Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Boom!  Done!

Beth, wow that's a lot of miles!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Weekly Recap - 12/22 - 12/28



Rainy - mom said no






As I would be driving half way across the country 816 miles to visit with my people I asked (ok begged) Dave and Steve to do speedwork on Monday.  They were OK with this idea, something about a young (oh they are charmers) girl actually wanting to run with them was fine with them.  It was an ok session.  I knew I needed to get out of packing and stress mode and this was perfect.  

Walked Gizzy early as I was off of work and we had a nice walk in the day light and noted that several restaurants were open downtown and Dave had suggested going out to dinner.


Driving.  I enjoy all the aspects of my visit, even the drive.  It was slightly rainy most of the drive and foggy, like driving into a wall of fog for the last part of the journey off the highway and county roads on to dirt roads.  My only hope was NO DEER!!!  Oh yeah and that silly county trooper who sits out on the corner of Milwaukee and Ford pulling me over yet again for flying down the last paved road I'd see for a week!

Where Jin's been in MI this year - visiting friends and family


As is typical for Michigan it was raining, and raining rather hard, usually it just drizzles.  My mother emphatically stated I was not leaving the house.  Who argues with a soon to be 70 year old 98 pound lung cancer survivor?  Not. Me.

I spent the day catching up with my parents, knitting, letting cats in and out, and a nice two hour nap.  Dad suggested the nap as both of us looked like we needed one and I think he was a little tired of socializing.  LOL


The big day, my mom's birthday and Christmas.  My brothers and their spouses and the nephew arrived early in the day and we had a lovely afternoon, early dinner and called it a night by 6ish.   My mom turned 70, and is a 7 year survivor with lung cancer.  7 years ago there was a slim chance she'd see 70 so this was a big day.  She is doing more than surviving she is living, albeit slowly and cautiously however living.

I had a nice a.m. run in the mud.  Ran around the next block over because Mikey B likes all the grids of the midwest.  The road was nice and muddy and I saw 6 vehicles.  This is A LOT!!  They were off to family for holiday celebrations I'm sure.  Lots of waves and shouts of Merry Christmas to the neighbors.  That just doesn't happen where I live now.  Wave and your likely to have the driver try and mow you down.  Ok maybe not really... but... yeah... maybe.


Another run around the other side of the block. The part I dislike the most is the relentless cold wind as I run back towards my parents farm.  I sucked it up and managed.  The sun being out helped tremendously.  The road was pretty frozen to and that was nice.  This a.m. Wagner's pups were in full protection mode as Mark was out working in the barn.  They came flying out to the road barking and wagging their tails.  I stopped talked to them a minute and they seemed fine to let me go on my way.  

My next obstacle was a county truck scraping the road.  Well what do I do?   He slowed down even slower and I ran past and he went on his merry scraping way.  


Quick run out on yet again muddy roads in the non-existent sunshine to Case Road and back to see what all the construction was about over the summer.  I missed it and my Dad asked if I'd run out there and see what was done.  I couldn't tell.  Perhaps a new culvert?  Whatever the county did they cleaned it up really well. 


Driving - may walk Gizzy when I get home.

Beth, happy to have some time with her people to relax and catch up

Amile - Zonked after Christmas

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Old Mountain Field 5K - Recap

Wow is it really the third time I've run this race?  I ran the inaugural in 2011 in my quest to run one race a month for 2012, and then in 2012.  The race didn't happen in Dec of 2013 but in Jan of 2014, and I missed that one .  I got so lost getting there the first and the second time and tradition held, I got lost again, third times the charm?  I've been to OMF other times with Gizmo.  Something about me and Wakefield I get all turned around

Before I left I quickly checked my 2012 race time.  It was very easy as Mike Galoob had made the course a segment and my 34:19 was now the women's course record.  HA!  Before the race the women's course record was set by Shira Fuller 23:06 set in 2012.  And the record stands!!  Go Shira!!

Admittedly this was slightly embarrassing to see on FB this a.m.  I'm honestly not sure why, mostly not wanting to draw attention to myself?  Oh who knows and who really cares?

