Monday, July 30, 2012


WAH = Work At Home.  Not a bad way to start the work week.  Granted this did not involve sleeping in, it just involved not wearing shoes.  Hubb took his nephews to an amusement park for the day and will bring them back here to spend a few days with their Uncle and Aunt.  Well their Uncle, Auntie Beth works a lot.

Monday was productive, top secret work project seems to be going smoothly, finally, despite the consultants ever present attempts to de-rail us!  I am working on a filing also going well.  The second time I've had to do this for an attorney and while she is a nervous nelly about the whole thing it is going far better than I could have imagined considering we are in prime vacation time at place of employment.

I didn't run.  I didn't go to yoga.  I rolled my foot on ice and a tennis ball and stretched.  I am seriously worried about this PF as well as the Susan G Komen 60 mile walk this Fri - Sun.  I doubt I am anywhere seriously close to a sidelining injury however I just really don't like to be in pain and constant fear of pain.  So there you have it.  Whimp?  Maybe...  Better safe than sorry is what I am going for.  I can do the miles, I know this, physically and mentally. The pain on Saturday was sharp and piercing, and scary.

I worked, did laundry, messed around with the dogs, and mowed the lawn.  So much for a stellar training plan, you know what, I'm OK with this and I don't feel like I am making excuses.  Everything is making me cry so I'm ultra sensitive to pain at the moment.

Yeah, does sound like I am trying to justify.

I took myself out for a little drive to see this, beautiful, hopeful, and amazing.

Buttonwood Farms, Griswold, CT
Sunny Beth

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Grouchy Sunday

When I don't run I'm grouchy.  When my left foot hurts I'm grouchy. When I have a pile of things to do and looming deadlines I'm grouchy.  So I'm grouchy this Sunday.  However I am productive mostly because if Hubb and I cross paths I'll be grouchy at him when he doesn't deserve it.

Have you any idea how difficult it is to find a grouchy looking Oscar the Grouch?  WTF...

A little Paul Whiteman and Orchestra playing in the background and several of my piling up to dos are done.  What is it about Jazz or even music in general that soothes the savage beast?  Savage beast meaning me in this instance.  It was a lovely few hours with Paul and sorting through my piles of stuff.  I swear my husband and I are junior hoarders.

Speaking of music, again with the iPod shuffle and the earphones (different pair) crapping out on me.  Now that they are dry they work just fine.  I seriously have to figure this one out.  Do I bite the bullet and get a new iPod shuffle where the volume control is on the unit?  Try several more pair of sweat proof ear buds? Or what?  Or do I just learn to run sans music?  Probably not a decision to make while I am grouchy, eh?

I need to remember why I took a rest day today.  I want to run Marine Corps, I don't want to make my left foot's PF any worse. I will get to run tomorrow and it will be awesome! I am NOT behind on the minimum number of miles I needed to do for this week!

Beth the Grouch

Saturday, July 28, 2012

One Crown Coming Up! Oh Yeah and My Take of Blessing of The Fleet Road Race

Friday started with a dentist appointment.  Hubbs latest dental adventure funded a new 80" television for the dentists home.  I think they saw easy prey when I sat in the hygienists chair?  Upper back left tooth, cracked.  Crown next summer, most likely.  Yippiee.

Friday ended with a 10 mile road race, Blessing of the Fleet, in Narragansett, RI.  Sir GIS-A-Lot talked me into this way back in March, we'd go up with a couple other local runners.  My BIL, due to transportation issues, also had to bail.  Work runner friend Don said, thanks but no thanks "It can be a hot one." Can't say they missed too much.  They would have been running to fast to take in what I took in!

My stats:  time: 1:45:51 / overall place: 2,134/ 2,642  / place in age/sex 237/317  (splits below - what do I do with this data!???!?!!?  anyone? Buller?)

The walkers (462 of them) started 30 minutes before the runners (2,642).  The walkers, and by that I don't mean Zombies, hubb was nearly bummed he missed this if there were actually zombies involved. The walkers were to start at 5:30.  I got up to the start area about 5:30, plenty o'time to walk around a bit, get a little jog in, get warmed up.  Mother Nature had other plans, she had a shower in mind. A nice accompaniment to the humid stillness.

