Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Four Days!

Is the Marine Corps Marathon really only four days away?   My shirt is done, my dress picked out for the dinner the night before, my back is tight ricking frickin fracking, my PF is non-existent, still noodling over what to pack to wear over or under my jersey for the a.m. of the race, all that is left is packing and double checking on train tickets and credentials before boarding the train to DC on Saturday morning.

Not perfect, however way better than past years jerseys with my atrocious handwriting.

My back - holy crap it is tight and tweeked.  Way better than yesterday so I think by Saturday I'll be in fine shape.  I may not get to run prior to leaving for DC, and that has me a little spooked.  But hey, my legs will be good and rested, right?

I've been drinking a cup of water an hour (well not when I'm sleeping) as prescribed by my veteran marathon running BIL.  Eating more carbs in the form of whole grains than I've eaten in months.  Think my glycogen stores will be all set.  I exist on vegetables  fruit, chicken, and cottage cheese.  Oh yeah, and Jack too....  can't forget about my man!!

Beth, who isn't quite in full raging PMS (Pre Marathon Syndrome) but on the edge

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