Thursday, October 11, 2012


Crazy morning meetings left a space at noon to go for a run! The sun is starting to set earlier and earlier which is going to make trail running challenging.  Grumble grumble grumble....

I decided to see if I could better my time from yesterday on the 5K route!  I also emptied my gym bag and try to be a little more organized with its contents!  Both were successful!

The weather was beautiful and sunny, a little chilly just in the high 50F temperatures.  I don't ever remember if there was a breeze, so there probably wasn't.  I picked a long sleeve technical T and some shorts.  Same deal as yesterday the Garmin was right on the money and I left my badge in the basket at the guard shack and ran through the smokers.  UGH...  Up the hill and around the course.  Such a beautiful day.

There were people running on the treadmill.  I don't get that.... why?  I motioned for one of the guys to join me outside, he waved me off...  ok, enjoy your dreadmill run.

As I was running, I was thinking about this business leaving my badge at the guard shack and then just walking up and grabbing it out of the basket and walking back into campus.  I wonder, as do other outside at work runners, if someone really wanted to get inside did anyone think they could run up, grab a badge and get on to campus?  I wonder.  Maybe the guards pay more attention than we think they do?  I bet they do.  They know who comes and goes through that particular gate.  But still, hmmmmm maybe this could be part of my plot for my NaNoWrMo novel for next month?  Hmmmm....  I'll have to contemplate that a bit more.

Otherwise my thoughts were on the awesome news from my mom yesterday.  She passed her CT.  Translated this means her scan results were exactly the same as last years results which were the same as previous scans all the way back to about 36 months ago.  This is really really really amazing.  15% of Lung Cancer patients make it 5 years post diagnosis.  She reached that milestone in August!  Now this was the one year milestone from the last time she had a scan.  This is even more amazing to me because my parents have had an incredibly stressful year.  On December 26th 2011 their house burned.  I'd say half of it had to be rebuilt.  One half of the upstairs and the whole roof.  They still aren't in the house due to gross mismanagement of the project.

Let us back up even a few more months.  October of 2011 she was told by her oncologist that he saw no need to continue with frequent scans.  He showed my parents the current scan and laid the one 24 months old on top of the current one, they were identical.  He said he was comfortable with waiting a year that while he couldn't state the tumor was dead without testing it, he didn't want to poke it and if it wasn't dead have it wake up.  (my interpretation)  They were ecstatic, went out and bought a huge flat screen TV, two new living room couches, and for my parents to do such a thing is a big deal.  They were tired of their ancient TV and really wanted more comfortable couches.  Good for them.  So then less than two months later their house burns!!  So yeah, can we say stress?

Combine all the stresses of a house fire.  All those memories in the attic, gone.  All the antiques in their bedroom, gone. Watching as NOTHING happened on the reconstruction for months. Witnessing the demo crew gut their house they lovingly and painstakingly restored.  I'll stop there, you get the point, a lot of stresses   SO if something was going to happen could stress cause it, sure why not?  Cancer feeds on weakness, and stress weakens the immune system.  So yeah, there was a worry, especially as we got closer and closer and they were still not in their house and lawyers started getting involved...

And I digress, this has been something weighing heavy on my mind, and now it isn't. They should be back in their home by the end of the month and I will be able to go spend a week with them in November, I miss my quarterly long weekends in my childhood home.

Back to my run.  I felt great.  A little tired, but energetic, if that makes any sense.  I know that this was probably my last run before the 1/2 marathon on Sunday so make it a good one!  I think I accomplished that!

Yesterday was 28:42 // 9:14mi  so yeah improvement!

When I got back into the gym I got distracted, yes I am going to the focus workshop on Saturday!  SO I forgot to stretch.  I was in the shower feeling antsy   I thought oh shit, I forgot to stretch.  How does someone forget to stretch?  Well I guess they just do. I stretched a bit but not enough. This did not make for a fun afternoon.  Everything, especially my lower back, tightened up.

I checked the yoga schedule, a basic class.  Oh what I need a nice gentle yoga session.  Of course I'm running late and scramble into class to find just Heidi, the instructor.  She said, "Beth, Hi!" I said "Oh wow, just me?"  She said "Beth, you know it is Thursday right?"  I said "Yeah, I wanted a nice gentle class because I managed to not stretch after I ran and my lower back is tight." She said "OK, first, your coming on Saturday right?"  I nodded, she continued "Well yes, it is just us, this will be nice."  I agreed and said our last 1:1 class was wonderful.

We had a lovely class, working on hip opening and twists, just the thing to loosen a tight back.  As I was leaving I said I may not see her on Friday night but I would see her on Saturday!  She just chuckles at me.


Beth, thrilled her mom passed her test!

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