Saturday, December 6, 2014

Weekly Recap 12/1 - 12/7 (final)

The First Week of December -- wow how time flies.


Speed / Plank / Track  (double)
Run  / Hills (double) - Exhausted
 Slept all day – as planned!

Monday - Walked Jax - no TRX.  The weather was perfect for a run, really wasn't in the cards.  Took Jax for a nice ramble after dinner...

Tuesday -   Double workout Twofer Tuesday write up

Wednesday - Run - Out into the rain for a run.  The temps were higher however not really warm.  It was a refreshing run, and I managed to not see a HUGE puddle down by the sea wall so my feet were nice an damp.  Whoopsie!!

Thursday - Double Run - also took Vinnie in for his 200,000 mile check up.  Not as expensive as I imagined.  One of the guys at work is first in line to buy him when I'm ready to sell. He was hoping the call about the list of issues and price was going to have me grabbing my chest... sorry Gary... I've only had the car 8 years, I have at least two more before I can get a new car...

Nice run at lunch, nothing spectacular, nice to just get out and enjoy the sun and the crisp fall air and run along Mikey B's route...  seeing as he has taken the whole month of December off.  Who does that?

After work hills with Ro in the dark was good.  She stopped to tie her shoe and I forgot to stop the watch, whoops...  At least it was at the top of the hill not half way up.  It seems like it has been forever since we ran together.  Nice to see Thumbelina (Paul) after the run with his fancy thumb brace.  

Wished Bob well for his TARC 32 miler on Saturday.  From his brief recap sounded like it was brutal and muddy, 4 laps of a 8 mile course. 

Friday - Stairs -  back to URI for stairs.  We did a mileish warm up before the stairs, seems silly to just run up and down the stairs.  Next week you in Mikey B?  15 set was pretty much going to do it for us.  Jennifer is getting competitive and I am enjoying that.  Well until one of us elbows the other in the face trying to pass on the stairs!  That won't be so enjoyable.    HA!! All in all it hurts however it was fun.  Or maybe just the trip to Mews afterwards is the fun part?

Saturday - Nada Zilch Zero - I slept most of the day, piddled around with chores and knitted.  As I had planned.  It feels like I have been non-stop all week.  

Sunday - I got up and decided I'd rather run by myself, no Pearl Harbor Masters Race in Waterford. Nice run around Westerly and Pawcatuck (CT), nice drivers, no one tried to plow me over like a few weeks ago.  The wind was wicked, I ran into the wind for a while, then ran with it at my back and so on and so forth.  Worked out well.

Walk with Gus and Giz in the day light, nice for a change!

Beth, hard to believe the year is almost gone....  and looking forward to running in new environs next week!

Final 12/7 - finally figured out the tabs thing for the blog!

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