Monday, October 15, 2012


My BIL called last night and after talking to his brother for a while wanted to chat with me.  Sure, love chatting with my favorite BIL.  Oh boy he was NOT pleased with my race yesterday.  To run hard three weeks out from a marathon, what kockamamey plan was I following.  I assured him I had two 20 mile runs under my belt and all was ok and it wasn't until I was 10 miles into the race I realized I really could PR this one.  So we spent the rest of the conversation discussing marathon prep, hydration, nutrition, porta potties, and what was the next goal, maybe I needed to set my sights on a Tri.  Hubb rolled his eyes and demanded I remind my BIL about more important things, like some TV show or something. *rolls eyes*

Tonight at dinner Hubb decided to probe into what BIL and I discussed, he picks up on the porta pottie part of the discussion. "Hon, really, you don't want to know and you KNOW I'll tell you so, please, change the subject."  He decided to ask my thought on if Cancer is always present in the body, he must have wanted me to do all the talking or he would have picked a different subject.

BIL suggested I take it easy on my legs and shorter slower runs.  I listened, surprised?  Did my work 5K route at a 10:30 pace.  When I got back to my desk Jackass said, "That is slow." I may up the mileage, who knows.  What I did remember to do today was stretch post run.  OMG, so much better.  I think I finally have all the kinks worked out of my hips, but who knows.

Monday is also TRX.  The two quiet ones again tonight!  Felt good to work the muscles.

Beth, in taper mode, day 1....

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