I never did look at the results,  I'm a bum like that.  Sounds like Greg and Chris had a bit of a battle in politeness towards the end though.  I'll enjoy those race recaps for sure.  It was great to catch up with Chris and have an actual conversation with Greg! Congratulations to Chris for the new Men's Course Record 18:44 or is it 18:41.  Either way damn impressive!

Ok so the race, sometimes I think this series has become more social than running for me, and then I realize it is both.  I remember the first race, it was a bit chaotic in the beginning.  I had no idea this was the kick off the 4th Season Trail racing.  Registration was chaotic, way more people showed up than expected is all I can imagine.  All I knew was I was glad it started late because I got very very lost that year.

Then I knew no one, not a soul and it seemed everyone knew everyone else.  There were team singlets and groups of people and me.  Today, wow I knew so many of the people and recognized so many faces, it was truly cool.   Plus I had a team shirt!  My first race with it!  (and no picture, oh well) There is such an awesome running community in Southern RI, really and truly.  

After a brief warm up and then standing around too long it was tough to get moving again but I managed. My only goal was to beat 34 minutes.  I threw ABC goals out the window, ok I kept the standard C goal of don't die, because, well that is kinda important.  Took the first mile to get my breathing in order and then I got wrapped up in someone else's race for the second mile and finally broke away and ended up chasing Ellen Galoob and her friend the rest of the race.  Those girls were so precious.  Ellen's friend had to stop and tie her shoe, they both stopped and when they caught back up to me I let them by.  Then Ellen's friend was struggling and she put her arm around her and said, "You can do this."  I nearly burst in to tears, it was so sweet.  Plus, Mike, she was non-stop about my dad this and my dad that  It was awesome!!   I felt extremely guilty passing them once we were out of the woods but that quickly subsided when Faith blew by me in the last 200 yards saying something like "Come on Beth".  I grumbled "Bitch".  OH yes I did, I didn't mean it like that!!! And set on trying to catch her.  I didn't, she beat me by 9 seconds or something like that.  Damn it.  She was 10 or so people behind me the whole race.  In all fairness she ran the course before as a warm up and 18 on Saturday.  So she really stomped me good!! No worries we are still friends!

I crossed the finish and shut my Garmin off at 33:18, 1 minute faster than the last time I raced the course!  I'm happy with that.

Results here.

Editors note:  I was 33;19 and Faith was 33:08, 11 seconds... feh it was all fine!  Plus I didn't know Ellen was running with Nate's daughter!  So sweet couple of good kids they are!

Beth, OMG OMF was my lasts race of the year... I'm kinda sad and I'm kinda glad.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Weekly Recap 12/15 - 12/21 (final) - There is a cute video of my adorable nephew!!

Pace surprising / TRX / Gizzy full of energy
Speedwork / Gizzy
Walk at lunch
Walk after work / Gizzy
Stairs with Jennifer
Old Mountain Field 5K

Monday - After a tough weekend, I really needed to run to purge out the rest of the ick.  The run helped.  I was surprised at the pace I managed to pull off and not feel like I put in a lot of effort.  Weird.     TRX was good, it has been two weeks and that is tough.  I didn't lose as much as I thought.  This was the last TRX for the year.  Kinda sad.  Gizzy didn't much look like he wanted to walk, but once I picked up the bandage and boot for his foot he was at attention complete with his full bore "Walk me" whine.  Well ok.   He was fully of energy and wanted to walk.  The callous on his foot is healing and the paw pad is starting to toughen up.  Dave still carries him up the stairs to bed, though.  Yes that dog has us wrapped around his paw. 

Tuesday - Speedwork with the boyz.  As it was a month ago, I was slow and sluggish.  Not as slow and sluggish (average around 8 pace versus the 8:24 I saw a month ago).  Two data points don't make a trend, only a line.    I may go out for a run after dinner, to feel some sort of redemption for what I feel like was a lousy workout.  All in all I am seeing and feeling improvement in my running abilities and even a little boost to my confidence!  All good things and not to be overshadowed by a not so great workout.

