Sunday, October 30, 2016

Weekly Recap: 10/24/16 - 10/30/16

Ah yes my yearly goals, saddle and feet are identical, 2,016.  Its a stretch however on some days it gets me moving when I'd prefer not to.  It didn't work as well with the bike, I was kind of shelved for 2 very important bike months, so I have that working against me.  Biking, while no impact (unless you fall off, ha ha) does put stress on the joints and since my hip issue (bursitis at the root) was all the crazy tendons, ligaments and muscles around, through, and in the hip,being very pissed off, I had to be conservative.  I don't feel any pressure in the hip when I run, I still do when I bike, because the motion is so repetitive it gets annoying.

The eMail trick worked beautifully.  I had it cued to send at 8:30 on Monday, figuring people would be just getting to their coffee and scanning eMail and this one would pop up!  I'll still have to follow up but it was a topic of discussion on Tuesday's status meeting.

Monday - I checked the weather it said 73F, ok, so short sleeves and I was fine, but wow was it windy.  I have no idea what the actual temp was or the 'real feel' because I think didn't wait long enough for the weather to completely sync or something.  Feh, whatever.  It was a nice slow run, easy actually, Didn't feel like I was gasping for breath constantly, which is good considering I've been lax on using my inhaler.  Got in 6 with about 1/4 mile of walking on either end.  I was happy with that.  The Newtons still seem fine.

The boyz got their walk, it has become almost enjoyable walking both of them.  I prefer one however, I also prefer to have at least an hour of peace and quiet before I go to bed.

Tuesday - Happy to find out everything went well for Leslie today! Faith was going to meet up with me to run/walk.  Faith is recovering from Bimblers 50K, sounds like a hell fest. I left campus and thought, I think gloves would be good and maybe another shirt, the wind was really strong and cold.  I donned on both and felt more comfortable, still chilled.  I wasn't sure if we were walking or running.  We walked a bit, pretty much my first mile was walking.  Then running at what felt like and easy pace and it was, actually and it was a faster pace than I've been able to manage on my own!  Even my suffer score showed I wasn't struggling.   It was a good run after a good morning of good news.

Took the boyz out for their walk, they were bouncing off the walls before and after dinner.  Usually they get to run free on Tuesday so I was prepared for a sufferfest of a walk and chose a route that was easy and quick to bail to go home.  They were angels, until the cat.

We turned a corner and in the middle of the street my headlamp shown on the cat and the boyz were all, wait what's that? and the cat just stayed there, not moving. The boyz got very animated and the cat sort of blinked. Crap, is it hurt was all I could think? Well it wasn't it backed up maybe 1/2 a foot. The boyz were overwhelming and nearly dragging me. AND a car was coming down the street. The cat backed up maybe a foot, hissing the whole while. I was SERIOUSLY going to get dragged down if that damn cat didn't flee! The car stopped. The boyz are quite strong when they want to be! Finally that fool cat took off like a shot and the boyz were all wait? what? and of course, the cats guardian was in the car. He got out and said, "How many lives did that ding dong go through?" Guess the cat isn't really bright, it should most certainly be an indoor cat.  Or it's just a jerk. All I could do was laugh.

Wednesday - Well today was a triple of sorts.  Hills with Ro at a good clip.  14:39 pace isn't a saunter for sure.  I'm going to miss her for the next month.  When I get back from Hatteras she is off to St. Lucia for a MONTH!  Retirement is grand isn't it?  I travel so much in November anyhow we weren't going to get to walk much.  I'm so happy for her and Mark, Wednesday marked two months of retirement, they both retired before 60.  Ok so Mark turned 60 a month and 1/2 into retirement, but still, he was able to put two kids through college and retire before 60, so that is a big deal.  Dave and I need to get our crap together and put together a retirement plan.  We have very different ideas about retirement...  We may settle on pugs and a motor-home, who knows.  We do need to figure it out as we break into our 50's.

Spin with Jennifer at the Arcadia Y.  I know it seems like such a dumpy place in an old shopping center.  It fits the bill for Wyoming RI pretty well and the spin bikes are the latest and the greatest.  The acoustics in the room are so bad and the instructor yells so it's a cacophony I can't follow but at least she uses some hand signals for the next move on the bike so I can follow that and pick up the pattern. 

