Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Weekly Recap 9/26/16 - 10/2/16

Monday (0/4.3/0) - Walked with Ro...  we were supposed to run, neither of us felt like it.

Tuesday (0/0/0) - NYC -  this meeting is going to be the death of me, I'm pretty sure.

Wednesday (6.2/2.2/0) -  Nice run around the usual loop my favorite direction clockwise.  I dunno why that is my favorite direction, it just is.  Walk with both the boys in the evening was the last thing I needed as they were horrible.

Thursday (0/0/0) - Drive to MI.  Finished "Walden" very much enjoyed it!  Started "A Swiftly Tilting Planet" by Madeleine L'Engle

Friday (0/0/0) - MI - I needed a break, not that I hadn't already had two zero days in the week.  It was nice to be a complete slug and chat with my mom, knit and nap. Finished Cory Reese's "No Where Near First" excellent!

Saturday (6/0/0) - Surprised to have the sun make an appearance during this run.  Lots of hawks and geese in the sky.  Lots of Coyote and Deer tracks along the side of the roads.  Must be a busy time of year for these creatures.

Sunday (5/0/0) - Took my life in my hands and ran out on US 12, to get down to the next dirt road.  Nice smashed flat Coyote, poor thing.  The sun was out most of this run, how unusual for October!

All in all a quiet week.  Went back to MI to visit with family and celebrate my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary.

One of their friends from college decided it would be nice to surprise them with cards from as many people as she could get to send cards.  The first couple mystified them as they had no idea who these people from college were.  Eventually it dawned on them, that their friend Gretchen must have done this.  It was very sweet and they were very surprised and enjoyed all the cards,  They received nearly 50, and half of them from people they knew.  The other half were people Gretchen and her husband met on their travels across the US and on Habitat for Humanity builds.  Very sweet gesture!

All the kids, except the son-in-law, were there for dinner on Saturday night.  He was home minding the dogs plus he had a nasty cold.  Oh how I'm not looking forward to possibly being blessed with that nastiness.


Feet:  23.8 for a yearly total of : 1,337.6 against a straight-line target of 1,520.8  (23 miles is actually pretty good considering I took 3 zeros)

Saddle:  yearly total of : 1,247.8 against a straight-line target of 1,520.8 (when I get my new hard tail 29'er  not quite fattie, this will go up again)

Beth, with not much to say.... maybe next week


  1. I think I'd have had a heart attack or at the very least screamed my head off if I'd run by that flattened coyote. :(

    Nice work for a quiet week.

    Such a lovely gesture for your folks. I'm glad you could (almost) all be together. As least the germ-spreading was diminished.

  2. They are used to only seeing pictures of their only Son-In-Law. I really do enjoy my one on one time with my parents!! The smushed Wile-coyote was more of a, oh wow, poor guy, the Acme truck got you again, didn't it? Yeah, I'm rather pleased with the week, now that I think about it a bit, the blessing of a blog, I suppose?

  3. Take care Beth. Only health and greatness for you. Bye.