Thursday, November 26, 2015

Weekly Recap: 11/23 - 11/29 - Thanksgiving Week (final)

And another month is nearly winding up.  Where does the time go?  I remember when I was a kid it was forever till my Birthday or Mother's Day (they happen about the same time) Father's Day, the Fourth of July, John's Birthday, Mark's Birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (and my Mom's Birthday) and then my Dad's Birthday, and it was a big lull till St. Patrick's Day and then  Easter and waiting till my Birthday came around on the guitar...  Summer seemed to last forever, then again so did the school year and Winter...   The innocence of being young maybe that is why it didn't seem like time flew by like it does now?  

Well enough of that mindless blather...

I quick checked my totals to see where I may end up for the year...  broke 1,000 running miles this month, pshew.  I won't hit 1,200, and I'm fine with that.  I hit a lull for a while over the summer where I wasn't enjoying running or anything to do with running.  That seems to have subsided.  It also seems to happen in the summer, I should just get on the bike more, I enjoy that.  I'm sad I didn't take the time to commute into work on my bike more often, I think I had one maybe two commutes in.  That is totally on me, I intended I never did as I intended.   

That said, I'm going to surpass my bike miles due to the once a week spin class.  I've been loving that. think this was week three.  My whole body feels so much better after class.  I was hobbling around after my run today and after spin everything felt smooth.  Amazing.  Like the Tin Man getting oil in squeaky joints or something.  

My walking miles are higher, I'm sad to not be walking Gizmo more than up and down the block, however he is happy with that and it wears him out (and my shoulders!).  He also enjoys being loaded into the car and going with me to the grocery store, I wasn't sure how that would go, would he want to get out of the car.  No, he was fine people watching in the parking lot and thrilled for an outing.

And we are back to mindless blather....  so my week...

Monday - Knitting day!  Finished the crocheting around the sweater, just have to do the arms and sew on buttons and block it one more time and it is ready to wear.  Still a bit snug on the bust so I won't button it.  No TRX with Joy's new job, so I went to the Westerly Y and did my weight circuit.  The proper way to do this is do all the exercises in order as laid out (Legs / Core / Arms / Legs / Core / Arms / Legs / Arms)  I think that's how I have it laid out.  and repeat two more times.  Well that isn't how most people do it so as I'm in the middle of my second circuit people are doing sets of three on the next machine.  Oh well.  I got it done.

Tuesday - Run with Faith!  She's off for the week from school but not work so her schedule was a bit more flexible and we got in a nice run.  I still had some residual bitch left in me from being one on Monday, I got most of that bitching about the most inane things while we ran.  She laughed a bit, finding humor in the fact I would snarl about something then comment how ridiculous a statement I made.  Faith got in some good ones too.  Nice when you have a like minded person to be nasty with, and what happens on a run stays on a run.  I'd be hard pressed to remember anything we talked about or said, all I know is I felt purged when I got back to the office.

Yoga night with Jennifer and Angie!  Bar-B-Q Chicken Nachos really aren't the best snack/dinner the company is great!  On the First of January the studio has a gong bath, Renee has been talking about this for a while and was talking about her experience while the gongs were going off.  It sounds kinda cool.  I said I'd be interested in that and Angie and Jennifer looked at me like I'd grown a second head!   Renee's experience was seeing all purple shooting out of her head when the gongs first started being gonged (?) and then all of a sudden the purple was wiped away by a white cloud.  Sounds pretty trippy to me!!   Someone was trying to tell her what it meant and she said she wasn't quite ready to know what it could be and would just accept the purple for the time being.  The second gong bath she went to the same thing happened.  She still isn't open to understanding what the purple signifies.  It sounds interesting.  