Gus got his walk and I got to see some of the more intricate Halloween displays in the neighborhoods.  Jax really can't handle decorations, silhouettes of people, blow up figures, anything that moves.  Don't even let him see those inflatable tube men, whipping around wildly.  He goes apoplectic.

Thursday - A nice big fat 0, work was overwhelming, as it usually is the days before vacation and three weeks before a big deliverable.  Unfortunately Friday is also going to be a 0 so it's not exactly a good thing.  However, my body is tired and my legs are tired and two days off isn't bad my last 0 was 10/11.  I'm not exactly a couch potato!  

Friday -  Another nice big fat 0.  Long drive, but once I got to the beach house there are 4 floors so I got lots of movement up and down stairs.

Saturday  -  After a long day driving on Friday the first run is usually rough and made rougher by soft sand, along the Hatteras shore.  Whoops.  I took my shoes off and that helped and ran and finally had to walk a bit.  Nice 5 miles!  Down to the Frisco Pier and back.  

Sunday - Time to get out the bike and ride!  Went down to Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.  I could tell the ride back was going to be fighting the wind the whole way and it was.  Kept going past the beach house and into Hatteras proper to look for two houses we can see off the back deck and did mange to find them however couldn't get back there due to the clean up of the storm damage.  


Feet:  Weekly:  31.1 for a total of 1,454.0 against a straight-line total of 1,675.0
Saddle:  Weekly: 47.7 for a total of 1,378.0 against a straight-line total of 1,675.0

Beth, happy to have a vacation again, 5 years is a long time between vacations!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weekly Recap 10/17/16 - 10/23/16

Monday (stats below) - A non- running day, I ran on Sunday.  Ro texted late, her boyfriends birthday is Wed, our usual hill day, could we move to Mon?  Sure, works perfect.  I can put off my PT for a few more days, plus the weather, OMG the weather is BEAUTIFUL!

No dog walks, Westerly Town Council Meeting to support the continued use of a recreation field, for DOH RECREATION!!  The neighbors around the Bradford Preserve were unhappy and brought their concerns to the Town Council, perhaps they would be better placed bringing their issue to the Zoning Committee, but since the TC is the highest, they got on the agenda.  I managed two hours of the meeting.  The first 20 was regarding a failing bridge.  I never knew living on a border community with another state could be so difficult.  Which state owns the bridge, who is responsible for maintenance, will this end up like the other bridge project, stalled for 7 years, will this end up like another bridge no action taken.  The state border for CT and RI is a river, the Pawcatuck River for at least 15 miles.  You have to cross a bridge to get over the river, period.  Near us there are 6 bridges to get across that river, 5 of them are operable.  New England isn't the grid pattern of the Mid-west and the West, if you get on the wrong road, there may not be a cut over for 10 miles, you actually can end up in another state. It was an interesting conversation and I don't feel like there was an actual resolution.  That bridge may become another unusable bridge.

The issue I went in for took nearly 5 hours to discuss.  I was only prepared to be there for an hour, and I was there for two...  When I left I was empathetic to the neighbors, however it really is a communication issue, not a land use issue.  The land is being used properly.  It will be continued.

Tuesday  -   Run with Faith, she had an easy bike on her training schedule so we ran, for her an easy 5 miles and a tempo for me!  Always fun time, good conversation.

Dog walk in the evening, they were nutty and it was warm and humid so they were well behaved (ha ha) by mile 2 and I enjoyed the last mile of the walk!

Wednesday - Time to get back on the PT wagon.  I did the exercises from my last PT and my previous PT with my misaligned SI Joint.  Most were the same.  Faith is going to accomplish a pistol squat by spring, so I started some of those exercises too.  Doubtful my knees will allow such a squat however the prep is mostly core and hip and right up my weakness alley!

Back to Spin with Jennifer on Wed night.   Kim damn near killed me.  Lots of heavy gears.  I still cannot understand anything she says so I'm off a beat or two till I catch on to the pattern.

Nice lovely long walk with Gus, I enjoy his focus on the walk and not smelling every damn thing every 10 steps, by the 1/2 way point he wants to sniff more, and honestly we are in far more interesting territory by then.

