Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Weekly Recap 12/15 - 12/21 (final) - There is a cute video of my adorable nephew!!

Pace surprising / TRX / Gizzy full of energy
Speedwork / Gizzy
Walk at lunch
Walk after work / Gizzy
Stairs with Jennifer
Old Mountain Field 5K

Monday - After a tough weekend, I really needed to run to purge out the rest of the ick.  The run helped.  I was surprised at the pace I managed to pull off and not feel like I put in a lot of effort.  Weird.     TRX was good, it has been two weeks and that is tough.  I didn't lose as much as I thought.  This was the last TRX for the year.  Kinda sad.  Gizzy didn't much look like he wanted to walk, but once I picked up the bandage and boot for his foot he was at attention complete with his full bore "Walk me" whine.  Well ok.   He was fully of energy and wanted to walk.  The callous on his foot is healing and the paw pad is starting to toughen up.  Dave still carries him up the stairs to bed, though.  Yes that dog has us wrapped around his paw. 

Tuesday - Speedwork with the boyz.  As it was a month ago, I was slow and sluggish.  Not as slow and sluggish (average around 8 pace versus the 8:24 I saw a month ago).  Two data points don't make a trend, only a line.    I may go out for a run after dinner, to feel some sort of redemption for what I feel like was a lousy workout.  All in all I am seeing and feeling improvement in my running abilities and even a little boost to my confidence!  All good things and not to be overshadowed by a not so great workout.

Gizzy was full of energy, always a good thing.  He is snoring like a boss on the couch now!

Wednesday - NY Manged to get in a 2 mile walk at lunch and be late for a meeting that got moved up an hour.  I suspected this would happen and should have brought my work phone with me.  Oh well...  

Thursday - NY  Crazy busy with a meeting I've been prepping for.  All went well, pshew!  Took a nice stroll to and from Tiffanys to get a birthday present for my mother.  That was fun.  Wowza the streets are packed with tourists....  Gizzy wanted his walk.  He expected Dave would take him for a stroll on Wednesday, no dice.  Poor pup.

Friday - Little over a mile warm up run with Jennifer.  We ran 2 sets of 15 minutes of stairs I ended up with 19 sets, Jennifer with 17.  I started out too fast and eventually figured out a pretty good pattern, 1 minute 30 seconds per set (set being up and down), gets 10 sets.  I managed that for the first 15.  I lost a bit of time on the second set, I rested an extra 10 seconds...  Anyhow it was fun, well as fun as stairs can be.  By the end both of our legs were shaking badly and it wasn't fun any more.  Off to the Rathskeller!  Gizzy was full of energy and didn't want to head home, and yet he didn't want to walk back down the block to clock a full 3 miles on his walk.  Silly pup.  He was sacked out and snoring in about 30 minutes.  I'm always impressed with him.  I will miss him when I'm gone...

Saturday - I did no running, thought about it then went to finish my Christmas shopping at the local package stores and the craft store.  My dad and brothers are getting locally brewed beer, stuff they can't buy in MI, thought that would be fun!  My nephew is into craft projects so I found a cool pipe cleaner kit and an airplane kit.  He had a lot of fun flying airplanes Thanksgiving 2013.  Its 5 seconds.  I'll spare you the longer ones.  He is such a cutie pie!!

Convinced Dave to go to see Wild.  I gave him the option of staying home.  He didn't.  He also was not allowed to complain about the movie on the car ride home. It was as good as the book and even more moving.  I would not call it a chick flick by any means.  Definitely someone hell bent on conquering their demons.  

Sunday - First of the 4th Season Trail Race series!  Write up here.  Bike path run with Jennifer to chase some miles before heading out to see my people for a week.   Jennifer and my runs have turned into therapy.  I can talk at the pace we go and I think I rarely STFU, probably why she cut the run short?  Ha!!  It may have been the snow, yeah, we will go with snow.

Beth, getting a decent start to the week....

Published 12/16
Updated 12/18
Final 12/21

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