Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weekly Recap 10/17/16 - 10/23/16

Monday (stats below) - A non- running day, I ran on Sunday.  Ro texted late, her boyfriends birthday is Wed, our usual hill day, could we move to Mon?  Sure, works perfect.  I can put off my PT for a few more days, plus the weather, OMG the weather is BEAUTIFUL!

No dog walks, Westerly Town Council Meeting to support the continued use of a recreation field, for DOH RECREATION!!  The neighbors around the Bradford Preserve were unhappy and brought their concerns to the Town Council, perhaps they would be better placed bringing their issue to the Zoning Committee, but since the TC is the highest, they got on the agenda.  I managed two hours of the meeting.  The first 20 was regarding a failing bridge.  I never knew living on a border community with another state could be so difficult.  Which state owns the bridge, who is responsible for maintenance, will this end up like the other bridge project, stalled for 7 years, will this end up like another bridge no action taken.  The state border for CT and RI is a river, the Pawcatuck River for at least 15 miles.  You have to cross a bridge to get over the river, period.  Near us there are 6 bridges to get across that river, 5 of them are operable.  New England isn't the grid pattern of the Mid-west and the West, if you get on the wrong road, there may not be a cut over for 10 miles, you actually can end up in another state. It was an interesting conversation and I don't feel like there was an actual resolution.  That bridge may become another unusable bridge.

The issue I went in for took nearly 5 hours to discuss.  I was only prepared to be there for an hour, and I was there for two...  When I left I was empathetic to the neighbors, however it really is a communication issue, not a land use issue.  The land is being used properly.  It will be continued.

Tuesday  -   Run with Faith, she had an easy bike on her training schedule so we ran, for her an easy 5 miles and a tempo for me!  Always fun time, good conversation.

Dog walk in the evening, they were nutty and it was warm and humid so they were well behaved (ha ha) by mile 2 and I enjoyed the last mile of the walk!

Wednesday - Time to get back on the PT wagon.  I did the exercises from my last PT and my previous PT with my misaligned SI Joint.  Most were the same.  Faith is going to accomplish a pistol squat by spring, so I started some of those exercises too.  Doubtful my knees will allow such a squat however the prep is mostly core and hip and right up my weakness alley!

Back to Spin with Jennifer on Wed night.   Kim damn near killed me.  Lots of heavy gears.  I still cannot understand anything she says so I'm off a beat or two till I catch on to the pattern.

Nice lovely long walk with Gus, I enjoy his focus on the walk and not smelling every damn thing every 10 steps, by the 1/2 way point he wants to sniff more, and honestly we are in far more interesting territory by then.

Thursday - In my off time I did some shoe shopping and found a deal on Newtons, they have a stability shoe and that is what I need, they were wicked cheap so what the hell I might as well try them.  The drop is much lower than my Asics Kayanos, however I haven't run in them in eons, so time to play with different shoes and different drops and see how it goes.  These are the Newton Kismet and have an odd little bar across the forefoot and a 4.5 mm drop.  Guess all Newtons have this.  I mostly forgot about it after 2 miles, my foot felt fine post run and even post walk with the pups.  My knees and hips didn't protest so I'll continue to run in them until something tells me it's a bad idea.

Walk with both the Boyz, we can mange two miles before I lose my mind.  So that's what we did.

Friday - After so long of short Friday's I'm liking regular Fridays.  I get a lot done to set up for the next week and to clean up my to do list and start a new one.  Fearing bombarding people's in boxes on Friday, I set stuff to deliver when I log in on Monday a.m.  Sneaky, eh??

Got out for a run, didn't feel like the usual route so I modified it a bit went out an back on Jupiter Point.  I avoid that one like the plague.  I always feel like I'm running out of a hole on that out and back loop.  Poor Dan decided he didn't want me to think I was avoiding him so he went the same way I did, clock wise around the little loop versus clockstupid.  I don't care, he passed me explaining, aww so sweet.  Either way we would have passed each other it is a loop after all. Depends on the direction of the wind which way I navigate the little loop.