Thursday - In my off time I did some shoe shopping and found a deal on Newtons, they have a stability shoe and that is what I need, they were wicked cheap so what the hell I might as well try them.  The drop is much lower than my Asics Kayanos, however I haven't run in them in eons, so time to play with different shoes and different drops and see how it goes.  These are the Newton Kismet and have an odd little bar across the forefoot and a 4.5 mm drop.  Guess all Newtons have this.  I mostly forgot about it after 2 miles, my foot felt fine post run and even post walk with the pups.  My knees and hips didn't protest so I'll continue to run in them until something tells me it's a bad idea.

Walk with both the Boyz, we can mange two miles before I lose my mind.  So that's what we did.

Friday - After so long of short Friday's I'm liking regular Fridays.  I get a lot done to set up for the next week and to clean up my to do list and start a new one.  Fearing bombarding people's in boxes on Friday, I set stuff to deliver when I log in on Monday a.m.  Sneaky, eh??

Got out for a run, didn't feel like the usual route so I modified it a bit went out an back on Jupiter Point.  I avoid that one like the plague.  I always feel like I'm running out of a hole on that out and back loop.  Poor Dan decided he didn't want me to think I was avoiding him so he went the same way I did, clock wise around the little loop versus clockstupid.  I don't care, he passed me explaining, aww so sweet.  Either way we would have passed each other it is a loop after all. Depends on the direction of the wind which way I navigate the little loop.

The best part was a Sub going out to sea via the Thames.  I stopped and watched for a bit.  What an amazing thing, the sub, the people in it, the whole package.  I'm  not close to any of the Navy folks to know how long they would be out or if this was a test.  Imagine, you are the one piloting a Sub just after it rolls off the construction platform at Electric Boat / General Dynamics?  OMG terrifying kind of fun, right??'

Maybe my calves were a little touchy with the lower drop shoe, but I doubt it.  I've been running in the ON's with a 6 mm drop.  The Kayno's have a 9 mm drop and I haven't run in them in quite a while.  I do find I'm doing less heel thudding and forefoot slapping in the lower drop shoes.  Not sure if this is true or it is just a mental thing.

It was a meandering run, I walked a bit, I morosed a bit, this would have been the weekend I ran the 100K.  Was I upset about this?  I'm not sure.  Was I happy about this?  I'm not sure.  Frankly I'm not sure about any races.  I was talking with Dave about this in the evening and it used to be I ran all the races.  Now the thought of running on someone else's schedule isn't so grand.

Then again Chafing the Dream got accepted into the Cascade Lakes Relay for 2017.  Really, that isn't a race that's a fun run.  Just like the Bourbon Chase, were I never actually met any of my team mates until the night before the relay, I did know one from a FB group, at least this time I know two (they were in my van for the 2012 Bourbon Chase) of the 12 of us for the 216.6 mile relay Diamond Lake to Bend Oregon.  I've never been to Oregon and have always wanted to explore.  For someone as intimidated by people this is really out of my normal comfort zone, but for some reason, flying to Oregon and meeting up with gals I spent three days with in KY seems completely not intimidating.  I need my head examined.

Night was topped off meeting a friend for drinks at Revival Brewing and exchanging beers!

Saturday - With the rain this was going to be a lazy day.  When Dave broke out the waffle maker I had to decline after two not quite square waffles.  I'm doing very well on my quest to get back to my pre-injury weight and I didn't want a lazy day starting with four waffles full of syrup and butter.  Besides I already had my usual proper breakfast.  It is so hard to turn down Maine Maple Syrup.  After insanely checking the weather Dave determined we'd be ok going for our planned ride in Arcadia.  And we'd take Jax with us as he was going stir crazy not getting out on Friday.  As it had rained pretty steady and hard most of Friday afternoon and evening and Saturday morning there would be some good 'teachable moments' for me.  When it's dry you can get away with hitting a big root at an angle and not end up in a bush or against a tree or on a rock, not so much when it's greasy.  Nearly all of the leaves fell too so this was another obstacle to learn about.  I'm enjoying these rides.  Dave warns me what I may or may not want to tackle and gives me one tip per ride.  We had that rule when road riding.  Today was push my weight back further on the seat and drop lower to the handle bars, not putting my weight on my hands when going down hill.  WOW!  This made a big difference in the maneuverability of the bike!    SO I guess I COULD have had two more waffles!!

