Friday, October 23, 2015

Weekly Recap: 10/19 - 10/25 (Final)









Gansett 1/2


Monday - (2.4 miles)Knitting day.  No TRX.  I tried to get Gizzy out with the wheels before dinner and he wasn't having any of it, I was home, therefore it was dinner time. Dog Logic?  Jax was a nightmare on our walk.  Barking, jumping, lunging, and trying to chase everything, including cars.  I have no idea what crawled into his pea brain.

Tuesday - (5.7 miles) Awesome run, nice pace I had to work at maintaining, the slightly cooler weather helps me a lot, plus remembering a couple puffs of Albuterol.  Yoga after work and some kibitzing with Jennifer and Angie at Fat Belly's.  Yeah, we recruited a third.  I do miss yoga, Renee was a bit less gentle and there was a lot of planking front and side.  I have to figure out how to strengthen my wrists, they really ache after a few minutes of down dog and planks. Plus they don't bend to 90 degrees like most people's wrists.  Are you checking yours?  I sprained mine a lot as a little girl falling out of trees and barn lofts, I've got about a 45 degree bend, maybe a little more.  Either the weak wrists or the lack of flexibility causes a bit of pain.

Wednesday - (5.7 miles / 2.2 miles) Faith texted to find out what route I was running and I was running the same ast Tue and she checked my Strava to figure out where I'd be after she got out of class.  About 2.5 miles in we met up on the back side of Avery Point and ran the rest of the loop.  Nice to run and catch up, it's been quite a while.  Complete breakdown of what happened during her BQ attempt at the Hartford Marathon and what her plans are for BQ in the future. While she said (before Hartford) that was her only attempt, I doubt it.  She is far to stubborn to let that idea go.   Gus was the usual dream to walk.

Thursday - (3.1 miles / 2.6) After a crappy nights sleep, I had a crappy day, and let all things just get crappy, even my run.  Fortunately a dinner out with some gal pals I haven't seen in what seems like forever helped immensely, we had some bitching to do and a lot of laughs!  LOTS OF LAUGHS, I think the other diners were glad we left so they didn't have to listen to the riotous din of our hen party.  Hopefully we can get back on our regular schedule now that everything is settling in for the long winter's nap.  While summer is known for get togethers, somehow it seems like fall/winter are more conducive to schedule dinner out!  Not quite sure who did what with Jax but he was fun to walk, no pulling, no barking, no lunging, no chasing... huh.  I maneuvered him down a street a bunch of dogs live on so he could have a fun time smelling and also go somewhere Gus doesn't go.

Friday - (3.1 miles / ??)Excellent nights sleep!!  Had time for an unusual Friday lunch run. After some fiddling with my Space Watch I realized I had left it on and I really figured I'd have 30 minutes of battery for a 5K.  Not so much, it died less than a mile into the run.  Oh well.  A friend along the route was out surveying the summers damage to the front yard and wanted to know why I was so busy to never stop by.  I said I wave every day when I run past.  HA HA HA...  nice 10 minute catch up with her.

Saturday - Stairs with Jennifer in the morning

What happened:  Nothing.  I re-started the Walking Dead Mystery Knit Along  I used yarn in my stash $53 is a little rich for my budget considering I have a closet full of yarn.  I mixed up some yarn overs and was off on my stitch count.  Tuned in to some Grimm and fixed that mess in three hours.  Considered giving the new ASICS Noosas a test run and went to pick up my bib for Gansett instead.  No dog walk, no nothing...  The 1/2 isn't until late morning.  I'll get out for a little dog jog (ha big plans) in the morning.

Sunday - Gansett Half Marathon - to say I am a little apprehensive about this is lying, I am very apprehensive about this.  I can run the miles, but at what pace.  Speedwork has been no existent so a sub 2 is out the window.  I bet I can manage a sub 2:30, wonder if I have a sub 2:15 in me?  Or maybe I just run the 13.1 miles and enjoy being out for a run in a beautiful town to run in in a race put on by runners for runners and benefiting their communities youth runners?  I have debated deferring, but after Mikey's crack in the gym the other day, I'll suck it up and run at what ever pace seems to be right for the day.

What happened - I started I finished I really like running I really don't like competing or is it racing or is it running in organized races?  I have no idea...   recap to come.

Beth, completely at peace with her pace.  (and spell checked for this Saturday update)

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