Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cupcake Classic

I love all the women with running pages on Facebook.  So many interesting stories and people.  Mostly running moms.  I'm not mom, I am a woman and they seem to accept me sans children.   I’m not sure when or how I stumbled upon Run with Jess, I clicked "like" and haven't regretted it.  My parents met in Peoria, IL so double positive karma, running and Peoria!  When I saw her virtual Cupcake Classic 5K I had to sign up.  What could be better run a 5K and eat a cupcake?  Then I saw the shirt!  I finally have something to wear with my black plaid running skirt!  Black isn't a color I gravitate towards, bright colors catch my eye.  Not even really sure why I bought that skirt to begin with, finally have an appropriate top!

Today was my chair massage, it has been weeks since Amy and I could hook up to work out the kinks and break up the fascia in my upper back.  The tightness down my spine had gotten to the point it was affecting my jaw.  Yes, I could have gone someplace and gotten full sports massage.  Frankly I’d rather Amy’s pointy elbows up and down my back.  Finding a massage therapist is like finding a yoga instructor, you just have to click.  Amy has been working on me for nearly 4 years?  I remember walking into her ‘office’ with my head cocked to a side, explaining what was wrong.  She said "Oh sweetie you're a wreck"  sliding into the chair and she continued “Do you want to feel better or do you want to be fixed?” I said “Fix me”  she touched my back and said “Yep, this is solid cement” cleared her throat and said “OK hang on this is going to hurt and you must ice your back.”  H.O.L.Y. C.O.W. it hurt.  I could, after the 15 minutes she worked on me, move my head!  Slowly it got better and better and better to the point where a year later Amy says “Look at this Beth, you can touch your hands together behind your back.”  Wow…    As I've noted before with commitment you see results.  I have seen results with regular massage therapy on my back, my carpel tunnel is gone, my tennis elbow is gone, I can turn my head, I can nearly get my hands in prayer position behind my back.  This all roots down to 1) posture 2) muscle memory and 3) Amy's magic pointy elbows.

Noting I had a 2 hour block of uncommitted time, I grabbed my running gear and headed to the gym to meet up with Amy and then go run.  She wants to throttle me when I do this but it is the only way I can fit it all in.  My day starts heating up in the afternoon and while I arrive early and get MY to do list done, others to do lists filter in after 11 a.m.  But enough about that, again not why you tune in.  Amy got me limbered up and said “ICE, Beth, ICE.” 

Checking the weather it was just under 60 degrees, perfect for long sleeves, Cupcake Classic time!  I know, I know you don't wear the shirt for the race, I broke the rule, I'll pay the fine.   But hey looks cute, right?  And I totally figured out how to flip the image to make the lettering not backwards, pat on the back (gently please it is a little sore).

Cheesey smile

Since I've managed to find a perfect 5K route at work I ran the same route I've run a few other times.  Focusing on speed consistency and pushing off with my mid foot rather than pulling myself forward with my heel strikes.  I think I'm getting it, yeah!  There are some rolling hills on this about mid way through, and most days I have to dodge golf carts, fortunately I haven't had to dodge any golf balls, I imagine they would win!  The leaves are looking so beautiful.  I love fall.

When I got back to the gym, I met up with the two walkers I walked out of the gate with.  They remarked on what a cute shirt and how bright red my thighs were.  I didn't think it was that cold outside and besides my belly also gets red when I run and that is not exposed to the elements so who knows.   We had a nice chat about why we run, one of the walkers runs for beer the other one doesn't run.  I’m not a big beer girl, I like whiskey.  She said, you don't find a lot of women runners who drink whiskey, I said IKR?  We got back to the topic at hand:  Running and Cupcakes!!!  I kept thinking how good a cupcake would taste and hoped there would be one in the cafeteria.

No cupcakes in the café, bummer....

On the drive home I stopped with the intention of picking up two cupcakes, well they only had one so Hubb is getting some torte thing.

Stats:  (kinda been there done that with this route)

Summary,  Deffo did not burn a cupcake worth of calories

Getting consistent with the splits!
Beth, enjoying a chocolate peanut butter cupcake!  MMMMmmm


  1. Great job Beth! What a coincidence about Peoria! Your outfit is so cute... I want that skirt... where did u get it from? OMG, my tummy gets red when running in the cold too!?! I ran my 5k last night... and my time was literally seconds off yours! We could totally run well together!

    1. Jess - Thanks! Skirt Sports. The only thing I'm not thrilled with is the briefs underneath. I like the shorties better. Love, love, love their running skirts! So I'm not some freak with the red tummy, good to know! Awesome, nice to meet someone I'm equally matched with pace wise! Beth