Wednesday -   Run with Ro!  She found a quarter, that was pretty sweet!  It's fun finding money on a run or a ride (or a dog walk).  A few weeks ago I found $40 in the change bin at the Stop and Shop self check out.  I gave it to the clerk at the Information Desk.  She said the chances of someone coming to look for the $40 they left at lane 13 was pretty slim, but it was nice to know there were honest people in the world.  We had a nice run jibber jabbering about not even sure what.  We did both comment that the rise on Plant Street that we don't particularly look forward to wasn't seeming as bad week three into this route.    A biological emergency meant I couldn't wait till the watch flipped 5.0 till I got into the building.  4.99 it would have to be and maybe I could get the last 0.01 running to the bathroom?  Nope... oh well..

After two grocery store stops I made it to Spin to find that Dave texted me more groceries he discovered we needed.  Oh yippiee.  This is not my favorite time of year to shop as it is.  Kim had a great class, I was drenched and as I dried, quite smelly, probably helped get me through the line at my last two stops.  

Thursday -  Saw Neighbor Jeff and his daughter head off to the Mystic Turkey Trot while I was out with Gizmo and doing his lap up and down the block.  Bob was out raking leaves and trimming the wisteria. Commenting "That is one happy dog." He and Karen only have Nigel and his girlfriend for dinner and he said I was welcome to come if Dave would let me out of going to his parents.  Yeah, I doubt that will happen.  Got Gizzy all set and took myself out for a Turkey Trot, hardly a breakneck pace, just nice to be out, too warm to wear my turkey hat though.  Wove my way through Westerly and into Pawcatuck and remembered I left the basement door open and Gizzy sometimes decides he can tackle the stairs.  I headed home, but did take a detour to do the whole hill on Granite Street.  I mean if he did hurl himself down the stairs and hurt himself there wasn't much I was going to be able to do and what was another 10 minutes?

G didn't hurl himself down the stairs, he was right where I left him, didn't even shuffle around the house.  Took Gus out for about a mile dog jog, he wasn't really into it.  Took Jax out for about 6/10 of a mile dog jog he was into running down the hill but not so much in running and hauling me up the hill.  I have to face facts, Boxers aren't runners.  I got my 5 in.

Friday - Supposed to be a lawn work day

What happened?  Lawn work!  We have a wee yard, however there are a couple parts very much neglected.   They were attended to and cleaned out, along with the Rose of Sharon taking a major hair cut and the Rhododendron suffering the same fate.   They were put in when the people were desperately trying to sell this fixer-upper, we've been here 15 years and done a lot of fixerupping, it STILL looks like a fixerupper, just not as unfixable-a-fixerupper.  My big win was maybe finally convincing my husband that we need to have a new driveway.  There is some asphalt there and some rocks and who knows what... it is in sad shape.  I can fit my car in for the winter so only he parks in the front yard because the vehicles have to be off the street when the snow falls.  

That took most of the day, we ended up at the Malted Barley for beer and pretzel sammiches, it was a grand end to the day.  A few more beers and I may not notice how bad my right hip hurts...

Saturday - Run?  it might rain I may just knit

What happened?  I knitted and napped and made dinner.  Oh yeah, Gus talked me into a walk.  He does pitiful pretty well so we went on a walk in the dark and drizzle, joy...

Sunday - Run?  I should get in a long run it's been a few weeks.

What happened?  Dave was up and out early, I got the herd fed and did the smart thing and put on my running clothes to hopefully prompt me to get out and get in a few miles after their breakfast and before I was to meet Jennifer for weights and a swim at the Y at 10:30.  An hour of weights and a half hour swim, 10 laps (a lap is down and back = 50 meters).

It was nice to be in the water for a bit, I think we will be able to keep this up, probably move it to Friday's though.  

As they day isn't over there will probably be a dog walk or two... but who knows.  They really  got short changed this week!!


Yard work

Swim / Weights


Beth, wishing all a happy Thanksgiving 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Run for the Pumpkins 5K - Recap

October 10th

After an afternoon of drinking with my gal pal Heidi, she was in from Texas and we met up in Manhattan for lunch which turned into a drinkathon, we NEVER get to see each other just the two of us and had tons to catch up on and the beer flowed for me and the wine for her, and well in the midst of a downpour the restaurant (Da Noi) owner took me to Grand Central to catch a train home and Heidi to her buddy's house in Grammercy Park.  All in a regular old day hanging with Heidi.