The sky threatened

And it rained

And it stopped just about 5:50.  I wandered up to the starting line.  The race was getting chip timed so everyone didn't need to crowd the front to get a decent race time or pace or why ever people crowd the start line.  Why do people crowd the start line?  Let the elite runners, the top 10% up there, the ones that are going to blow through these 10 miles in 50 minutes to an hour.  So it drizzled, we hung out, 6 o'clock came and the walkers were summoned to the starting line.  "Walkers?"  Said the runners around me.  We thought they went at 5:30.  Well the officials held the race for 30 minutes so the weather could clear.  Runners now start at 6:30.  Now there is a mass of runners, 2,642 finished so there were more starters as a few people dropped out mid way through.  I hope for the best for the ones who didn't make the decision and were taken off the course on a stretcher.  This throng of runners crowding both sides of the street waiting anxiously to get the signal to fill the start chute.  There were a few incidents of jumping the gun to fill the start chute (which was an active roadway) and the police had to cut a swath through the crowd to let vehicles through.  There was one lady who looked terrified, the guy next to me said, "I think I just saw her lock her doors, she is in fear of all of us." I said, "We do look like an unruly bunch, don't we?"

Blessing Course

We were off at 6:30, my plan was to not go fast out of the chute.  As I sucked wind at mile 1 and saw a 9 minutes on the mile 1 clock I thought, well shit this isn't a good start.  I backed down and passed mile 2 at 19 minutes.  (splits below).   The air was still, stark still, it was still and heavy.  Ugh.  We are at the mile 2 inner dialogue of Seriously Beth, what in the world do you think you are doing?  Hey wait, she can run 14 miles.  Seriously Beth, you've had two lousy nights sleep, it is humid, you don't want to injure yourself.  Hey wait, you could try slowing down and get in a quality run, work on form, pay attention to form.  Seriously Beth and Hey wait battled it out and I saw the mile 3 marker.  Ah well that was fun, lets get back to business here.

Mile 4 approaches.  Damn I really need to pee, is there a porta poty?  Nope... Oh look a dirt side street, I'll just sneak down here.  Ahhhh....   Back to it, adjusting my sweat and rain soaked shorts and tank.  And look at this young boys with the hose out hosing off the runners.  HOLY COW did that feel good!

Mile 5 HALF WAY!  Ya freaking Hooo! People handing out crushed ice, thank you very much I'll just slip some under my hat! A little George Thorogood I Drink Alone on the iPod... hey let's turn this up.  And it dies.  The ear buds most likely...  They may say sweat proof, it is a big fat lie.  On, no probs. Take off the ear hooks and shove the wires in my bra and hope for no chafing.

And now, approaching Mile 6, I get to hear the conversations of the other runners and the walkers.  Side note the first walker finished at 1:49:57, so pshew I didn't get beat by a walker.  Behind me I hear a couple critiquing the other runners styles.  She lands on her toes to much, that can't be good for her.  She lands to heavy on her heels.  Did you see the guy with the ugly shoes.  And the one going barefoot, how weird is that.  Oh, I think, I have to see this pair.  They waddled, it was cute, waddling like a couple ducks squawking like a couple of chickens the whole while.  And PS, those shorts totally don't go with those shoes, just sayin'.

Mile 6 and most of 7 were in the woods. BEAUTIFUL, no sun, no breeze, but no sun.

Then we came up on the party street, very cool.  More walkers to deal with though.  Why must you walk 4 abreast.  I am seriously sorry for knocking into people and getting knocked into people, this isn't roller derby, I get that, just move to the right, as you've been instructed.  I am sure you can hear the sloshing of my water bottle and the squishing of the runners soaked shoes.  Move over, PALEAZE!  OH lookey more boys with water hoses, yes please spray me, you are wonderful.

There is a little up hill approaching mile 9, Sir GIS-A-Lot warned me about this he said don't take it easy keep your pace up because it is all down hill from there.  It was.  I got nearer and nearer the chute and got more pumped, I passed quite a few people and "chicked a dude".  Stomping on those timing mats I was winded and felt great.

Now what the devil are all these people doing standing in the finishers area?  You, with the stroller, WTF?  Oh grapes, oh orange quarters, oh hot dogs, ugh solid food sounds disgusting.  OH shit, sorry for kicking your stroller but hey if I stop I WILL pass out...  Get me out of this crowd.  And finally I am out of the crowd standing near the sea wall munching on grapes and talking to another runner and dog lover.  Hey Carlos!

And then on the bus to get back to Vinnie, change into a dry shirt (Hubb brought me back a super cool t-shirt from The Cape, picture later) and go home.

I was beat, I managed to shower, and talk to Hubb for 15 minutes before I went to bed.

Blessing Splits

Blessing Pace and Elevation, guess where I stopped to tinkle...  LOL

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Personal Yoga Session

Thursday is a running day, not a yoga day, yep.  I have a race tomorrow, Friday, and that is my yoga day so Friday and Thursday were swapped.  See, it all works out.  

