Thursday, November 12, 2015

Weekly Recap 11/2 - 11/8 - the week of probably the last epic bike ride of 2015

I'm behind in recaps, work that pays the bills, knitting, running mileage, and bike mileage.  The only ones almost on track are the damn dogs 10 a week dragging me around Westerly and Pawcatuck.    They deserve to be on track!

I know a couple people follow the old curmudgeon, Gizmo, he is doing well, a couple of weeks of separation anxiety (he missed me when I went to work or left the room - Dave?  feh, not so much) he was a mess and wasn't letting me sleep. I like snuggling and sharing the pillow with my pup like any other girl but let me sleep!!  A homeopathic remedy has him calm and sleeping through the night (which also means I sleep through the night).  Aging sucks, I'm sure all the consistent activity through his life leading up to his golden years has helped!

Run:  16.5
Walk: 8.1
Bike:  84

Monday - a knitting day, so no run at lunch, TRX with the gals and 2.7 with Gus.   Nothing remotely memorable coming to mind about this day.

Tuesday - 6.2 (get that 10K Strava thing out of the way)  still warm enough for a tank/singlet.  Glad I have all 4 seasons packed in my gym bag!  I had to do a little up the hill and back to hit the 6.2 mile mark.   Picked up a rental bike at Stedmans for Friday's bike adventure.  You'd think with as many bikes we've bought they'd of cut a deal... oh well...  Yoga was sidelined, Jennifer had a car accident and a little concussion, so being active and the amount of time you spend with your head hanging down, it was better to have a little dinner and make sure she was ok.  She is, it will take a while for the concussion to get better. 

Wednesday - Same route as Tuesday, only no add on for the 0.2 and a good pace!  I missed meeting up with Faith because I am perpetually early...  if I say I'm leaving at noon it really means 11:50 because I have had it drilled in my head to never be late.  My mother is STILL pissed I was like 3 weeks late and gave her 20 odd hours of labor....   Gus and I had a nice stroll after dinner.

Thursday - Quick 4+ miles (I really didn't have the desire for the required 5 HA HA HA) including the Schonning 5K course, except backwards.  Drove out to Cumberland MD for the ride on Friday

Friday - Old Glory Relay  that was fun!  I'm still thrilled with the experience

Saturday - Drive home and do nothing, I was sore and rest (and Vitamin I) is a good thing.

Sunday - Still not quite feeling up to running, took Gus for a nice walk before dinner and cooked dinner, something I used to do on Sundays for many years.  Nothing fancy or elaborate, it was nice to be back in the kitchen creating something and not having salad for dinner!

Beth, glad she took a couple days to recover from 84 miles on the bike, her body needed it.

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  1. You need to figure out how to knit while running. Two birds with one stone!