Monday, October 29, 2012

Marathon Recap - Quick Post

I don't know where to start....

Saturday a.m. Hubb dumped me off at the train station for my trip to DC.  The train was on time and the next 6.5 hours were mine to nap, read, hydrate, Facebook, WWF, listen to a book.  I listened to a book and started a second. That was good to calm my nerves.  Nerves for a lot of reasons:
  • would the train get in on time (2:30ish) so I could get to the expo and pick up my bib
  • would my back seize up during the race
  • am I hydrated enough
  • why the hell did I buy trail mix with raisins, didn't a friend tell me to not poop my pants at the finish
  • oh crap I have no idea how to get to the hotel (I did get THAT figured out) DC has a wonderful Metro system
  • have I gotten enough sleep
  • and so on...
Eventually I just settled into watching the scenery go by and listening to my book.  The train ride was nice, I really enjoyed it. Much much nicer than the commuter rail in to NYC on a weekly basis.

I did get to the expo in time to pick up my bib!  Thanks random guy for taking my picture!!

Had a lovely dinner with Team Lung Love, Julia made a wonderful video of the runners and who we run for.  We all told our stories of how we are connected to Lung Cancer and why we run.  It was wonderful.

I slept fitfully.  Glad I had slept well in the previous week. 

It was chilly, I had a rain poncho and a long sleeved t-shirt to pitch once the race started. There were a few sprinkles, no real rain. PSHEW!!  Hurricane Sandy was delayed in making landfall and the only thing we felt were the winds.

Race gun was 7:55. We were in 'Runner's Village' with enough time for a team mate to meet up with her running club and use the porta potty and get to our starting corral.  We lined up in the 5 hour corral with the 30,000 other runners I didn't need the long sleeves or the rain poncho to keep in the body warmth, pitched those.  There were prayers and God Bless America and a fly over by the Osprey (I hope I get that right - stuck in the hotel for the foreseeable future and have limited access to the Internet to blog and fact check)
The race was awesome.  I've been having problems with my SI Joint all week, and it was tight when I started and it hurt for the first 4 miles.  Eventually I managed to let go of the tension and worry and get into stride.  That was key, just letting it go and running. I trained for this, I wanted this, I was going to do this.  I was even enjoying running WITH people around.  I had no idea how inspiring it could be or how helpful.  My pace stayed pretty steady!  Once I stopped thinking about my back and worrying I'd wake up paralyzed the next morning all was good.  I thought about what the Lung Cancer patient goes through, the chemo, the radiation, the surgery, and how painful that was and it wasn't TEMPORARY, my pain was TEMPORARY.

I don't even know what to say about running 26.2 miles around our nations capital.  Awe inspiring?  A cloudy, 60 degree day are actually perfect running conditions. 

I crossed the timing mat listening to "Open Road" by The Gibson Brothers.  Marc MacGlasshan plays the hell out of that Smith Creek Mandolin and I just love listening to Leigh and Eric too!  It took nearly 20 minutes to cross the timing start mat from the 7:55 gun time.  The music kept me going.  A little George Thorogood reminded me of my work peep and made me smile.  Some Sargent Vines cadences kept me in line.  Songs that remind me of friends and songs friends recommended came on at THE right time.  I finished to Flo-Rida "Wild One" too perfect.

There were points I thought, what are YOU doing Beth, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  and I would dig into the tips and tricks to get through it, and just get through it!  I thought about who I am running for.  Held my hand over my mother's picture for strength.  Touched the names on the back of my shirt for strength. I run for Lung Cancer, To End The Stigma. 

At mile 23 Team Lung Love was there cheering us on.  I felt like a million bucks and had 3 miles to go.  I wanted it to end but didn't want it to end.  I mean a freaking Marathon, I was running and about to finish a Marathon!!!  Julia snapped a pic...  A friend said "Look at that shit eating smile."  Love it!!

At about mile 24 there were Dunkin Donuts munchkins.  I've never had a better munchkin!!

I finished 5:09:55 with a smile on my face and nearly in tears, I DID IT!  I wanted to be sub 5. Then I thought about it.  A year ago my longest race was 4 miles, and that was November 13, 2011... so yeah, I'm pretty proud of what I have accomplished in less than a year!!!

After the race I re-hydrated and ate and laughed with three new friends!

Beth, the marathon runner, OMG

PS  I slept well, and feel great the day after.  Wonder what tomorrow will bring? Stuck in DC, till Wed...


  1. Congrats marathoner!!! You did it! You did awesome!!!! Glad you were able to get in before Sandy rolled in.

    And you feel great the day after? I'm still licking my wounds and will be for a couple days.

    Hope you get home soon.

    1. Thanks Jose! I did feel great and felt better today. Went for a 5 mile run. Didn't mean for it to be that long, I got a little turned around. Hope you heal and enjoy the euphoria!!

      Hope to be home Wednesday...

  2. so proud and happy for your accomplishment. You serve those you run for well.

    1. Rod - Thanks!! Can't wait to hear about your running adventures!