Thursday, November 5, 2015

Weekly Recap: 10/26 - 11/1

What I did this week:

Run:  30
Walk: 1o.5
Other:  TRX & Yoga

Monday - Rest day!  TRX and walked the dog!

Tuesday - Run, took it easy 3.1 miles really not feeling it but needed to get out and move.  Yoga and shenanigans for the evening.

Wednesday - Run, feeling better, a little more peppy 3.1 miles.  Shenanigans after work, no dog walk.

Thursday - This run felt much better 3.1 miles then a Sneekers run with Ro 3.1 miles.  Missed the Sneekers gang!!

Friday - Jennifer's through the worst of her misery and back on track.  We did a partial hill run with walking. 4 miles.  Dog got walked.  Mad dash to find some anti anxiety stuff for Gizmo.  No luck in the local pet stores... 

Saturday - Run with Nicole, Crutch, and Patti.  The first 8 of Nicole's last 18 mile run.  I so wanted to bail at 6 a.m.  Gizzy is having some serious age induced anxiety attacks and I didn't sleep much.  I sucked it up and went, I can't abandon Nicole.  Nice to run with Crutch again, it has been forever!  We had a fairly sedate 8 miles, Crutch sped her up for the last 10.  She is so ready for Philly!!  Now if we could all bandit and run a few miles with her to keep her focused and on task!!  Dog walk.   Found a pheromone collar for G, seemed to work for the day, he was mellow and got some sleep!

Sunday - Tarzan Brown - recap here.  And of course a dog walk!

Beth, yeah short and sweet... the recap, not me. 

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