Gizzy was full of energy, always a good thing.  He is snoring like a boss on the couch now!

Wednesday - NY Manged to get in a 2 mile walk at lunch and be late for a meeting that got moved up an hour.  I suspected this would happen and should have brought my work phone with me.  Oh well...  

Thursday - NY  Crazy busy with a meeting I've been prepping for.  All went well, pshew!  Took a nice stroll to and from Tiffanys to get a birthday present for my mother.  That was fun.  Wowza the streets are packed with tourists....  Gizzy wanted his walk.  He expected Dave would take him for a stroll on Wednesday, no dice.  Poor pup.

Friday - Little over a mile warm up run with Jennifer.  We ran 2 sets of 15 minutes of stairs I ended up with 19 sets, Jennifer with 17.  I started out too fast and eventually figured out a pretty good pattern, 1 minute 30 seconds per set (set being up and down), gets 10 sets.  I managed that for the first 15.  I lost a bit of time on the second set, I rested an extra 10 seconds...  Anyhow it was fun, well as fun as stairs can be.  By the end both of our legs were shaking badly and it wasn't fun any more.  Off to the Rathskeller!  Gizzy was full of energy and didn't want to head home, and yet he didn't want to walk back down the block to clock a full 3 miles on his walk.  Silly pup.  He was sacked out and snoring in about 30 minutes.  I'm always impressed with him.  I will miss him when I'm gone...

Saturday - I did no running, thought about it then went to finish my Christmas shopping at the local package stores and the craft store.  My dad and brothers are getting locally brewed beer, stuff they can't buy in MI, thought that would be fun!  My nephew is into craft projects so I found a cool pipe cleaner kit and an airplane kit.  He had a lot of fun flying airplanes Thanksgiving 2013.  Its 5 seconds.  I'll spare you the longer ones.  He is such a cutie pie!!

Convinced Dave to go to see Wild.  I gave him the option of staying home.  He didn't.  He also was not allowed to complain about the movie on the car ride home. It was as good as the book and even more moving.  I would not call it a chick flick by any means.  Definitely someone hell bent on conquering their demons.  

Sunday - First of the 4th Season Trail Race series!  Write up here.  Bike path run with Jennifer to chase some miles before heading out to see my people for a week.   Jennifer and my runs have turned into therapy.  I can talk at the pace we go and I think I rarely STFU, probably why she cut the run short?  Ha!!  It may have been the snow, yeah, we will go with snow.

Beth, getting a decent start to the week....

Published 12/16
Updated 12/18
Final 12/21

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Weekly Recap 12/8 - 12/14 (final)

Hmmm where to start....


 No TRX – Ran before flight

 Elliptical / Treadmill

 Run with Faith

 Not sure

 Run later in the day

I tinkered around with the blog and tabs and I think I have it figured out...  still all wonky with the standard font, but oh well...

My week was going to be weird with a trip to Kalamazoo, MI Monday - Thursday.  I packed figuring I'd be able to run twice and I managed that.  Had I not had dinner plans with one of my brothers and parents I'd of been able to run a second time on Wednesday.  Family does over rule running.  

The trip out was not smooth.  The usual plan is to fly into Detroit and then fly to Kalamazoo.  This rarely works and why I continue to beat my head against this brick wall is beyond me.  5 of us met up in DTW to find the AZO plane was delayed to take off when it was originally supposed to land in AZO.  Hmmmm...  We rented a car and took the nearly straight line down I-94 from Romulus (DTW isn't actually IN Detroit proper) to Kalamazoo.  We nominated the most calm person in the group to deal with our company travel and the airline.  She did well, spent nearly the full 1 hour and 50 minutes we were in the car on the phone.  Our AZO flights were refunded and we were confirmed on out outbound flights on Thursday from AZO.  Good stuff.  Oh the flight was cancelled, so we made the right move.

And this is why I drive to MI.  I'm completely in control, well accept when there are traffic issues... but at least I'm on the ground, I'm much happier with terra firma a few feet below me, not a few thousand.

