Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Beginning of Taper

Tuesday was a NYC day and a rest day.  Spent the better part of my day with my boss working through project issues and getting involved in new projects. And that isn't why you tune in, is it?

Today started my first taper run.  I've been reading about tapering and really am not sure what to do or what to expect.  One article said to run 20% fewer miles but at a more intense pace.  OK, well lets give that a shot.

I was feeling pretty good this morning, nothing ached or hurt, well there is the blister mess on the back of my right heel, a bandage helps with that chaos.  Bounced on down to the gym to change.  Chatted with the gal at the desk about the Terri Brodeur walk on Sunday, figuring out how we were each connected in with the Brodeur family.  She asked if that was my first time I volunteered, I said it wasn't and that I always appreciate the traffic and safety folks for the races I run.  She agreed they rock.  Nice gal.

The first dilemma was what to wear, it seems since the bra incident I have been packing extra everything in my gym bag, I really need to get a handle on what is in there and repack more efficiently!  Which really is pretty simple isn't it?  BUT the weather is fairly unpredictable and my running skirts seem to be getting big again, ugh.... So at least three shirts, tank, short sleeved  and long sleeved, shorts and a skirt, shoes, bras, socks, flip flops, toiletries...  yeah the bag gets pretty full. Maybe I should just get a bigger bag?

I got outside  the Garmin was right on top of getting a signal and I flipped my badge into the basket at the guard shack and said toodaloo to John and went off running first through the smokers.  Ugh, barf, blech.  I wasn't sure how far I was going to run, I figured 3 miles but which route would I take?  I felt like a little bit of hills so I ran the road through the golf course, perfect.  I checked my Garmin a couple times and it seemed like my pacing was going to get me in under 30 minutes.  Huh... well I haven't managed that for any of the recent 5Ks, so what the hell lets see what I can do.  Besides the 5Ks have been in the evening, this is what I am telling myself.

I did have a little left in the tank and could have pushed harder.  Maybe tomorrow?  Maybe not?  All in all I was completely surprised by this.


Beth who was pleasantly surprised today

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