The best part was a Sub going out to sea via the Thames.  I stopped and watched for a bit.  What an amazing thing, the sub, the people in it, the whole package.  I'm  not close to any of the Navy folks to know how long they would be out or if this was a test.  Imagine, you are the one piloting a Sub just after it rolls off the construction platform at Electric Boat / General Dynamics?  OMG terrifying kind of fun, right??'

Maybe my calves were a little touchy with the lower drop shoe, but I doubt it.  I've been running in the ON's with a 6 mm drop.  The Kayno's have a 9 mm drop and I haven't run in them in quite a while.  I do find I'm doing less heel thudding and forefoot slapping in the lower drop shoes.  Not sure if this is true or it is just a mental thing.

It was a meandering run, I walked a bit, I morosed a bit, this would have been the weekend I ran the 100K.  Was I upset about this?  I'm not sure.  Was I happy about this?  I'm not sure.  Frankly I'm not sure about any races.  I was talking with Dave about this in the evening and it used to be I ran all the races.  Now the thought of running on someone else's schedule isn't so grand.

Then again Chafing the Dream got accepted into the Cascade Lakes Relay for 2017.  Really, that isn't a race that's a fun run.  Just like the Bourbon Chase, were I never actually met any of my team mates until the night before the relay, I did know one from a FB group, at least this time I know two (they were in my van for the 2012 Bourbon Chase) of the 12 of us for the 216.6 mile relay Diamond Lake to Bend Oregon.  I've never been to Oregon and have always wanted to explore.  For someone as intimidated by people this is really out of my normal comfort zone, but for some reason, flying to Oregon and meeting up with gals I spent three days with in KY seems completely not intimidating.  I need my head examined.

Night was topped off meeting a friend for drinks at Revival Brewing and exchanging beers!

Saturday - With the rain this was going to be a lazy day.  When Dave broke out the waffle maker I had to decline after two not quite square waffles.  I'm doing very well on my quest to get back to my pre-injury weight and I didn't want a lazy day starting with four waffles full of syrup and butter.  Besides I already had my usual proper breakfast.  It is so hard to turn down Maine Maple Syrup.  After insanely checking the weather Dave determined we'd be ok going for our planned ride in Arcadia.  And we'd take Jax with us as he was going stir crazy not getting out on Friday.  As it had rained pretty steady and hard most of Friday afternoon and evening and Saturday morning there would be some good 'teachable moments' for me.  When it's dry you can get away with hitting a big root at an angle and not end up in a bush or against a tree or on a rock, not so much when it's greasy.  Nearly all of the leaves fell too so this was another obstacle to learn about.  I'm enjoying these rides.  Dave warns me what I may or may not want to tackle and gives me one tip per ride.  We had that rule when road riding.  Today was push my weight back further on the seat and drop lower to the handle bars, not putting my weight on my hands when going down hill.  WOW!  This made a big difference in the maneuverability of the bike!    SO I guess I COULD have had two more waffles!!

Sunday - Off to Ryan Park by myself!  I've run there multiple times so I was comfortable enough exploring.  Of course I rode the route I've run backwards, so nothing was quite right.  It was still fun and I'm happy I didn't crash too bad, although I have a really awesome black and purple bruise the size of a half dollar on my bum.  I'm not sure from when, probably today.  I did have a crash where I ended up flat on my back.  Whoopsie.  My bruises from last Saturday are starting to pop in my calves, I knew there was going to be a bruise, why it took so long is a mystery.

Because I got bored putting them next to each day.....










Feet:  31.4 for a year to date of:  1,423.0 against a straight-line target of 1,636.5
Saddle: 28.5 for a year to date of: 1,345.3 against a straight-line target of 1,636.5

Yeah, there is little chance of catching 2,016.  That's what goals are for, right?

Beth, Enjoying being in the woods on a bike!


  1. I like your Monday morning e-mail send idea, not so much for fear of bombarding e-mail inboxes on a Friday afternoon, but more for fear that they'll respond right back and then I'll have to do more research and keep me longer. Frequently, I'll leave them in draft for a while before sending at end of day.
    Are your feet and saddle goals identical, or a copy/paste error?

  2. The route of the run on friday seems very scenic. I think it's always a pleasure to run through such places.