There was a 4:30 yoga class and a 6:00 yoga class.  My 3:00 - 4:00 was moved to 4:30 - 5:30 and that ran until 5:50, fortunately the Westerly Community Yoga Center is just a few blocks from my house!  I made it just as the clock struck 6 to find only Heidi in the room.  I asked "Do you have class if you only have one student?" she said "Of course. What do you want to work on."  I told her I had a race tomorrow and as usual I was very tight in my hamstrings and calves and generally needed to get my zen on.  She asked if I'd like to have some vinyasas or just poses.  I like the flow of a vinyasa so that is what she did.  It was an amazing class!  And again, before I knew it it was time for inversions (leg up the wall, yeah!!!), twists, and shavasana.   We did a lot of hamstring and hip opening work as well as twisting and a few back bends for good measure.  All in all a lovely class.  At the end Heidi said "This was wonderful." I agreed it was wonderful.  My first one on one yoga class.

Today was a work at home day.  The dogs were a bit miffed that I was home and not doing something for them.  

Do something for me, I don't know what, just something!

Well since they were up half the night because hubb wasn't home they were extra tired the young ones slept pretty hard during the day.

Bookends (and the white one, Gus, isn't pooping his tail is brown)
After 4 tries I finally got my bib pinned on my shirt for tomorrow evenings race.  How hard can it be to pin on a freaking bib Beth?  Apparently this one was massively difficult!  I am looking forward to the race.  Bummed I won't be running with my brother-in-law, sometimes somethings just don't work out.  Although I am holding out hope for Sir-GIS-A-Lot and his Syracuse Orange socks to make an appearance!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Whiskey, My Friend, My Love

I think I may have been a little drunk when I woke up this morning or just exhausted...  The drinks were a little strong last night, no complaints, and I had a very stiff night cap when I got home at oh 10 p.m. probably could have passed on the night cap.  Oh Jack how you tempt me so....

This is how my Wednesdays go.  A little off from a long day on Tuesday. I wore one of my new dresses so I looked good, as my work husband says "Look good feel good."  Busy day, full of action items from the last meeting on Tuesday and other things I need to get moving on.  I worked from home in the afternoon because hubb was off to The Cape to spend a couple days with his family and the dogs are used to having someone around plus the young ones are crated when we aren't home.  While all they do is sleep in the crate and they don't really seem to care, it bugs me.

Crates and dogs.  I've read that the crate is actually a good thing, it is far less stressful for the dog because they don't have to make any decisions on what they are going to do once the two legged pack members leave the house.  They just go to sleep until the two legged pack members arrive home.  I think there is truth to this.  The elder dogs are a bit stressed because some how something that was on the counter is now on the floor and they then get a tap on the tushie because of it.  Dogs do not understand consequences to their actions.  They do know if there is a dog food tin or a soup tin on the floor they are getting a tap on the tushie but the fact THEY counter surfed and brought down that tin escapes them. Plus they are a good place to keep unruly Father-in-laws.

I finished up what I wanted to accomplish for work, fed the dogs and then went for a run on my favorite trail, yep, Bluff Point.  I love that trail.  Did the short loop 3.6 miles, in 35 minutes, not bad time.  I felt like I finally have my legs back. It was awesome.  I also used the Dirty Girl Gaiters a friend sent me.  

I was a little suspect on how these would work and what sort of looks I would get on the trail.  As for the looks on the trail, so what.   The guys that stare are staring at a hot sweaty chick, and I'll just go with that thought.  I doubt they are looking at my ankles anyhow, they are male.  Loved them, the gaiters, not the looks from the guys (ok yes, I like that too, I'm a girl whaddya expect?).  Back to the gaiters.  First, they kept out the dirt and the rocks and the stones and the other niggly trail bits that always seem to get caught in my shoes.  Second, they totally look super cute with my new trail shoes.  Can you imagine them with a pink running skirt!  Woot!  Third, the sweat wicking fabric seemed to keep my ankles cooler, I only noticed this on my cool down walk and my drive home, hey added bonus!

My run was great.  Really great.  My heel is feeling so much better, between the icing and the spikey ball roller.  Now I have a little shin splint action happening in the left shin.  If it isn't one thing it is another.

My awesome massage therapist is gifting me a special foam roller and a DVD to help with my PF and probably the rest of my muscles.  She is awesome!  I need to find a super special gift for her, hmm, better put my thinking cap on!

Tomorrow is a work at home day and a rest day, so you won't hear much until my race report from the Blessing of the Fleet 10 miler in Narragansett, RI on Friday night.

