Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Weekly Recap: 11/16 - 11/22 (final)

Monday - Knitting day, well crocheting as I finish up the sweater edging.  It's looking pretty nice and I'm pleased with the crochet job, not a top skill of mine. 

This was the last TRX class with the gals for a while, our fearless torturer got a job at another company and upped her commute from 15 mintues to 60 minutes.   She cancelled class through the end of the year and let her see how the new job and getting home to host a torture session will work out.  I'm sad.  I'll do the class on my own, but it won't be as fun, and supplement with two weight workouts a week, which will drop my running time a bit.  Probably ok for the winter, right?

Gus and I had a lovely walk in the unseasonably warm temperatures in November in Southern Rhode Island.  I'm not bummed nor am I worried this is a harbinger of bad weather coming. 

Tuesday - Back to the pavement, I'm still sore from Li'l Rhody.  Even though I'm not a placer I'm still on my feet for an hour and 25 minutes pushing myself and that takes it's toll on the joints.  I've heard this comment from a couple people and as recent as Sunday talking to runner neighbor Jeff.  Perhaps I shall believe it.  I may not get the miles some get, and when I'm getting the same miles I am on my feet a minute or two or more longer per mile.  Guess that ability to not give in and keep pushing is a good thing and something to be proud of no matter where I fall in the pack. 

Got out to the guard shack, no guards, shoot I and many other runners usually stash our badge in the little basket they have for us.  Huh... well I did opt for shorts with pockets, why I did that I'll never really know, but it was handy because I had a place to stash my badge.  Shoot, does this mean I'll have to go back to skirts because they have pockets.  Guess I'll see what everyone else is doing and follow their lead, or hide my badge in the bushes and hope security doesn't find it and take it!

Massage and Yoga night!  Don't reccomend yoga after a massage for a couple reasons, the oil on your feet makes the mat slippery and focus is not quite where it should be, otherwise I managed to not harsh the mellow of the massage or break anything with my less than stellar balance!

Wednesday - Run with Ro!  Spin with Jennifer!

Time for doubles again.  Ro and I had a nice run, 3.5 for her and 5 for me!  I run to meet her at her house, we have a 3.5 mile loop and I manage to get in another mile to get 5 for the day.  We were a bit peppier than last week.

Jennifer and I got spin bikes, ding dong here forgot to call on Tue a.m. luckily they had one bike Wed a.m. and then another one freed up by noon.  Pshew.  Kind of a boring class, three or was it four sets of (in seconds) 15 easy 15 fast 15 easy 30 fast 15 easy 45 fast 15 easy 60 fast 15 easy in position 1, then position 2, then position 3 and repeat upping the tension on each of the sets.  Got a little tedious and boring, kind of like running laps around the track.

Walk with Jax, who is a nightmare for the first mile, and then mellows out, I'd rather walk Gus.  I'd rather Gizzy walked, but hey old age.  Of all of them Diesel was the most fun to walk because he was a bit giant goofball.

Thursday - Run, maybe Sneekers run after work.

Forgot my shorts!  I have a bazillion shirts and socks and bras in my gym bag I thought I fastidiously packed for all my activities for the week.  Um no.

As luck would have it a shipment from Sport Skirts was arriving, a couple pair of shorts to try, see if I liked them and the regular compression shorts I usually wear.  I've hated running shorts from the get go, they are all balloony and ride up just in the middle.  Finding some that fit and flatter is darn near impossible.  I have some Under Armour ones from when I was much heavier, but they are dark gray and show sweat and well, look like I peed myself and I'm not so good with that.

If you were curious it is the Redemption Run short in the long and the short. the long is a little long and the short is a little short (not quite Gazelle short short but close)... thing is they fit well and are flattering!  I ran in the long and had none of the typical typical running shorts problems!   I'm hoping to get in a run in the shorts tomorrow, its a pretty packed day with meetings and a facial... could be a tough one. 

Nice night time run, I feel like I am blazing fast when I run in the night.  When Jeff Volono (I think I spelled that wrong) went wizzing past me I was pretty sure I wasn't fast but hey, that soon ended as he went his way and I went my way and I again felt like I was cruising.  My splits tell me I wasn't, whoopie twang, still awesome to run at night.  Well it would have been more awesome if I had charged my headlamp.  DOH!!!  I use it to walk the dogs at night to see and be seen!  

Friday - Spa afternoon!

Had to try out the short shorts, took a quick spin around the Button-hook route.  I always think of abortion on this route.  One of the methods back in the dark days was a button-hook.  What a horror.  Make me then think about a book I read "The Worst of Times: Illegal Abortion : Survivors, Practitioners, Coroners, Cops and Children of Women Who Died Talk About Its Horrors" and then I think about my great-grandmother's cookbook with her recipes which according to many science teachers, "will definitely kill something", and then I think of other Lizzie stories and stop being so gloomy.  

Anyhow the short shorts weren't as short as I thought, I like them.  Especially the pocket to stash my badge in now that we don't have that option at the guard shack.  The run was a bit tough, the wind or having already run in less than 24 hours.  Or the blueberry muffin and the banana I had for breakfast.  Who knows, it was still nice to be out in shorts and a long sleeve shirt a week before Thanksgiving!

Afternoon spent in the hot tub, then not drowning for about 10 laps in the pool, then in the steam room (wow that is a weird sensory deprivation experience, not being able to see), and then the sauna and a facial and back in the sauna.  Total girl afternoon!

Saturday - Run? 

Took Gus on a hike in Burlingame.  He is a lot less unpredictable these days.  I never knew one outing from the next what was going to happen on the end of the leash.  He turned 8 in July and has been with us 5 years now, still not quite willing to completely trust us.  Definitely sees us as his pack however there is that one itsy bit of doubt in his doggie brain.

Sammy C's and Secret Trail were the two that I know we hit, well other than the Vin Gormley.  Nice to be out in the woods, for sure.

After Dave did a little wearing out of Jax I took him for a walk.  I didn't want to kill him in the first mile, so that was good.

Sunday - Run?

In support of Nicole who seemed to be having a tough race from her splits I went out for a 10K  maybe me screaming out loud in my head would help her get her mojo back and finish sub 5.  She finished just after I got home 4:57:06.  I have no idea if I helped but I'm glad for the run and to try some new roads. As Paul predicted Liberty Street, the unsidewalked part wasn't exactly my favorite.  Maybe next time I'll run it clock wise instead of clock stupid.  I got a little turned around but mostly followed his "Summer Street Six Miler" and added in my own finish to be sure to get a full 10K versus a plain old 6 miles.  

It rained the rest of the day. Gizmo stuck to me like glue and I knitted all afternoon.  My eyes are a little crossed but I'm nearly done with the Walking Dead Mystery Knit Along - Maybe I'll post about it maybe not.

I was trying to explain this to my mother and how Dave and I watch the Walking Dead and there was a mystery knit along.  She understood it to be a knitting mystery show and why would Dave be interested in that.  I think I got her all straightened out by not throwing so much information at her chemo addled brain at once!  She is curious to see the finished product.




Beth, not a lot of plans for the week

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