Sunday, November 15, 2015

Li'l Rhody Runaround 2015

2013 1:33:13
2014 1:25:01
2015 1:25:58 (official)

Goal:  Do not die.

Yes, considering last weekends loss of a local mountain & road biker doing something he loved, maybe I need to revise that.  Or maybe I don't.  Finish just don't have the impact as my usual C goal.

Jibber jabber with a few people before the race I love that part.  Once I'm done I just want to go home or curl up in a ball for 20 minutes and then I'm ready to be around people. 

I didn't look up my time from last year, I had 90 minutes in the back of my mind, and stay under a 12:00 pace from the competitive part of my brain.  The other part, said: enjoy the run, you silly girl, enjoy the run!  I haven't run in Burlingame in quite some time, according to Strava it's been since this time last year.  That just can't be right, can it?  Well I haven't run the Li'l Rhody loop in a year, yeah, that must be it...

Honestly, I'm done 'racing'.  And I enjoyed this 'race' much better.  I passed quite a few people, I started out in the way back so I knew my pace would stay under control for the easy part of the course (the first 4) and I'd have something left for the harder part of the course (last 4).  Wow!  It worked.  Plus I know people get caught up in the excitment and go out to fast.

It was fun, I go back to one of my multi lap runs of Burlingame from 2014, Dave and Lennon were out doing trail maintenance and I saw them at mile 2, it was something to look forward to on the boring part of the trail.  I enjoyed running over the ramp knowing I was there when that and a couple others were built and the lengthy board walk was being repaired and extended.

Ok enough of memory lane, sometimes I'm such a girl...

As the run progressed it appeared I did have a little fun 'race' going on.

I heard her back there, closing the gap then it opening up, usually on the up hills the gap closed and on the down hills it opened up.  I was waiting for the "on your left"  it never came.  
The gal chasing me (White Cap) passed me at the mile 4 water stop.  I stopped had a drink, exchanged hellos with April.  Well times White Cap, well timed!

Now we are on hard top for a bit and that is tough after the nice soft woods.   White Cap picked off another runner.  Oh crap.  Then we were back in the woods.  I closed the gap and 
we wound our way around the part where the course gets fun, up and over the boulder climb, up the Li'l Rhody Rise.  Picked off a couple more people.  Because of the rise the gap widened, I'm getting better at rises/hills, I have to focus and dig and I had the proper motivation.  

I kept her in my sights, but she was better with the rises, then she got tangled up in someone else's race, that happens on single track more than many of us care to admit.  

W hen I got up on her I said, "Caught you.  Not fairly though."  She laughed and said "HA!" and stepped it up a bit and we wove our way through 5 more people and had our own little race going.

The gap stayed close for a bit then widened.  She picked off another runner and I had some work to do!  Once we were back out on the hard top I knew it was less than a mile and only 10 or less minutes, and quick check of my watch told me I was well under 90 minutes, might as well not leave anything on the course.  Still thinking at this point 90 minutes must be my PR.  

I picked off the interloper and eventually caught up to White Cap.  We were on the downhill till the end and I said "Come on you've got me beat. Let's go!"  She smiled. I smiled.  Crutch appeared cheering us on claiming he wasn't about to run me in....  then I went right, too soon!  I hear Crutch yelling as I'm starting to cruise down that little down hill to the Y camp.  Shit.  I lost a bit of my get up and go.  White Cap caught on quicker and it was a hill and she went ZOOM!  I was just a bit behind her at the finish line, she waited and we shared high 5s!

Beth, recap done and now it's time for a beer and nap, right?  (no, Gus wants to go for a walk in the day light... ok Gus, you win)

Nothing says pitiful more than a dog with food on his nose who wants walkies!

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  1. Glad you had a fun time out there. It was a beautiful day to be out in the woods.