This wasn't quite the right way to prep for a race, I was feeling it the next morning and hemmed and hawed and thought, well at least you'll get in a 5K run so that's not all bad.

At least I was on an early train and did have several large glasses of water before bed, but still the liver and the rest of my poor organs have to process all that beer.  Apparently I picked up the tab, wowzer that was a shocker when I got the credit card statement, and I think the restaurant comped a few rounds.

Dave left for his ride and wished me well on my race.  Guess I gotta do this now that he actually remembered.  Crap.  I rounded up my orange and my shoes and the 6 pack I've been meaning to give to Crutch, that Dave had been replacing bottles, because, he liked that and why was I giving it away.  I'm not an IPA drinker so I bet Crutch didn't get the best of everything. 

Mini warm up with a course preview from Crutch told me this was mostly up hill and why do I do these things to my self and wow this place is cool and not well marked, I could get myself lost for days.

Jeff gave the welcoming of the inaugural Run for the Pumpkins trail race to about 100 participants.  Very good considering the last Run for the Pumpkins road race had about 30 people competing and instead of the WTAC doing away with the race they decided to change it up and bit and partner with the Westerly Land Trust and make it a trail race on some newly acquired land.  Awesome!

Very pretty and rolly trail, lots of zigging and zagging on non-trail trail and some very established trail. 

Honestly it's been 6 weeks and I don't remember much but it felt like I was constantly on a rise up hill and chasing someone or getting passed by someone and not able to see the next flag.  Mikey B was around a few corners screaming at me to actually run.  HA!  Sure...

Yeah I really look serious about actually running, ha!

I finished in:  36:07 Respectable for as ill prepared I was physically.

Finally in a race I did win something a $25 gift certificate from the Westerly Chamber of Commerce for my bib number being pulled.  So phooey for me thinking I never win anything!

Great course and great race, I'll have to make an effort to get out and explore the trails more.  It is closer than Burlingame and pretty nice in them thar woods!

Beth, caught up with race recaps. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mixed Doubles 10K - Race Recap

Mixed Doubles 10K  (September  26)

Ro sent out the note super early to make sure to put the 2015 Mixed Doubles 10K on our calendars.  The Curmudgeon agreed to run with me again this year, fool.  I think he was hoping I’d stick with the speedwork and we’d place in our age group, silly man.

Ro and Mark decided to go to Utah instead of run the race, really?  Don was out due to still healing the ankle from the 7 Bitches debacle.  Way and Melinda, Paul and Carol Ann,  Joe and Faith, Al and April, Ray and Ruth would be running along with other people I knew, it would still be fun and plenty of people to cheer on.

The format was She runs 5K and then He runs the same 5K.  Age groups are the total age of the partners.  

After a morning 5 mile walk at the Westerly Heart Walk and then a few beers and a pretzel sammich (Ruben) at the Malted Barley who knew how this race was going to go.
The course is flat and fast, out along the water in a double lollipop loop in Noank CT

The girls went first, last year the boys went first.  I kept Faith in my sights to have some sort of beacon to keep me from getting too lazy.   She soon disappeared but I did find that I had people to pick of and that was fun.  Some weren’t exactly a challenge, walkers, and Tom Sullivan’s wife with their dog.  But hey, I think I did eventually, in the last mile, pick off some gals running.   Even picked one off on the way back in front of the crowd which told the Curmudgeon I was actually serious about this race.  He was ticked.

Look at that horrible form!!  But I passed the smiley girl and she never passed me back so yeah me?

Hand Slap to hand off to your partner
I finished in 27:44, per my Garmin

Will you run and stop chatting with me!!!
Curmudgeon in 21:55 for a total time:  49:40

2014 results:  Steve: 21:44   Me:  27:31  Total:  49:15

We were 104, in the 100 – 109 age group, placing 5th out of 7.  Faith and Joe took first!

Beth, catching up....