Ok so knowing that this whole trip was going to be a crazy, I ran before I got on the plane, brr it was biting cold and due to get nasty while I was gone. 

Monday -  nice pace, refreshing.

Tuesday -  the plan was to be up early and do speed work on the treadmill.  It is a hotel in the midwest, so yeah, I'll find a free treadmill.  Well, no.... this is part of a public gym so yeah, no spare treadmill and I found myself on the elliptical trying to figure out what would be a road pace hoping one of the 5 treadmills would free up from the 3 walkers and 2 runners.  Really?  Can't you just use the elliptical if you are going to walk?  Yeah yeah, get your but out of bed earlier Beth...  I did get in a mile on the treadmill and that felt good.  Yeah, I just said that.

Pretty downtown Kalamazoo!

Wednesday - after consulting with colleagues on where I should not run.  Apparently my plan to run along the Kalamazoo river could have resulted in either my death or my fastest paces ever, I did as told and stayed south of Michigan Avenue and when it got dicey looking went West till I hit Western Michigan University campus and ran there till I hit about 2.5 miles and should head back to the hotel, but not before I took a little spin through a very prettily decorated park!  Oh and my colleague tells me 'there is a hill'.  I thought, yeah right.  Oh crap, there was a real hill in the vast flat lands of mid Michigan, who knew!!  It was a good run and definitely made my day better, even if it was so early and in the dark.

Got a chance to take a walk after the meeting and before meeting up with family.  Sitting in meetings makes me nuts.  See what I spied:

Classic mom before dinner.  The youngest brother, Mark, and the parents met me at the hotel and we went to a restaurant close by. Mark lives near by so was a little early.  We spied the old people walking in and walked towards them, no sign of recognition, they see Mark a couple times a month.  We snickered, when do you think they will see us?  Neither of us knew till they nearly passed us in the hall and our mother yells "BETH".  Mark commented, "Well we were wondering when you would see us."  Mom says "I was admiring that beautiful sweater."  Oh Mom...    Dad does his best to not laugh too loudly.  Classic....

Thursday - up early for an 8 a.m. flight out of AZO and a tight connection in DTW.  Made it all with not problem!  Upon landing in Providence, we sat on the ground for a half an hour, probably more.  I napped, whatever.    Got home and snuggled up with my Gizmo for a nap!   What a treat. Vinnie was acting funny, possibly a problem with the recent maintenance or spending 4 days in the rain.  In any event I couldn't go to the kick off meeting for a new lung cancer campaign in Boston.  So I went for a run.  Figured I'd get the Strava 10K challenge out of the way and run some hills.

Friday - Faith and I managed to meet up and run!  We had a great run and I showed her some alternates to the usual routes.  

Saturday - Tires... didn't happen...  apparently lug nuts on Volvo's swell...  arg.  

Sunday - Smith family commitments were all day. Got in a nice walk with Gizzy.

Beth, happy to see her parents, even if they don't recognize her!

Published:  12/11
Final: 12/14

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

So this happened.... seems to be my good luck year for lotteries...

Beth excited to see NY in a different way!!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Weekly Recap 12/1 - 12/7 (final)

The First Week of December -- wow how time flies.


Speed / Plank / Track  (double)
Run  / Hills (double) - Exhausted
 Slept all day – as planned!

Monday - Walked Jax - no TRX.  The weather was perfect for a run, really wasn't in the cards.  Took Jax for a nice ramble after dinner...

Tuesday -   Double workout Twofer Tuesday write up

Wednesday - Run - Out into the rain for a run.  The temps were higher however not really warm.  It was a refreshing run, and I managed to not see a HUGE puddle down by the sea wall so my feet were nice an damp.  Whoopsie!!

Thursday - Double Run - also took Vinnie in for his 200,000 mile check up.  Not as expensive as I imagined.  One of the guys at work is first in line to buy him when I'm ready to sell. He was hoping the call about the list of issues and price was going to have me grabbing my chest... sorry Gary... I've only had the car 8 years, I have at least two more before I can get a new car...

