Saturday, November 21, 2015

Run for the Pumpkins 5K - Recap

October 10th

After an afternoon of drinking with my gal pal Heidi, she was in from Texas and we met up in Manhattan for lunch which turned into a drinkathon, we NEVER get to see each other just the two of us and had tons to catch up on and the beer flowed for me and the wine for her, and well in the midst of a downpour the restaurant (Da Noi) owner took me to Grand Central to catch a train home and Heidi to her buddy's house in Grammercy Park.  All in a regular old day hanging with Heidi.

This wasn't quite the right way to prep for a race, I was feeling it the next morning and hemmed and hawed and thought, well at least you'll get in a 5K run so that's not all bad.

At least I was on an early train and did have several large glasses of water before bed, but still the liver and the rest of my poor organs have to process all that beer.  Apparently I picked up the tab, wowzer that was a shocker when I got the credit card statement, and I think the restaurant comped a few rounds.

Dave left for his ride and wished me well on my race.  Guess I gotta do this now that he actually remembered.  Crap.  I rounded up my orange and my shoes and the 6 pack I've been meaning to give to Crutch, that Dave had been replacing bottles, because, he liked that and why was I giving it away.  I'm not an IPA drinker so I bet Crutch didn't get the best of everything. 

Mini warm up with a course preview from Crutch told me this was mostly up hill and why do I do these things to my self and wow this place is cool and not well marked, I could get myself lost for days.

Jeff gave the welcoming of the inaugural Run for the Pumpkins trail race to about 100 participants.  Very good considering the last Run for the Pumpkins road race had about 30 people competing and instead of the WTAC doing away with the race they decided to change it up and bit and partner with the Westerly Land Trust and make it a trail race on some newly acquired land.  Awesome!

Very pretty and rolly trail, lots of zigging and zagging on non-trail trail and some very established trail. 

Honestly it's been 6 weeks and I don't remember much but it felt like I was constantly on a rise up hill and chasing someone or getting passed by someone and not able to see the next flag.  Mikey B was around a few corners screaming at me to actually run.  HA!  Sure...

Yeah I really look serious about actually running, ha!

I finished in:  36:07 Respectable for as ill prepared I was physically.

Finally in a race I did win something a $25 gift certificate from the Westerly Chamber of Commerce for my bib number being pulled.  So phooey for me thinking I never win anything!

Great course and great race, I'll have to make an effort to get out and explore the trails more.  It is closer than Burlingame and pretty nice in them thar woods!

Beth, caught up with race recaps. 


  1. Sometimes running takes priority and sometimes a girl needs to have fun with friends and drink beer! Great job getting out and running anyway the next morning despite not feeling too good!

  2. Nice job! It is tough getting up after a fun night of friends and beer but you did it. So happy for you and enjoy your gift card.