Saturday, December 27, 2014

Weekly Recap - 12/22 - 12/28



Rainy - mom said no






As I would be driving half way across the country 816 miles to visit with my people I asked (ok begged) Dave and Steve to do speedwork on Monday.  They were OK with this idea, something about a young (oh they are charmers) girl actually wanting to run with them was fine with them.  It was an ok session.  I knew I needed to get out of packing and stress mode and this was perfect.  

Walked Gizzy early as I was off of work and we had a nice walk in the day light and noted that several restaurants were open downtown and Dave had suggested going out to dinner.


Driving.  I enjoy all the aspects of my visit, even the drive.  It was slightly rainy most of the drive and foggy, like driving into a wall of fog for the last part of the journey off the highway and county roads on to dirt roads.  My only hope was NO DEER!!!  Oh yeah and that silly county trooper who sits out on the corner of Milwaukee and Ford pulling me over yet again for flying down the last paved road I'd see for a week!

Where Jin's been in MI this year - visiting friends and family


As is typical for Michigan it was raining, and raining rather hard, usually it just drizzles.  My mother emphatically stated I was not leaving the house.  Who argues with a soon to be 70 year old 98 pound lung cancer survivor?  Not. Me.

I spent the day catching up with my parents, knitting, letting cats in and out, and a nice two hour nap.  Dad suggested the nap as both of us looked like we needed one and I think he was a little tired of socializing.  LOL


The big day, my mom's birthday and Christmas.  My brothers and their spouses and the nephew arrived early in the day and we had a lovely afternoon, early dinner and called it a night by 6ish.   My mom turned 70, and is a 7 year survivor with lung cancer.  7 years ago there was a slim chance she'd see 70 so this was a big day.  She is doing more than surviving she is living, albeit slowly and cautiously however living.

I had a nice a.m. run in the mud.  Ran around the next block over because Mikey B likes all the grids of the midwest.  The road was nice and muddy and I saw 6 vehicles.  This is A LOT!!  They were off to family for holiday celebrations I'm sure.  Lots of waves and shouts of Merry Christmas to the neighbors.  That just doesn't happen where I live now.  Wave and your likely to have the driver try and mow you down.  Ok maybe not really... but... yeah... maybe.


Another run around the other side of the block. The part I dislike the most is the relentless cold wind as I run back towards my parents farm.  I sucked it up and managed.  The sun being out helped tremendously.  The road was pretty frozen to and that was nice.  This a.m. Wagner's pups were in full protection mode as Mark was out working in the barn.  They came flying out to the road barking and wagging their tails.  I stopped talked to them a minute and they seemed fine to let me go on my way.  

My next obstacle was a county truck scraping the road.  Well what do I do?   He slowed down even slower and I ran past and he went on his merry scraping way.  


Quick run out on yet again muddy roads in the non-existent sunshine to Case Road and back to see what all the construction was about over the summer.  I missed it and my Dad asked if I'd run out there and see what was done.  I couldn't tell.  Perhaps a new culvert?  Whatever the county did they cleaned it up really well. 


Driving - may walk Gizzy when I get home.

Beth, happy to have some time with her people to relax and catch up

Amile - Zonked after Christmas


  1. Nice trip! Good running out there, and I love the grids :)

  2. Happy Birthday and congrats to your Mom! Is that pic of your parents' farm?

    And, oh, two people in my adopted town of Westerly said "Merry Christmas" to me when I was out running Christmas Day!

    1. That is a neighboring farm. I'll have to find some pics and post them!

      Lucky you!!!