Nice run at lunch, nothing spectacular, nice to just get out and enjoy the sun and the crisp fall air and run along Mikey B's route...  seeing as he has taken the whole month of December off.  Who does that?

After work hills with Ro in the dark was good.  She stopped to tie her shoe and I forgot to stop the watch, whoops...  At least it was at the top of the hill not half way up.  It seems like it has been forever since we ran together.  Nice to see Thumbelina (Paul) after the run with his fancy thumb brace.  

Wished Bob well for his TARC 32 miler on Saturday.  From his brief recap sounded like it was brutal and muddy, 4 laps of a 8 mile course. 

Friday - Stairs -  back to URI for stairs.  We did a mileish warm up before the stairs, seems silly to just run up and down the stairs.  Next week you in Mikey B?  15 set was pretty much going to do it for us.  Jennifer is getting competitive and I am enjoying that.  Well until one of us elbows the other in the face trying to pass on the stairs!  That won't be so enjoyable.    HA!! All in all it hurts however it was fun.  Or maybe just the trip to Mews afterwards is the fun part?

Saturday - Nada Zilch Zero - I slept most of the day, piddled around with chores and knitted.  As I had planned.  It feels like I have been non-stop all week.  

Sunday - I got up and decided I'd rather run by myself, no Pearl Harbor Masters Race in Waterford. Nice run around Westerly and Pawcatuck (CT), nice drivers, no one tried to plow me over like a few weeks ago.  The wind was wicked, I ran into the wind for a while, then ran with it at my back and so on and so forth.  Worked out well.

Walk with Gus and Giz in the day light, nice for a change!

Beth, hard to believe the year is almost gone....  and looking forward to running in new environs next week!

Final 12/7 - finally figured out the tabs thing for the blog!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Twofer Tuesday

One of the things I loved from Ultra training were the days I did doubles to get all the miles in and train my body to run when it was tired.  Tuesdays and Thursdays seem to be the days best suited for doubles.  Jennifer and I have a run scheduled for Tuesday night and I have speed work with the boyz at lunch.  Ro and I have a hill workout on Thursday nights and I get in a run at lunch.  I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing, it does create extra laundry and three showers in a day, but for some reason I really do enjoy my twofers.  

The other thing I enjoyed were alternating easy and hard weeks.  I need to plan a little better to continue to incorporate this in my regular maintenance training, seems to  be when I have a few bad runs or can't get them in I declare it an easy week and they seem to be stacking up on each other one after the other, not alternating.  Then again I am hard on myself and haven't really studied the training log in Strava to see what I see.

Today was speedwork with the boyz and all but one of the laps were great.  Including the mulligan my average went up 2 seconds (7:46) , excluding the mulligan my average went down 11 seconds (7:33).  I guess I could split the difference and say it went down 7 seconds?  The trend is in the right direction and laps 1, 2, and 3 hurt progressively more and more, as they should.  Josh and Steve could tell I was going to take a pass on lap 4, my brain and/or body wasn't having any of it.  I ran faster than a usual pace, however slow compared to the rest.  My breathing was much better both commented on this as they pass me off between each other to push along.    I asked them (begged, honestly) to play "crazy track coach" on the last lap, I really needed the verbal abuse to get moving.  They did well!

To pay it forward I've been working with Jennifer on speed.  We did fartlets a few weeks ago and have been running stadium stairs, and tonight we did some track work.  Easy/Fast/Walk/Easy/Fast.  This is her first winter running outside and wow I remember my first winter outside, it sucks till everything gets accustomed to the cold.  


We managed 3 fast laps, 3 walks, and 6 easy for a total of 3 miles.  Good for a first effort.  She also is borrowing my Garmin Forerunner 410 so this eliminates the 3/4 of a mile fiddling with her phone to get that all set up to record her run.  I think I got her to press the lap button for every lap so she can get a benchmark to judge progress against.  

Hopefully she will hang with this to get used to the cold, although who could really fault her for retreating into the climate controlled gym?  She actually likes the treadmill...  I know, I worry about her too.

Beth,  guess with all the darkness there is more time for blogging?  

I'm proud and pleased at what I've accomplished!