Sunday - Off to Ryan Park by myself!  I've run there multiple times so I was comfortable enough exploring.  Of course I rode the route I've run backwards, so nothing was quite right.  It was still fun and I'm happy I didn't crash too bad, although I have a really awesome black and purple bruise the size of a half dollar on my bum.  I'm not sure from when, probably today.  I did have a crash where I ended up flat on my back.  Whoopsie.  My bruises from last Saturday are starting to pop in my calves, I knew there was going to be a bruise, why it took so long is a mystery.

Because I got bored putting them next to each day.....










Feet:  31.4 for a year to date of:  1,423.0 against a straight-line target of 1,636.5
Saddle: 28.5 for a year to date of: 1,345.3 against a straight-line target of 1,636.5

Yeah, there is little chance of catching 2,016.  That's what goals are for, right?

Beth, Enjoying being in the woods on a bike!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Weekly Recap -- 10/10/16 - 10/16/16

Monday (0/6.7/0) - Because of my crazy travel schedule Wednesday's with Ro became Monday's with Ro this week and then it became TRX with Ro (she had to teach the class and it's been forever since I've been to a class versus using the rig on my own) and then a walk.  A power walk and a power talk!

Tuesday (0/0/0) - NYC for the day and night.  Too much to do not enough time and I got to the hotel after 7 and was not going to go run on an unfamiliar path and running up Lex really does suck.  I couldn't even muster up the desire for a walk.  Which meant I REALLY needed one, not a good choice not to have one, the DOMS from TRX set in and I was miserable.

Wednesday (0/3.6/0) - I got out at a reasonable hour, ok I SNUCK out with a magically blocked calendar and grabbed some beers at The Beer Table, and a pretzel at Zarro's and got on the 3:32 train.  Got me home by 7 so Gus got a nice long walk.  I was soooooo looking forward to walking just him.  I wanted to walk and not to stop and sniff, he fits the bill for this very nicely.

Dave picked up my new bike!  I did a little test ride up and down the curbs along the street.  It felt nice, the seat was a bit high so he had to cut the stem.  There is a curve in the seat post, so it only went down just so far.  He put some nice 'starter' mountain bike clip in pedals and adjusted the front shock.  I learned how to take off and put on the front wheel, not easy like road bikes.  Things to line up!!  I'm excited to take Barney out for his maiden voyage over the weekend.

Thursday (6.3/2.7/0) - Wow I'm slow...  actually it's the 10 lbs, adds a minute per mile.  I'm sticking with this theory to get myself back on track.  All in all I let the flab hang out and ran.  Felt good, just uber slow.

Jax got the walk and had a little freak out over some guy that seemed to appear out of no where.  Jax is a scaredy dog, and generally shies away from strangers, this guy, not so much... barking loud and every hair on his back standing up.  I'll defer to him (Jax) for his impression of this person and we moved along once I could get his attention back to me.  The rest of the people we encountered it was the usual hiding behind me and looking at the person sideways.  He's a funny dog, that Jax.

Friday (0/0/29) - Faith asked if we could bike instead of run today.  Sure.  We figured out a route and pretty much stuck to it, my Garmin had a bit of a freak out so I lost some miles and the map didn't load.  I got that all situated and felt much better about things and we pedaled on.  Her husband came with us, Joe likes to get out on the bike.  It was a nice crisp fall day.  I could have used a thicker long sleeved shirt for the shady parts.  Those shady parts are really nice when it's above 80, not so much when it's in the 60's!  No complaints, poor planning on my part.  For riding on a hybrid with big tires she keeps up with the road bike!  I'm a little nervous to get her out on a road bike, I'll be working to keep up with  her!

Joe, me, Faith
Selfies are tough!!

