Saturday, October 17, 2015

Weekly Recap: 10/12 - 10/18 (final)







I keep feeling like there is something I'm forgetting this week...  Not sure what that is...

Monday - Rest day.  Started the crochet edging on the sweater.  I'm not much of a crocheter, so this will be fun.  TRX was good.  Dog walk.  I do enjoy my hour of wandering around my neighborhood or the neighboring neighborhood or the next town over.

Tuesday - Run day!  Yoga day!  As fall goes my speed picks up a little bit.  I also vowed to be consistent with the inhaler, two puffs before every run.  My plan was to run 5, then run 6 on Tuesday and 7 on Wednesday.  and we can see how that worked out... or didn't...    Yoga keeps me out late, well the socializing after, so no dog walk.

Wednesday - It was windy and delightful.  This wind off the water will suck when the temps are below 30, now, in the 50's and 60's it is delightful.  

Thursday - I went left out of the gate and had a peppy pace, I attempted to keep this up for the route.  It slowed as I went however the GAP (Grade Adjusted Pace) shows that I kept pretty consistent. I'm pleased.

Friday - Bike ride with Jennifer, nice slow and easy trek up and down the bike path followed by a little socializing.  I do prefer a Friday afternoon nap, but we don't always get what we prefer.  It was nice to be on the bike other than realizing I need one more layer than I think I do!!!!

Saturday -  When Nicole sent out the text about her last 20 miler before Philly I was happy to meet her at 7 a.m. be part of the first 8.  Then she told me she was doing a 10 5 and 5 loop to make the 20, would I be interested in 10.  Sure!  During the run she gave me the option to bail at 6, 8, or do the full 10. We had a nice peppy pace for what was going to be a 20 mile run for her and a 10 mile run for me.  I was a little worried she'd be alone after 6 but I got everything together and could keep up.  At 8 I hemmed and hawed and thought, oh hell it's only 2 miles, and she has Jenn and Mary meeting her at 9 a.m. for the last 10, I'd love to see both of them, Mary just finished her first marathon (4:38) at Mohawk and Jenn PRd (by 20 minutes!!) in an impromptu switch from the Hartford 1/2 marathon to the Hartford full marathon.  

Nicole is so ready for Philly, she was confident and strong and talked nearly the whole 10 miles.  I did say I needed a mile to get my breathing and thoughts together. I was tired from not a lot of sleep.  Gizmo had a rough night and wasn't having anything of anyone getting any sleep if he wasn't.  We were about 7 miles in when we ventured on to the subject of the old man.  I was glad we waited, any earlier and I may have fell victim to my lack of sleep and bailed earlier.  It was perfect timing as we were reaching the point that is oh so familiar to both of us with 2 miles left to cruise on in to Narragansett under the towers.  

At one point, Nicole said, we HAVE to slow down.  SO we did, and then she looked at her watch and said we HAVE to go faster I can get a 10 mile PR!  SO we went faster and the PR didn't happen, a little too late and not enough gas and remembering she still had 10 more miles left to run after this 10.  I figured Mary and Jenn would keep her honest and on pace.  This was the run where she needed to run the last mile at Marathon pace.  She was pretty close to marathon pace for the full run.  

I'm glad I stuck with her for the full 10, she was killing me for the last mile, I needed to be pushed.

My attempts to take a nap were thwarted by a still fussy Gizmo.  I decided it was time to break out the wheels and Dave fitted him to them and I took him to the park for a spin.  In the last week the use of his back legs has decreased substantially.  While I have the strength to cart him around, I'd really rather he did SOME work.  We have a few things we need to work on, however he can pull himself around and seems quite happy to not be attached to me when outside.  Will he run around in them like Diesel used to?  Time will tell.

Sunday - Chase Away Childhood Cancer Fun Run at Bridebrook Park, Niantic.  Cancer sucks.  Billed as a 5K it was a bit over. 4 laps around Bridebrook on the crushed stone path.  Nice way to end the week, although it was chilly two shirts and a hat were needed.   Several hundred people out waking or running to show Madeline support, I think that was very sweet and I hope it gave her the lift her parents hoped it would.

Beth, hoping for more than 4 hours of sleep this Saturday night...

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