Sunday, October 30, 2016

Weekly Recap: 10/24/16 - 10/30/16

Ah yes my yearly goals, saddle and feet are identical, 2,016.  Its a stretch however on some days it gets me moving when I'd prefer not to.  It didn't work as well with the bike, I was kind of shelved for 2 very important bike months, so I have that working against me.  Biking, while no impact (unless you fall off, ha ha) does put stress on the joints and since my hip issue (bursitis at the root) was all the crazy tendons, ligaments and muscles around, through, and in the hip,being very pissed off, I had to be conservative.  I don't feel any pressure in the hip when I run, I still do when I bike, because the motion is so repetitive it gets annoying.

The eMail trick worked beautifully.  I had it cued to send at 8:30 on Monday, figuring people would be just getting to their coffee and scanning eMail and this one would pop up!  I'll still have to follow up but it was a topic of discussion on Tuesday's status meeting.

Monday - I checked the weather it said 73F, ok, so short sleeves and I was fine, but wow was it windy.  I have no idea what the actual temp was or the 'real feel' because I think didn't wait long enough for the weather to completely sync or something.  Feh, whatever.  It was a nice slow run, easy actually, Didn't feel like I was gasping for breath constantly, which is good considering I've been lax on using my inhaler.  Got in 6 with about 1/4 mile of walking on either end.  I was happy with that.  The Newtons still seem fine.

The boyz got their walk, it has become almost enjoyable walking both of them.  I prefer one however, I also prefer to have at least an hour of peace and quiet before I go to bed.

Tuesday - Happy to find out everything went well for Leslie today! Faith was going to meet up with me to run/walk.  Faith is recovering from Bimblers 50K, sounds like a hell fest. I left campus and thought, I think gloves would be good and maybe another shirt, the wind was really strong and cold.  I donned on both and felt more comfortable, still chilled.  I wasn't sure if we were walking or running.  We walked a bit, pretty much my first mile was walking.  Then running at what felt like and easy pace and it was, actually and it was a faster pace than I've been able to manage on my own!  Even my suffer score showed I wasn't struggling.   It was a good run after a good morning of good news.

Took the boyz out for their walk, they were bouncing off the walls before and after dinner.  Usually they get to run free on Tuesday so I was prepared for a sufferfest of a walk and chose a route that was easy and quick to bail to go home.  They were angels, until the cat.

We turned a corner and in the middle of the street my headlamp shown on the cat and the boyz were all, wait what's that? and the cat just stayed there, not moving. The boyz got very animated and the cat sort of blinked. Crap, is it hurt was all I could think? Well it wasn't it backed up maybe 1/2 a foot. The boyz were overwhelming and nearly dragging me. AND a car was coming down the street. The cat backed up maybe a foot, hissing the whole while. I was SERIOUSLY going to get dragged down if that damn cat didn't flee! The car stopped. The boyz are quite strong when they want to be! Finally that fool cat took off like a shot and the boyz were all wait? what? and of course, the cats guardian was in the car. He got out and said, "How many lives did that ding dong go through?" Guess the cat isn't really bright, it should most certainly be an indoor cat.  Or it's just a jerk. All I could do was laugh.

Wednesday - Well today was a triple of sorts.  Hills with Ro at a good clip.  14:39 pace isn't a saunter for sure.  I'm going to miss her for the next month.  When I get back from Hatteras she is off to St. Lucia for a MONTH!  Retirement is grand isn't it?  I travel so much in November anyhow we weren't going to get to walk much.  I'm so happy for her and Mark, Wednesday marked two months of retirement, they both retired before 60.  Ok so Mark turned 60 a month and 1/2 into retirement, but still, he was able to put two kids through college and retire before 60, so that is a big deal.  Dave and I need to get our crap together and put together a retirement plan.  We have very different ideas about retirement...  We may settle on pugs and a motor-home, who knows.  We do need to figure it out as we break into our 50's.

Spin with Jennifer at the Arcadia Y.  I know it seems like such a dumpy place in an old shopping center.  It fits the bill for Wyoming RI pretty well and the spin bikes are the latest and the greatest.  The acoustics in the room are so bad and the instructor yells so it's a cacophony I can't follow but at least she uses some hand signals for the next move on the bike so I can follow that and pick up the pattern. 

Gus got his walk and I got to see some of the more intricate Halloween displays in the neighborhoods.  Jax really can't handle decorations, silhouettes of people, blow up figures, anything that moves.  Don't even let him see those inflatable tube men, whipping around wildly.  He goes apoplectic.

Thursday - A nice big fat 0, work was overwhelming, as it usually is the days before vacation and three weeks before a big deliverable.  Unfortunately Friday is also going to be a 0 so it's not exactly a good thing.  However, my body is tired and my legs are tired and two days off isn't bad my last 0 was 10/11.  I'm not exactly a couch potato!  

Friday -  Another nice big fat 0.  Long drive, but once I got to the beach house there are 4 floors so I got lots of movement up and down stairs.

Saturday  -  After a long day driving on Friday the first run is usually rough and made rougher by soft sand, along the Hatteras shore.  Whoops.  I took my shoes off and that helped and ran and finally had to walk a bit.  Nice 5 miles!  Down to the Frisco Pier and back.  

Sunday - Time to get out the bike and ride!  Went down to Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.  I could tell the ride back was going to be fighting the wind the whole way and it was.  Kept going past the beach house and into Hatteras proper to look for two houses we can see off the back deck and did mange to find them however couldn't get back there due to the clean up of the storm damage.  


Feet:  Weekly:  31.1 for a total of 1,454.0 against a straight-line total of 1,675.0
Saddle:  Weekly: 47.7 for a total of 1,378.0 against a straight-line total of 1,675.0

Beth, happy to have a vacation again, 5 years is a long time between vacations!

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