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Weekly Recap: 11/16 - 11/22 (final)

Monday - Knitting day, well crocheting as I finish up the sweater edging.  It's looking pretty nice and I'm pleased with the crochet job, not a top skill of mine. 

This was the last TRX class with the gals for a while, our fearless torturer got a job at another company and upped her commute from 15 mintues to 60 minutes.   She cancelled class through the end of the year and let her see how the new job and getting home to host a torture session will work out.  I'm sad.  I'll do the class on my own, but it won't be as fun, and supplement with two weight workouts a week, which will drop my running time a bit.  Probably ok for the winter, right?

Gus and I had a lovely walk in the unseasonably warm temperatures in November in Southern Rhode Island.  I'm not bummed nor am I worried this is a harbinger of bad weather coming. 

Tuesday - Back to the pavement, I'm still sore from Li'l Rhody.  Even though I'm not a placer I'm still on my feet for an hour and 25 minutes pushing myself and that takes it's toll on the joints.  I've heard this comment from a couple people and as recent as Sunday talking to runner neighbor Jeff.  Perhaps I shall believe it.  I may not get the miles some get, and when I'm getting the same miles I am on my feet a minute or two or more longer per mile.  Guess that ability to not give in and keep pushing is a good thing and something to be proud of no matter where I fall in the pack. 

Got out to the guard shack, no guards, shoot I and many other runners usually stash our badge in the little basket they have for us.  Huh... well I did opt for shorts with pockets, why I did that I'll never really know, but it was handy because I had a place to stash my badge.  Shoot, does this mean I'll have to go back to skirts because they have pockets.  Guess I'll see what everyone else is doing and follow their lead, or hide my badge in the bushes and hope security doesn't find it and take it!

Massage and Yoga night!  Don't reccomend yoga after a massage for a couple reasons, the oil on your feet makes the mat slippery and focus is not quite where it should be, otherwise I managed to not harsh the mellow of the massage or break anything with my less than stellar balance!

Wednesday - Run with Ro!  Spin with Jennifer!

Time for doubles again.  Ro and I had a nice run, 3.5 for her and 5 for me!  I run to meet her at her house, we have a 3.5 mile loop and I manage to get in another mile to get 5 for the day.  We were a bit peppier than last week.

Jennifer and I got spin bikes, ding dong here forgot to call on Tue a.m. luckily they had one bike Wed a.m. and then another one freed up by noon.  Pshew.  Kind of a boring class, three or was it four sets of (in seconds) 15 easy 15 fast 15 easy 30 fast 15 easy 45 fast 15 easy 60 fast 15 easy in position 1, then position 2, then position 3 and repeat upping the tension on each of the sets.  Got a little tedious and boring, kind of like running laps around the track.

Walk with Jax, who is a nightmare for the first mile, and then mellows out, I'd rather walk Gus.  I'd rather Gizzy walked, but hey old age.  Of all of them Diesel was the most fun to walk because he was a bit giant goofball.

Thursday - Run, maybe Sneekers run after work.

Forgot my shorts!  I have a bazillion shirts and socks and bras in my gym bag I thought I fastidiously packed for all my activities for the week.  Um no.

As luck would have it a shipment from Sport Skirts was arriving, a couple pair of shorts to try, see if I liked them and the regular compression shorts I usually wear.  I've hated running shorts from the get go, they are all balloony and ride up just in the middle.  Finding some that fit and flatter is darn near impossible.  I have some Under Armour ones from when I was much heavier, but they are dark gray and show sweat and well, look like I peed myself and I'm not so good with that.

If you were curious it is the Redemption Run short in the long and the short. the long is a little long and the short is a little short (not quite Gazelle short short but close)... thing is they fit well and are flattering!  I ran in the long and had none of the typical typical running shorts problems!   I'm hoping to get in a run in the shorts tomorrow, its a pretty packed day with meetings and a facial... could be a tough one. 

