Thursday, December 11, 2014

Weekly Recap 12/8 - 12/14 (final)

Hmmm where to start....


 No TRX – Ran before flight

 Elliptical / Treadmill

 Run with Faith

 Not sure

 Run later in the day

I tinkered around with the blog and tabs and I think I have it figured out...  still all wonky with the standard font, but oh well...

My week was going to be weird with a trip to Kalamazoo, MI Monday - Thursday.  I packed figuring I'd be able to run twice and I managed that.  Had I not had dinner plans with one of my brothers and parents I'd of been able to run a second time on Wednesday.  Family does over rule running.  

The trip out was not smooth.  The usual plan is to fly into Detroit and then fly to Kalamazoo.  This rarely works and why I continue to beat my head against this brick wall is beyond me.  5 of us met up in DTW to find the AZO plane was delayed to take off when it was originally supposed to land in AZO.  Hmmmm...  We rented a car and took the nearly straight line down I-94 from Romulus (DTW isn't actually IN Detroit proper) to Kalamazoo.  We nominated the most calm person in the group to deal with our company travel and the airline.  She did well, spent nearly the full 1 hour and 50 minutes we were in the car on the phone.  Our AZO flights were refunded and we were confirmed on out outbound flights on Thursday from AZO.  Good stuff.  Oh the flight was cancelled, so we made the right move.

And this is why I drive to MI.  I'm completely in control, well accept when there are traffic issues... but at least I'm on the ground, I'm much happier with terra firma a few feet below me, not a few thousand.

Ok so knowing that this whole trip was going to be a crazy, I ran before I got on the plane, brr it was biting cold and due to get nasty while I was gone. 

Monday -  nice pace, refreshing.

Tuesday -  the plan was to be up early and do speed work on the treadmill.  It is a hotel in the midwest, so yeah, I'll find a free treadmill.  Well, no.... this is part of a public gym so yeah, no spare treadmill and I found myself on the elliptical trying to figure out what would be a road pace hoping one of the 5 treadmills would free up from the 3 walkers and 2 runners.  Really?  Can't you just use the elliptical if you are going to walk?  Yeah yeah, get your but out of bed earlier Beth...  I did get in a mile on the treadmill and that felt good.  Yeah, I just said that.

Pretty downtown Kalamazoo!

Wednesday - after consulting with colleagues on where I should not run.  Apparently my plan to run along the Kalamazoo river could have resulted in either my death or my fastest paces ever, I did as told and stayed south of Michigan Avenue and when it got dicey looking went West till I hit Western Michigan University campus and ran there till I hit about 2.5 miles and should head back to the hotel, but not before I took a little spin through a very prettily decorated park!  Oh and my colleague tells me 'there is a hill'.  I thought, yeah right.  Oh crap, there was a real hill in the vast flat lands of mid Michigan, who knew!!  It was a good run and definitely made my day better, even if it was so early and in the dark.

Got a chance to take a walk after the meeting and before meeting up with family.  Sitting in meetings makes me nuts.  See what I spied:

Classic mom before dinner.  The youngest brother, Mark, and the parents met me at the hotel and we went to a restaurant close by. Mark lives near by so was a little early.  We spied the old people walking in and walked towards them, no sign of recognition, they see Mark a couple times a month.  We snickered, when do you think they will see us?  Neither of us knew till they nearly passed us in the hall and our mother yells "BETH".  Mark commented, "Well we were wondering when you would see us."  Mom says "I was admiring that beautiful sweater."  Oh Mom...    Dad does his best to not laugh too loudly.  Classic....

Thursday - up early for an 8 a.m. flight out of AZO and a tight connection in DTW.  Made it all with not problem!  Upon landing in Providence, we sat on the ground for a half an hour, probably more.  I napped, whatever.    Got home and snuggled up with my Gizmo for a nap!   What a treat. Vinnie was acting funny, possibly a problem with the recent maintenance or spending 4 days in the rain.  In any event I couldn't go to the kick off meeting for a new lung cancer campaign in Boston.  So I went for a run.  Figured I'd get the Strava 10K challenge out of the way and run some hills.

Friday - Faith and I managed to meet up and run!  We had a great run and I showed her some alternates to the usual routes.  

Saturday - Tires... didn't happen...  apparently lug nuts on Volvo's swell...  arg.  

Sunday - Smith family commitments were all day. Got in a nice walk with Gizzy.

Beth, happy to see her parents, even if they don't recognize her!

Published:  12/11
Final: 12/14

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