Thursday, October 4, 2012


I forgot to check my schedule for today before I left work yesterday and plan out my day.  I knew I had a 15 minute chair massage.  My priorities are as out of whack as my neck.  My neck is slowly getting shorter as my shoulders and ears get intimate, grrrr...  This is causing a fun NEW problem with my jaw going wacky, can we say stress?  Yeah, think so. 

So anyhow this schedule business.  My a.m. was sporadic with meetings and no 90 minute blocks of time, damn.  My afternoon did have a 75 minute block before a 5 p.m. meeting.  Krikies can I squeeze in a run?  Yep!  3.6 miles.  Down to Avery Point and back.  Pshew.  Post run I was hungry and as I was printing out what I needed to reference for the meeting I spied Peanut M&M's in the department 'kibble dish'.  Skipping back to my desk, paper and candy in my hands Jackass said, "Oh great, you're all goofy from visiting one of your boyfriends and now you're adding chocolate and sugar to the mix."  The conversation degraded from there.  We are going to end up in HR... *sigh* 

All in all it was a nice quick run.  And I felt much better, and yes goofier from it.  There was going to be no way to squeeze in a trail run after a 5 p.m. meeting, the sun goes down before 6:30...  blargh....

One of the many things I like about Avery Point are the sailboats! Someday I will be brave enough to take a sailing lesson...  or swim in the ocean....

The view is just so beautiful, even with clouds.  My approach was what my exit usually is so, mixing it up a little! Clockstupid versus Clockwise!  


Beth who loves chocolate and running!

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