Sunday, October 4, 2015

3Q2015 is a Wrap!

Kinda wish it was a chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese wrap with a side of sweet potato fries and a BBC Coffehouse Porter... but hey it is what it is...  a picture in a blog...

So look at that, even a comparison to 2014.  Mostly to see how far off I was from last year.  Running is low, make sense I'm not training for an Ultra!

Total miles 2014:  2,757
Total miles 2015:  2,593

I walked more and rode and ran less by a whopping 164 miles.  Shoot I could have made up most of those if I rode that century today...  ha ha ha... maybe I'll get in a couple metrics before I put the bike away for the winter.  Or I'll get on the trainer more often over the winter.  I only rode 30 last October so that's a total of 194 miles to meet my 2014 stats, or not...

Beth, basking in the data, not using it as a stick to beat herself up with


  1. Nice recap and graph. Your run mileage YTD is only about 12% off last year, so not far off at all. Besides, you ran more in July and August this year than last.