waited for a while.  I saw Ann and she said everyone stopped in Truro and they’d be a while she wanted to be done.

I hung for a bit, really just wanting to ditch the bike shoes and helmet and don some Birks and a hat, I went back to the end, ducking out before the actual end.  Finishing twice may confuse the people who scan the riders in.  Got my bike loaded onto a truck heading to Wellesley (totally forgot to take out my phone charger and money, figured that out too late – rats) found my bag, put on sandals and stashed all the gear stored in those super handy three back pockets on bike jerseys in my bag, ahhh…  found Ann who had a key to the room where we could shower and a beer.  The beer was far more important to both of us.

There were many of us taking the slow ferry back to Boston, it was a nice mile walk to the ferry, I enjoy a walk after a long event, helps loosen up the muscles, kinda like a cool down run.  Sadly I had no money for beer, my teammates were more than willing to buy me beer,  I owe you Mary Ellen!  Thank you!  Had a beer on the deck talked to Dennis for a bit, we both snoozed for a while and he disappeared and Mary Ellen came searching for me to join the party and to buy me another beer! Whoop!  I was happy to be with the loud crowd after my little snooze.  I’m an introverted loner, it is important for me to have some down time and that was my first opportunity since I left the house on Friday afternoon.  

After the ferry it was a bus ride to Wellesley where I found my bike and the key for Vinnie (pshew).  Slogged the bike and the bag about ½ mile, up hill, and loaded up Vinnie and we were ready to go home.  Truth:  I got a little ‘confused’ leaving Wellesley – I took the scenic route?

It was nice to be home.  The dogs all had words with me, especially Gizmo who was cheated out of 4 walks by his count, 2 by mine.  Dave eventually was able to worm his way in and welcome me home.

Looking forward to getting to know more members of Team LUNGstrong over the next year and anxiously awaiting for PMC 2015 sign up to open!

Beth who doesn't think she did this ride justice.  It was amazing!  Looking forward to 2015!