Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I peeked outside this afternoon and noticed it was looking damp.  Big Grin!  MUD!  I muttered something about "Woo hoo muddy run and Boy Wonder just smiled and said you really are crazy."  Duh....

Had a few things to pick up the grocery store, we were out of salad.  We go through nearly a pound of mixed greens a day, between Hubbs daily salad snack and dinner, yep that is about right.  Got the groceries (daily W.I.F.E. duties = done)

Off to Bluff Point!  Giddy up Vinnie!

I called Hubb and let him know I was going running on the trail.  He mentioned I hadn't been there as frequently as last summer.  I know, I am miserable, not running it weekly.  All he could say was "Enjoy your four wheeling."

It was a lovely wet run, not as muddy as I had expected, but then I didn't motor through ALL the mud puddles, while I love them, I do have a Marathon coming up in less than 4 weeks.  *bites nails*  Probably should avoid injuiries!!

When I got home, salad greens in tow, I was met with:

"Hon, If your story is that you were out running in the mud your shoes should at least have a little mud on them."

"Love, they do have some mud on them, I'm just so fast they don't have time to gather mud."

*chuckle chuckle*

The trail was wet rather than muddy.  I came home Thanksgiving morning WAY more muddy, and WAY more wet as the trail was flooded.  I think that is what he was expecting?

It was a great run.  Just running, not looking at my Garmin, just running, not even thinking much.  Well except for the long slightly inclining straightaway, my Godsmack Voodoo straight away.  For some reason the dulcet tones of Sully Erna guide me up that section more often than not. While Sully wasn't singing in my ear my mind was taking in the beauty of the fall woods nearing dusk.  Oh yeah, and hoping I didn't trip on a stick or twist my ankle on a rock.  Wouldn't that suck, less that 4 weeks away from MCM and I'm taken out by nature?


Not a bad overall pace.

Well I really need to concentrate on NEGATIVE splits
but hey this run was for the love the joy the awesomeness of rain and mud!

Y'all have seen the trail before...

Beth, who may actually sleep through the night tonight, fingers crossed!

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