Nice night time run, I feel like I am blazing fast when I run in the night.  When Jeff Volono (I think I spelled that wrong) went wizzing past me I was pretty sure I wasn't fast but hey, that soon ended as he went his way and I went my way and I again felt like I was cruising.  My splits tell me I wasn't, whoopie twang, still awesome to run at night.  Well it would have been more awesome if I had charged my headlamp.  DOH!!!  I use it to walk the dogs at night to see and be seen!  

Friday - Spa afternoon!

Had to try out the short shorts, took a quick spin around the Button-hook route.  I always think of abortion on this route.  One of the methods back in the dark days was a button-hook.  What a horror.  Make me then think about a book I read "The Worst of Times: Illegal Abortion : Survivors, Practitioners, Coroners, Cops and Children of Women Who Died Talk About Its Horrors" and then I think about my great-grandmother's cookbook with her recipes which according to many science teachers, "will definitely kill something", and then I think of other Lizzie stories and stop being so gloomy.  

Anyhow the short shorts weren't as short as I thought, I like them.  Especially the pocket to stash my badge in now that we don't have that option at the guard shack.  The run was a bit tough, the wind or having already run in less than 24 hours.  Or the blueberry muffin and the banana I had for breakfast.  Who knows, it was still nice to be out in shorts and a long sleeve shirt a week before Thanksgiving!

Afternoon spent in the hot tub, then not drowning for about 10 laps in the pool, then in the steam room (wow that is a weird sensory deprivation experience, not being able to see), and then the sauna and a facial and back in the sauna.  Total girl afternoon!

Saturday - Run? 

Took Gus on a hike in Burlingame.  He is a lot less unpredictable these days.  I never knew one outing from the next what was going to happen on the end of the leash.  He turned 8 in July and has been with us 5 years now, still not quite willing to completely trust us.  Definitely sees us as his pack however there is that one itsy bit of doubt in his doggie brain.

Sammy C's and Secret Trail were the two that I know we hit, well other than the Vin Gormley.  Nice to be out in the woods, for sure.

After Dave did a little wearing out of Jax I took him for a walk.  I didn't want to kill him in the first mile, so that was good.

Sunday - Run?

In support of Nicole who seemed to be having a tough race from her splits I went out for a 10K  maybe me screaming out loud in my head would help her get her mojo back and finish sub 5.  She finished just after I got home 4:57:06.  I have no idea if I helped but I'm glad for the run and to try some new roads. As Paul predicted Liberty Street, the unsidewalked part wasn't exactly my favorite.  Maybe next time I'll run it clock wise instead of clock stupid.  I got a little turned around but mostly followed his "Summer Street Six Miler" and added in my own finish to be sure to get a full 10K versus a plain old 6 miles.  

It rained the rest of the day. Gizmo stuck to me like glue and I knitted all afternoon.  My eyes are a little crossed but I'm nearly done with the Walking Dead Mystery Knit Along - Maybe I'll post about it maybe not.

I was trying to explain this to my mother and how Dave and I watch the Walking Dead and there was a mystery knit along.  She understood it to be a knitting mystery show and why would Dave be interested in that.  I think I got her all straightened out by not throwing so much information at her chemo addled brain at once!  She is curious to see the finished product.




Beth, not a lot of plans for the week

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Li'l Rhody Runaround 2015

2013 1:33:13
2014 1:25:01
2015 1:25:58 (official)

Goal:  Do not die.

Yes, considering last weekends loss of a local mountain & road biker doing something he loved, maybe I need to revise that.  Or maybe I don't.  Finish just don't have the impact as my usual C goal.

Jibber jabber with a few people before the race I love that part.  Once I'm done I just want to go home or curl up in a ball for 20 minutes and then I'm ready to be around people. 

I didn't look up my time from last year, I had 90 minutes in the back of my mind, and stay under a 12:00 pace from the competitive part of my brain.  The other part, said: enjoy the run, you silly girl, enjoy the run!  I haven't run in Burlingame in quite some time, according to Strava it's been since this time last year.  That just can't be right, can it?  Well I haven't run the Li'l Rhody loop in a year, yeah, that must be it...