Saturday (0/2.5/10.2) - Time to try out the new Mountain Bike!  Trek Stache 7, 29" hard tail.  OMG so much nicer than my ancient Bontrager, from way back in the days before Trek bought Bontrager, it's practically an antique.  Dave seemed pretty thrilled, and very guarded, about this purchase.  He does know that once I get my mind set on something I'm serious, and I mentioned it perhaps a bazillion times over the summer, so he knew I was serious.  After some tooing and froing with his biking buddies on the best bike for his wife, they landed on this bike for a variety of reasons.  It's not a regular mountain bike, it's also not a fat bike, it's more of a "chubby"  Dave made me promise not to say that in public, after he stopped laughing at the connotation.  I'm thinking it will catch on?  Stache Chubby?  Ha Ha!

We did 10ish miles.  He was cautious at first knowing that the second mountain bike ride on these trails was where I threw up my hands in disgust and said I was never doing this again and I wanted a road bike.  We passed the point where all of this happened, and we passed it with no incident.  I was happy to continue on.  He also was very good about not dragging me through the 20 bog bridges on the NS trail connecting to the Yellow Dot or the ridge trail.  All in all I was exhausted with 3 miles left to go, thankfully 1 of those miles were on pavement, and happy to have not skewered myself or broken anything and to have managed to surprise Dave a few times with my 'abilities'.

Once we got home it was time to tend to the dogs and get them out and about.  Gus and I had a nice hike around Champlin and Dave let Jax run like a crazy dog.  They slept the rest of the night away, the desired result!

Sunday (6.3/1/0) - Laced up the Mizuno's and set off to explore/run, or what is passing as running for me of late.  Decided I had never run in Riverbend Cemetery so I headed out there for a loop around.  WOW!  What a gorgeous cemetery.  I was kinda disappointed to find a segment on my Strava feed, but what will be will be.  Anyhoodles, it is expansive and the granite work is amazing. One of the Celtic Crosses was breathtaking!  I'll be heading back there to cruise around a little more.  No one seemed to give me a look like, WTF, so I guess it was OK to run in there.  While I was there I said a little prayer, sent good thoughts, and thought a lot about Mikey and Faith, each lost their Father this year.  The big holidays are nearing and I am sure this will be difficult for them and their families.  Both were rather unanticipated, a sudden illness.  A few other friends and family members have lost family and friends, these two stuck out for me.  I feel guilty not remembering every single one, I'm not even a real Catholic to have the Catholic guilt!!

My legs are pretty banged up from yesterday's biking.  I expected that to be the case. Dave said that the Yellow Dot trail really was to difficult for a first try, however I seemed to have my heart set on that one, so he took me.  He did suggest Ryan Park, BINGO, yes I can navigate that on my own also.  He has been devising a plan for next weekend. 


Feet:  29.1 for a yearly total of: 1,391.6 against a straight-line target of 1,597.9  (206.3 gap)

Saddle: 39 for a yearly total of: 1,316.8 against a straight-line target of 1,597.9  (281.1 gap)

Well my biking is catching up to my feet! I'm also curious how the gap is progressing, is it narrowing or growing.  Data is fun to collect.

Beth, looking forward to more time in the woods and glad she doesn't have to wear a dress, it's still too warm for tights to cover up the scratches, scrapes, and bruises on her legs!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Weekly Log 10/3/16 - 10/9/16

Monday (0/0/0) - Long drive, the drive East is an  hour longer than the drive West, always has been.  I've tried leaving at different times on different days, the result is the same.

I listened to "Many Waters" by Madeline L'Engle, the last in the A Wrinkle in Time Quintet.  I wasn't at all enamored with this but couldn't not finish it all at the same time.  I like the Twins and wanted to know if they made it home safe. Glad that is over and on to the next book.  I really love being able to download books to my phone and play them through the speakers in the car.

Team entered in the lottery for the Cascade Lakes Relay!  If we get in, no PMC for me next year.  I'm thinking that may be ok.  I may be able to do the Mt. Washington Century then!  A century+ the weekend before the PMC 192 wasn't going to happen this year, although it could happen next...

Tuesday (6/5/0) - After a leisurely wake up and lots of dog snuggles I took both dogs on separate walks.  Sure it's time consuming, however the weather is ideal for October, I think this is my favorite month.

