Thursday, October 25, 2012

No point to this post

SI Joint (sacroiliac joint) is my latest glitch.  A few stretches from Amy "the goddess" Massage Therapist and a couple others from You Tube plus icing and I am back to 90%.  Should be 100% tomorrow.  OH yeah, and some Ibuprophen, shhhh don't tell my Brother In Law.  All is fine, and I cannot wait to run on Sunday!!  Even with the pending hurricane!

Friday is a workday, I am sure I won't be as focused as I should be... a co-worker's son is hosting a 'spooky trail' on Friday night and Dad is hosting an adult beverage around the bonfire.  Should be a nice night, one drink and that is is for me, and then off to bed.  I've been relegated to the guest bedroom to be sure I actually get sleep and don't have to struggle to move around sharing a bed with a person and four dogs. Hubb insisted.  OK, sure.  Last night was heaven.  Back in my bachelorette bed, so soft and comfy, no wonder why our guests never want to leave!??!

Beth, who felt the need to post only to post the 26.2 Miles what could possibly go wrong?

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