Honestly, I'm done 'racing'.  And I enjoyed this 'race' much better.  I passed quite a few people, I started out in the way back so I knew my pace would stay under control for the easy part of the course (the first 4) and I'd have something left for the harder part of the course (last 4).  Wow!  It worked.  Plus I know people get caught up in the excitment and go out to fast.

It was fun, I go back to one of my multi lap runs of Burlingame from 2014, Dave and Lennon were out doing trail maintenance and I saw them at mile 2, it was something to look forward to on the boring part of the trail.  I enjoyed running over the ramp knowing I was there when that and a couple others were built and the lengthy board walk was being repaired and extended.

Ok enough of memory lane, sometimes I'm such a girl...

As the run progressed it appeared I did have a little fun 'race' going on.

I heard her back there, closing the gap then it opening up, usually on the up hills the gap closed and on the down hills it opened up.  I was waiting for the "on your left"  it never came.  
The gal chasing me (White Cap) passed me at the mile 4 water stop.  I stopped had a drink, exchanged hellos with April.  Well times White Cap, well timed!

Now we are on hard top for a bit and that is tough after the nice soft woods.   White Cap picked off another runner.  Oh crap.  Then we were back in the woods.  I closed the gap and 
we wound our way around the part where the course gets fun, up and over the boulder climb, up the Li'l Rhody Rise.  Picked off a couple more people.  Because of the rise the gap widened, I'm getting better at rises/hills, I have to focus and dig and I had the proper motivation.  

I kept her in my sights, but she was better with the rises, then she got tangled up in someone else's race, that happens on single track more than many of us care to admit.  

W hen I got up on her I said, "Caught you.  Not fairly though."  She laughed and said "HA!" and stepped it up a bit and we wove our way through 5 more people and had our own little race going.

The gap stayed close for a bit then widened.  She picked off another runner and I had some work to do!  Once we were back out on the hard top I knew it was less than a mile and only 10 or less minutes, and quick check of my watch told me I was well under 90 minutes, might as well not leave anything on the course.  Still thinking at this point 90 minutes must be my PR.  

I picked off the interloper and eventually caught up to White Cap.  We were on the downhill till the end and I said "Come on you've got me beat. Let's go!"  She smiled. I smiled.  Crutch appeared cheering us on claiming he wasn't about to run me in....  then I went right, too soon!  I hear Crutch yelling as I'm starting to cruise down that little down hill to the Y camp.  Shit.  I lost a bit of my get up and go.  White Cap caught on quicker and it was a hill and she went ZOOM!  I was just a bit behind her at the finish line, she waited and we shared high 5s!

Beth, recap done and now it's time for a beer and nap, right?  (no, Gus wants to go for a walk in the day light... ok Gus, you win)

Nothing says pitiful more than a dog with food on his nose who wants walkies!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Weekly Recap - 11/9 - 11/15 (final)

Monday - The week started out in the dentist chair getting a new temporary crown!  If a week starts out in the dentist chair or jail it can only go up from there!!

Surprise!  No knitting!  I always pack my gym bag for the week and bring it in on Monday, just in case! 

It was nice to get out in the sprinkles for a run!  A run is a run and on a Monday after two days off (and an hour in the dentists chair) it was really a treat.  On my way to the gym, I ran into a runner friend, umbrella in hand, saying "You wouldn't be running in the rain if you'd come out to Bluff Point in the a.m., it was beautiful this morning."  Good point, maybe I'll try that on Monday's, yeah, lets see if that happens, ever. 

Yes, Mikey I run outside in all kinds of weather just to make YOU feel bad for running inside, I'm evil like that.

TRX followed by a walk with Jax topped off the night! 

Tuesday - Thought I may meet up with Faith when I ran through campus, nope, darn! 

It seems to take me longer to heal from the long bike rides than I think it is going to take.  My pace was typical for the run, however the general level of all over body pain was higher. 

Yoga after work was much needed and appreciated!  All I could think about was chicken-bacon-ranch pizza, so that's what we munched on post yoga.  Ahhhhh.