Met up with Faith for a night run.  WOW it is so much easier to breath when the dew point is in the low 50's and the air is cool!  We had a good run.  She is recovering from a hellacious trail 1/2 marathon, and me well I'm slowly getting back to running consistently.  It was nice to catch up and I appreciate her wanting to run together once a week and her flexibility between our crazy schedules to make sure it happens!  It is kind of like therapy.  We confused a driver trying to pull out of his driveway, he shouted "I was trying to figure out what kind of car had bobbing headlights!!" referring to our headlamps (get your head out of the gutter).  I'm sure we were quite visible as we have a joint pet peeve (I think it really is more anger/disgust) about people out on the roads not making themselves easy to see.  The brighter the better, right?   It is not unusual for someone to ask me if I am an alien when I am walking dog(s) after dark.  Between the reflective vest, head lamp, and now the reflective harnesses for the pups.  You'd really have to be engrossed in your text to not see us!

Wednesday (0/3/0) - Today was a volunteer day with the United Way at a women's shelter in a nearby town.  Our group was cleaning and painting a two bedroom apartment for a woman and her two children to move into.  This will be transitional housing, from 6 months to 2 years until she can fully take care of herself and her children.  The organization that runs the center gave a really informative presentation on what they do and how they help from the moment the woman (or man) and if there are children the children comes to them and work they do with them until they are able to be independent and even after.  I was surprised to hear about all of the programs for the children, while I was cleaning, and painting it gave me something to mull over.  How must a child deal with that situation and what must they unlearn or relearn as a result.

At the end of the day the apartment looked great.  We didn't finish the bathroom, however two bedrooms, a kitchen and a HUGE living/dining area were cleaned, painted and all the paint spatters on the floor were cleaned up, the bedrooms set up and ready to be made up!  It was a great experience to help someone who probably never thought she'd be worth helping, and maybe making her life and her children's life better.  I was so touched with the center's workers compassion for the family moving in.  They would be getting all new linens and towels, not just new to them, brand spankity new!  At first I was shocked, what a waste to get rid of what the last family used, and, again, during all the cleaning and painting I had something to think about, I reconsidered my shock about this and how much nicer it would be to have new, never used items.

I hope who ever ends up there has success in permanently getting out of the abusive relationship that was the catalyst to getting help, and any other abusive relationships she may have collected along the way and really, prevents her from getting involved in another one.  She is worth it, hopefully a nice freshly scrubbed and painted and furnished apartment will show here people that will never know her do give a damn.

Thursday (5.7/2.1/0) - Back to running.  I could have blown off this run, I kinda wanted to.  I'm frustrated.  It's all on me so I contemplated what I need to do and that is lose the 10 lbs I gained over the summer (I usually lose the 10 I gained over the winter, and I really don't want to do the math and end up with 20, because, crap, that didn't really happen, it's more like 15 because there is rounding of something other than my cheeks, right?) and speed work.  Two things I am not a big fan of.  I celebrated my destiny by eating 6 donuts, because that is what rational people do, right?

Took both stir crazy pups for a walk, it was torture for all three of us.  They really needed to go run leash free, and burn off their boxer boy bonkers.  I knew this going into it and tried my best to hold it together and just let them wander and sniff and not push to keep moving.  It's their walk not mine.

All in all a frustrating day, these things happen.  The culmination of being gone, and the craziness of work grinding on my nerves.  I'll chalk it all up to it being one of those days and move through it and forward.

Friday (0/0/0) - Friday meetings should be banned.  After three hours of them it was time to run or get lunch and do the actual work I needed to do on Friday.  I got lunch and worked on my to do list.  Actually not feeling all that guilty for not running, today was a PT day anyhow.

Late in the afternoon I received notification of being recognized, not allowed to talk about it but I don't think any of my co-workers read this blog, but still...  Anyhow, it is nice to be recognized, and this really helped lift me out of my somber mood.

Dave and I went to dinner, seems like forever since we've been out.  Then again it's been three weeks since we were both home on a Friday night, so there is that.

Saturday (0/3.2/30) - Volunteering for the WTAC in the a.m  The Run for the Pumpkins.  This is the second year it is a trail race.  I ran it last year after getting home in the wee hours of Saturday a.m. from what started as lunch with Heidi in Manhattan that turned into day drinking and dinner and the restaurant owner giving me a ride to GCT to catch a train and Heidi a ride to the East Village.  This year, I haven't been on a trail run since the spring.  My confidence is shot, at the moment, so I supported the running community.  Just as good right?  It is amazing see all the runners come in from the first to the last.

