Friday, October 19, 2012


"We are on a journey to become who we already are." -- Rolf Gates

Friday is yoga day, and after having run on Mon, Wed, and Thur I really need to take this resting the legs business seriously.   It rained most of the night and the day well all I could think about was the muddy fun I could have on the trail.  My inner 12 year old boy has to stay under wraps until after the Marine Corps Marathon, I can't risk injuring myself.  I did my best to contain myself and focus on yoga as my reward at the end of the day.

We had a full class and one rooster, so all the hens behaved themselves.  Friday night is a detox class to get rid of the toxins from the week and start the weekend off fresh.  I felt pretty peppy and happy walking into class, as evidenced by my returned cheshire cat grin and sparkly eyes.  Practice was wonderful, the room was a bit warm, not hot, just warmer than we have been used to.  The community center must have turned on the heat!  Of course as soon as they do that the outside temp creeps up, go figure.  Nice to work up a bit of a sweat seeing as running wasn't on the agenda for today.

Heidi ended class with a poem from Danna Faulds, I think it was "No Limits".  It was about not being any limits to love.  I need to pick up some of her books.  This is the second poem of hers which really spoke to me.  I wasn't able to find it on the internet, darn.

I did find this poem from Danna Faulds, it spoke to me in a similar way.


Sun says, "Be your own
illumination." Wren says,
"Sing your heart out,
all day long." Stream says,
"Do not stop for any 
obstacle." Oak says,
"When the wind blows,
bend easily, and trust
your roots to hold."
Stars say, "What you see
is one small slice of a
single galaxy.
Remember that vastness
cannot be grasped by mind."
Ant says, "Small does not
mean powerless." Silence
says nothing. In the quiet,
everything comes clear.
I say, "Limitless." I say,

Yoga practice is precious to me. Being in this being for that space of time, seeing what it's limits are for that space of time, being in that moment, being me.  Running is the same for me, it is my time with this being, no one's expectations to live up to.  I go into practice or a run and I come out just a little bit closer to who I am, on this journey of life.

Beth, feeling very centered and happy

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