Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Traveling Tuesday?

Monday -
Snuck in a run on Monday.  Why is it I always feel better after the run?  I should really get my lazy ass up at 5 a.m. and go run before work, I'm so much more productive and with it after my a.m. run...  yeah, right, not gonna happen.  I like to run in the light.

3.7 miles, much of it into the wind, it was wonderful.  I felt a little freer and looser after Amy worked her magic on me.  Amazing, truly amazing.  I will never understand the people who run on the dreadmill...  really?  As I was getting back a couple guys were leaving, I wished them well, as I always do and said it was brilliant outside.  I should get used to the "she has three heads" look on their faces.  What is it with people out here or is it just the people who work where I work?  Whatever.

TRX was a full class and everyone was either tired or hungover so we were full of piss and vinegar, made for a fun class!

Tuesday -
NY was off the schedule for today.  I need to keep rested up for Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday. So today was a rest day and basically crazy with meetings / deadlines / appointments.  Vanity got the best of me and I scheduled a hair appointment,  I was scheduled to go the Tuesday I got back.  Hey, I'm meeting new people, I don't need to be all gray and shaggy, right?  Yeah yeah I'll be in a running skirt and race singlet for the most of it, but there is dinner the night before.

I had an eye appointment at the end of the day.  I get to keep my eyes, she did say she could make my distance vision better but I'd be in readers all the time, rather than in low light or when my eyes are tired.  I'll pass.  I can always turn around if I miss a street sign!  She did spot me a few extra right contact lenses so I'll have an even set.  Doc says, "You are a righty, rightys loose the left lens."  I replied "Remember I live in the old Conway house, I'm not normal."  We laugh.  Fun having an Eye Doc who grew up one street away from where you currently live.

My back started spasming in the morning.  I have a bestie with all sorts of back problems and I once asked her what a spasm felt like.  I am glad I did because I now know perhaps 1/10th of the pain she felt day after day for years on end.  I texted her when the pain got to the point it hurt to breathe.  She gave me some words of wisdom:  "Heat, light stretch, then ice." I told her that worked well and she quickly texted back "I forgot the most important part, Jack on ice in a glass".  LOVE her!

7 years ago Hubb and I started on a big remodel upgrade project, kitchen and bathroom.  All this was prompted by an incorrectly placed piece of flashing causing a leak.  In any event, all the plaster and lathing came out of the ancient bathroom and kitchen and they became new upgraded rooms.  During the tile work in the bathroom Hubb managed to get enough of the grout down the drain to clog it up.  He said, "Don't use the tub." So for the last 6 years there has been this deep soaking tub going unused because he said he needed to unclog it.  Nagging doesn't work, never has. For some unknown reason he decided to take a look at the tub drain and get it working.  The now ancient and dried grout and hair were easily removed and now the tub works.  My spasming back had a nice soak in some hot epsom salts and a nice bag of peas to ice it afterwards.  Wonder if I can get him to hang the mirror in the bathroom?  Yeah, don't push my luck.

I should be in fine shape to run tomorrow.  Quick chair massage with Amy and maybe she can get the rest of the spasm out of my back and I can put in another 3 or 4 miles.  I can only run 7 between Wed and Thur.  Wondering if I should even do that, but it feels so good, it is hard to resist the call of the endorphins.

Monday Run Stats:


Elevation Pace.  WHAT happened at mile #2?

Splits - Consistentish


Beth, craving endorphins and a limber back

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