Monday, October 1, 2012

She's Back!

What an absolutely gorgeous fall day.  I could NOT resist going for a run in the early afternoon. OK TRUTH I lacked some major focus today.  I ticked off the easy no brainers on the to do list.  When push came to shove I just couldn't muster up the focus to finish up a lagging project needing some serious TLC.   Perfect fall running weather didn't exactly help.  Never mind that I sit with my back to the window, the sun was beaming across my desk.  Of course when I packed for TRX and threw in a variety of running gear, just in case...  If I'm going to lug the gear bag I might as well be prepared for any opportunities which may present themselves!

As I skipped down to the gym to change and hit the pavement there was another runner leaving for an afternoon run.  I grinned from ear to ear and said "It looks gorgeous out there, ENJOY!"  I got the usual smirk and he looked at me like I was looney.  People... we only get to do these moments once, live it up, love it, enjoy it, embrace it!

He's a clock-stupid runner. We crossed paths on a long uphill stretch for me downhill for him.   Nice shady part of the route. Maybe someday I will run the route like everyone else does, feh, Scott never did, I'll keep up the rebel tradition. I did pass the same walker twice.  I did an out and back at Jupiter Point and caught up to her again just before going up and around Avery Point.  Wonder what she thought when I passed her twice.  I stopped at Avery Point a few times to document that my favorite running partner was back!

Hi Friend!  I missed you yesterday!
It was a wonderful run, not a fast run.  Someone did run a rainy wet cold 13.1 yesterday, so she can have a break, right?  Trying to find the best way to snap a pic of my shadow did take a little time, and well, it was so seriously gorgeous outside, why would I want to be inside?

TRX was a full class, which is 4 women and the leader.  Our Spartan Racer showed off her bruises from the Spartan Race two weekends ago in VT.  Still some pretty good looking bruises.  I want to run one of those... running, mud, and bruises, what could be better?

The jury is out if I will sleep like a rock or insomnia will pay a visit.  UGH... guess it is better than waking Hubb up with me singing or swearing in my sleep?



Steady pacing even with the ups and downs!  And of course 4 stops for pics...  

Route - y'all must be bored looking at this upside down native american?

Splits not fast, not slow
Beth who is glad to have her running buddy back and really really really wants to sleep through the night

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