Got home and decided it was time to get Ruby out on the road again, how long had it been since I had a bike ride.  I love the freedom of it and the ability to be in control of my own course.  I went down to the beach and was going to head home and thought I hadn't been on 91 in a while or done the Chase Hill Gut Punch hill.  I took off all the segments on my Garmin because I wasn't going to deal with trying to beat myself or the next person in line till next year.  I was going to enjoy riding in the fall.  While I knew basically where things started and ended I didn't pay them much mind and it all felt really good.  I still haven't studied my results, yet.  It was a nice 30 miles on the bike.  I do need to get my bike re-fitted, my back feels too hunched and I wonder if my handle bars are too low.  I'll make an appointment to get that done.  It will be worth spending the $$ on it,  for a more comfortable and stronger ride.

Gus and I had a nice hike in Champlin Glacier Park.  We had no plan and ended up back at the start after a mile!  I was looking at the kiosk, and where were we and after probably 3 minutes figured out we were back at the start!  We wandered and it was just fine.  I like that preserve and feel pretty secure I'm not going to get lost.  Kind of difficult when it is surrounded by paved roads and 134 acres.  I need to get a map to keep in my pocket till I get the lay of the land there.

Dave took Jax to scrub off some energy by chasing a ball.  It is nice to have two zonked dogs.  The more they move the more they need to move.  Funny how that works.

Sunday (0/0/0) - I may do something other than PT, I may not.  Glad I got out on the bike yesterday, definitely wouldn't be a good idea with all this rain.


Feet:  25 for a total of 1,362.6  against a straight-line target of: 1,559.3
Saddle: 30 for a total of 1,227.8 against a straight-line target of 1,559.3

Beth, looking forward to OBX for a week at the end of the month!  Been a while since I had a real vacation.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Weekly Recap 9/26/16 - 10/2/16

Monday (0/4.3/0) - Walked with Ro...  we were supposed to run, neither of us felt like it.

Tuesday (0/0/0) - NYC -  this meeting is going to be the death of me, I'm pretty sure.

Wednesday (6.2/2.2/0) -  Nice run around the usual loop my favorite direction clockwise.  I dunno why that is my favorite direction, it just is.  Walk with both the boys in the evening was the last thing I needed as they were horrible.

Thursday (0/0/0) - Drive to MI.  Finished "Walden" very much enjoyed it!  Started "A Swiftly Tilting Planet" by Madeleine L'Engle

Friday (0/0/0) - MI - I needed a break, not that I hadn't already had two zero days in the week.  It was nice to be a complete slug and chat with my mom, knit and nap. Finished Cory Reese's "No Where Near First" excellent!

Saturday (6/0/0) - Surprised to have the sun make an appearance during this run.  Lots of hawks and geese in the sky.  Lots of Coyote and Deer tracks along the side of the roads.  Must be a busy time of year for these creatures.

Sunday (5/0/0) - Took my life in my hands and ran out on US 12, to get down to the next dirt road.  Nice smashed flat Coyote, poor thing.  The sun was out most of this run, how unusual for October!

All in all a quiet week.  Went back to MI to visit with family and celebrate my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary.

One of their friends from college decided it would be nice to surprise them with cards from as many people as she could get to send cards.  The first couple mystified them as they had no idea who these people from college were.  Eventually it dawned on them, that their friend Gretchen must have done this.  It was very sweet and they were very surprised and enjoyed all the cards,  They received nearly 50, and half of them from people they knew.  The other half were people Gretchen and her husband met on their travels across the US and on Habitat for Humanity builds.  Very sweet gesture!

All the kids, except the son-in-law, were there for dinner on Saturday night.  He was home minding the dogs plus he had a nasty cold.  Oh how I'm not looking forward to possibly being blessed with that nastiness.


Feet:  23.8 for a yearly total of : 1,337.6 against a straight-line target of 1,520.8  (23 miles is actually pretty good considering I took 3 zeros)

Saddle:  yearly total of : 1,247.8 against a straight-line target of 1,520.8 (when I get my new hard tail 29'er  not quite fattie, this will go up again)

Beth, with not much to say.... maybe next week