Sunday, October 16, 2016

Weekly Recap -- 10/10/16 - 10/16/16

Monday (0/6.7/0) - Because of my crazy travel schedule Wednesday's with Ro became Monday's with Ro this week and then it became TRX with Ro (she had to teach the class and it's been forever since I've been to a class versus using the rig on my own) and then a walk.  A power walk and a power talk!

Tuesday (0/0/0) - NYC for the day and night.  Too much to do not enough time and I got to the hotel after 7 and was not going to go run on an unfamiliar path and running up Lex really does suck.  I couldn't even muster up the desire for a walk.  Which meant I REALLY needed one, not a good choice not to have one, the DOMS from TRX set in and I was miserable.

Wednesday (0/3.6/0) - I got out at a reasonable hour, ok I SNUCK out with a magically blocked calendar and grabbed some beers at The Beer Table, and a pretzel at Zarro's and got on the 3:32 train.  Got me home by 7 so Gus got a nice long walk.  I was soooooo looking forward to walking just him.  I wanted to walk and not to stop and sniff, he fits the bill for this very nicely.

Dave picked up my new bike!  I did a little test ride up and down the curbs along the street.  It felt nice, the seat was a bit high so he had to cut the stem.  There is a curve in the seat post, so it only went down just so far.  He put some nice 'starter' mountain bike clip in pedals and adjusted the front shock.  I learned how to take off and put on the front wheel, not easy like road bikes.  Things to line up!!  I'm excited to take Barney out for his maiden voyage over the weekend.

Thursday (6.3/2.7/0) - Wow I'm slow...  actually it's the 10 lbs, adds a minute per mile.  I'm sticking with this theory to get myself back on track.  All in all I let the flab hang out and ran.  Felt good, just uber slow.

Jax got the walk and had a little freak out over some guy that seemed to appear out of no where.  Jax is a scaredy dog, and generally shies away from strangers, this guy, not so much... barking loud and every hair on his back standing up.  I'll defer to him (Jax) for his impression of this person and we moved along once I could get his attention back to me.  The rest of the people we encountered it was the usual hiding behind me and looking at the person sideways.  He's a funny dog, that Jax.

Friday (0/0/29) - Faith asked if we could bike instead of run today.  Sure.  We figured out a route and pretty much stuck to it, my Garmin had a bit of a freak out so I lost some miles and the map didn't load.  I got that all situated and felt much better about things and we pedaled on.  Her husband came with us, Joe likes to get out on the bike.  It was a nice crisp fall day.  I could have used a thicker long sleeved shirt for the shady parts.  Those shady parts are really nice when it's above 80, not so much when it's in the 60's!  No complaints, poor planning on my part.  For riding on a hybrid with big tires she keeps up with the road bike!  I'm a little nervous to get her out on a road bike, I'll be working to keep up with  her!

Joe, me, Faith
Selfies are tough!!

Saturday (0/2.5/10.2) - Time to try out the new Mountain Bike!  Trek Stache 7, 29" hard tail.  OMG so much nicer than my ancient Bontrager, from way back in the days before Trek bought Bontrager, it's practically an antique.  Dave seemed pretty thrilled, and very guarded, about this purchase.  He does know that once I get my mind set on something I'm serious, and I mentioned it perhaps a bazillion times over the summer, so he knew I was serious.  After some tooing and froing with his biking buddies on the best bike for his wife, they landed on this bike for a variety of reasons.  It's not a regular mountain bike, it's also not a fat bike, it's more of a "chubby"  Dave made me promise not to say that in public, after he stopped laughing at the connotation.  I'm thinking it will catch on?  Stache Chubby?  Ha Ha!

We did 10ish miles.  He was cautious at first knowing that the second mountain bike ride on these trails was where I threw up my hands in disgust and said I was never doing this again and I wanted a road bike.  We passed the point where all of this happened, and we passed it with no incident.  I was happy to continue on.  He also was very good about not dragging me through the 20 bog bridges on the NS trail connecting to the Yellow Dot or the ridge trail.  All in all I was exhausted with 3 miles left to go, thankfully 1 of those miles were on pavement, and happy to have not skewered myself or broken anything and to have managed to surprise Dave a few times with my 'abilities'.

Once we got home it was time to tend to the dogs and get them out and about.  Gus and I had a nice hike around Champlin and Dave let Jax run like a crazy dog.  They slept the rest of the night away, the desired result!

Sunday (6.3/1/0) - Laced up the Mizuno's and set off to explore/run, or what is passing as running for me of late.  Decided I had never run in Riverbend Cemetery so I headed out there for a loop around.  WOW!  What a gorgeous cemetery.  I was kinda disappointed to find a segment on my Strava feed, but what will be will be.  Anyhoodles, it is expansive and the granite work is amazing. One of the Celtic Crosses was breathtaking!  I'll be heading back there to cruise around a little more.  No one seemed to give me a look like, WTF, so I guess it was OK to run in there.  While I was there I said a little prayer, sent good thoughts, and thought a lot about Mikey and Faith, each lost their Father this year.  The big holidays are nearing and I am sure this will be difficult for them and their families.  Both were rather unanticipated, a sudden illness.  A few other friends and family members have lost family and friends, these two stuck out for me.  I feel guilty not remembering every single one, I'm not even a real Catholic to have the Catholic guilt!!

My legs are pretty banged up from yesterday's biking.  I expected that to be the case. Dave said that the Yellow Dot trail really was to difficult for a first try, however I seemed to have my heart set on that one, so he took me.  He did suggest Ryan Park, BINGO, yes I can navigate that on my own also.  He has been devising a plan for next weekend. 


Feet:  29.1 for a yearly total of: 1,391.6 against a straight-line target of 1,597.9  (206.3 gap)

Saddle: 39 for a yearly total of: 1,316.8 against a straight-line target of 1,597.9  (281.1 gap)

Well my biking is catching up to my feet! I'm also curious how the gap is progressing, is it narrowing or growing.  Data is fun to collect.

Beth, looking forward to more time in the woods and glad she doesn't have to wear a dress, it's still too warm for tights to cover up the scratches, scrapes, and bruises on her legs!

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