Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mixed Doubles 10K - Race Recap

Mixed Doubles 10K  (September  26)

Ro sent out the note super early to make sure to put the 2015 Mixed Doubles 10K on our calendars.  The Curmudgeon agreed to run with me again this year, fool.  I think he was hoping I’d stick with the speedwork and we’d place in our age group, silly man.

Ro and Mark decided to go to Utah instead of run the race, really?  Don was out due to still healing the ankle from the 7 Bitches debacle.  Way and Melinda, Paul and Carol Ann,  Joe and Faith, Al and April, Ray and Ruth would be running along with other people I knew, it would still be fun and plenty of people to cheer on.

The format was She runs 5K and then He runs the same 5K.  Age groups are the total age of the partners.  

After a morning 5 mile walk at the Westerly Heart Walk and then a few beers and a pretzel sammich (Ruben) at the Malted Barley who knew how this race was going to go.
The course is flat and fast, out along the water in a double lollipop loop in Noank CT

The girls went first, last year the boys went first.  I kept Faith in my sights to have some sort of beacon to keep me from getting too lazy.   She soon disappeared but I did find that I had people to pick of and that was fun.  Some weren’t exactly a challenge, walkers, and Tom Sullivan’s wife with their dog.  But hey, I think I did eventually, in the last mile, pick off some gals running.   Even picked one off on the way back in front of the crowd which told the Curmudgeon I was actually serious about this race.  He was ticked.

Look at that horrible form!!  But I passed the smiley girl and she never passed me back so yeah me?

Hand Slap to hand off to your partner
I finished in 27:44, per my Garmin

Will you run and stop chatting with me!!!
Curmudgeon in 21:55 for a total time:  49:40

2014 results:  Steve: 21:44   Me:  27:31  Total:  49:15

We were 104, in the 100 – 109 age group, placing 5th out of 7.  Faith and Joe took first!

Beth, catching up....

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