Wednesday - Met up with Ro at her house, she was up for 3ish miles and picked out a nice route, the run up to her house is about 1/2 mile so I tacked on a little on the end to hit 5 for the day.  We haven't run together in a while, it was fun to catch up!

First Spin class in I have no idea how long.  My butt didn't like the saddle however the class worked out the residual lingering soreness and stiffness from Friday's ride.  This will make Wednesday a normal night, home by 6:30, dinner, dog walk, and Dave and I can watch "Blindspot".

Thursday -Well, I think I left a lot on the spin bike on Wed night, my run had me experiencing 'a glitch in the matrix'. Remember the scene where the cat appeared twice?  Well that is what I was seeing after the first 1/2 mile, things were jumping around. I tried running with my eyes closed for a bit.  That didn't work well...  it was clear after 2 miles I was dehydrated and needed to stop/slow down.  Looking at my watch (I'm only allowing myself to look when it buzzes at a mile) my pace showed the same, I felt like I was running a lot faster than I actually was.  I walked for 1/2 mile and ran the last 0.7 back to campus (it was largely down hill and easy despite the sidewalk jumping to the right and then to the left - what is this a freaking Time Warp a la Rocky Horror Picture Show???).

That will explain the two Strava entries for Thursday.  (see side bar)  I contemplated hiding them, they happened, live up to it.  I am not ashamed nor do I think I should be!

Dave and I had a date night, no dog walk.  Went to The Malted Barley for Heavy Seas night.  Couple pint glasses as a give away (he really has to stop bitching we have to many glasses) and awesome beer.  Dunno what it is about the name always shy away from buying it.  We both enjoyed a Siren Noire (Imperial Chocolate Stout aged in Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels 9.5%), then Dave opted for the Cross Bones (IPA) in the cask and I tried a Winter Storm 7.5% (extra special bitter) for my second, only because two 9% in a night on top of two Outer Light Brewing Company Libation Propaganda Coffee Stout 5.5% at a going away party was probably too much for a dehydrated runner on a Thursday night?  (and yes that is an actual question)  They had tasters, I'm not an IPA fan, so I opted for the Heavy Seas, I was NOT disappointed by this 9% doppelbock, love a nice bock, wish I opted for it for my second - well fourth beer of the evening. 

Friday - Weigh work, time to get into a winter training program.  Dave did really well with his weight program and considering the approaching 50 spread I am experiencing I need to add in something different to shock the aging figure...  I'm not searching for compliments... I see what I see in the mirror...  my 5'2" 100 lb mother I'll never be...  well hopefully I won't shrink 5 inches, because that would REALLY suck!

Saturday - Not really sure, maybe I'll vacuum and knit, maybe I'll sleep...  maybe binge watch Grimm.  Maybe I'll run Nicole's last 8 with her... who knows.

I didn't do much of anything (of the above I vacuumed).  Shopped for ingredients for "Treats for Troops" night and prepped the insides of the treat I was making.  I made "Tom's Favorite Cookie" 1 cup each of butter, powdered sugar, peanut butter.  Spread that mixture between two wheat thins and smear the whole thing in chocolate.  To. Die. For.

And yes, when I was all done I sucked my fingers clean of all that chocolate - I'm an addict!

Sunday - Li'l Rhody Run Around 8 miles ( I won't hit 30, it's a goal not a requirement).  Recap here.

Nice walk with Gus, ran into Jeff H, fellow WTAC and neighbor and runner, he was getting in the last few miles to meet his 40 for the week.  Bravo!  Nice to chat, funny we've been neighbors for 15 years and yet it was WTAC and Strava that introduced us!  Looking forward to watching his training towards his big goal and maybe I'll get my act together for my big goal...  a little motivation is always good, right?

Totals as of 11/12/15

Run:  27.6
Walk:  10
Bike:  15 (could be closer to 20 for a Spin class)
Other:  TRX, Yoga, Spin

Beth, happy porter and stout season is upon us and I fully place an enormous amounts of thank yous on Seth's Choco Nanner Stout, who knew beer could taste so yummy!!