Thank you for tuning in! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Big Butts and 'The Soundtrack to My Life"

Today started with a song in my head, this isn't unusual, my brain is wired very strangely.  Times past it has been something sedate like Jimmy Buffets "Cheeseburger in Paradise" maybe a little George Thorogood "I Drink Alone".  This morning was Sir Mix-A-Lot "Baby Got Back" could be a combination of this song being on my running play list and I've been thinking about a promise a friend aka "Sir GIS A-Lot" made to me to run a 1/2 marathon with me and he seems to have welshed on this promise, disappeared off the face of the earth.  Knock Knock you out there?  I may start running by your house if you don't answer!

Fortunately the miracle of Facebook I could post this as my status and a friend, Thank You Amy, helped me along getting the lyrics out of my system.  I think I am nearly depleted of this song running through my head.

Once up on a time my husband's banjo playing was, as my brother who lived with him for a few years dubbed it, the 'soundtrack to my life'.  I have to admit that I do miss that banjo playing, on occasion.  See, my brain is wired weird.  Hubb recalls me not liking this 'soundtrack to my life' I think that is only because he once decided to 'serenade' me while I was on a phone interview.  Ever try and remain calm and focused on a telephone pre-screen interview? well imagine it with a banjo being played in the next room.  Fortunately I passed the pre-screen and the interview and got the job.  A job actually that changed our lives.

This is a declared rest day, I travel to NYC to meet with my boss, the project leader, and several other people.  Today was actually quite stellar, of the 58 open issues we resolved 23!  Getting the project leader to actually focus on issues is close to impossible.  My boss and I devised a plan to get her to focus and quickly ticked off our action item list.  Essentially easy stuff to get an answer to, the problem is getting the project leader to actually focus on the actual question we need answered instead of the millions of questions floating around in her brilliant all-be-it scattered mind.

While it is a long day, starting at 5 a.m. and not getting home till nearly 10 p.m., it is always worth it both professionally to spend time with my boss and my project teams and personally as I meet up with friends who work in or are visiting NYC, this ALWAYS makes the day even better!

No work out stats to record for today, I walked a few blocks in heels and did a few flights of stairs in heels.

Thinking trail run with my 'dirty girl gaiters' is on tap for tomorrow!  WOOT!!

Monday, July 23, 2012


I'm feeling rather uninspired to write tonight.  So we shall see where this takes us.  Buckle up.

The three miles on the road was great, a little slow, a little humid, great.  I love to be soaked in my own sweat and stink, it feels like such an accomplishment.  I've been walking the first two minutes, setting that as a lap and then running the miles.  I feel better when I do that, gets everything moving.  I have a desk job, I sit, I stare at a computer, I edit documents, I talk on the phone, the bulk of my activity is getting up to go print something or going to the cafe for lunch!  All the printers in the building were down today so there was just the walk to the gym in the a.m. to sign up for a chair massage, a walk to the cafe for lunch, and another walk to the gym to change and run.  I probably logged the sum total of 3/4 mile walking on campus.  Someday I should figure that out, today was not that day.

The run was great because I tried a new route this one had about a mile of hills, not giant hills but spaced out just right so that when you got a breather from going up and a little down then you got to go up again.  Hill training starts next week, I am excited and apprehensive about it.  I love hills, I really really do.  Getting to the top is awesome and the reward is the speed on the way down.  One could consider the up hill the foreplay and the down hill the big event?

Of course my timing was off and I didn't get as cooled down as I needed to before my shower and then back to work.  The back of my shirt was wet with sweat, post shower sweat.  The boys said I didn't smell but I was glowing.  I believe them that if I smelled they would be the first to offer an opinion on the matter.  Additionally, I manged to tweak my knee on the way down the stairs.  It only lasts for a few steps but I hobble and not one, not two, but three people happened to witness this.  It isn't that I feel weak it is just that I feel a little embarrassed to hobble.  So, yeah, maybe I do feel weak.  I need to cut myself a little slack, I ran 14 yesterday and an easy 3 today.  Tomorrow is a rest day and I'll be back at 3 on Wednesday and then  7 for Thursday and a 10 mile race on Friday. Oh wait, should I run that long before a race?  Maybe I should back Thursday down to a walk so I don't over do it?  Friday is usually my rest/yoga day.

TRX was cancelled for tonight, kinda bummed, however it did give me an opportunity to clean up the mess someone made of a project at work and I could leave feeling satisfied about both work and running. Plus I was able to roll my foot over the bottle of ice for a while longer and it is feeling A-OK, plus rolling both my feet over the ball with all the barbs on it in the a.m.  My tootsies seem to be sort of happy with me, yeah!

Saturday I got a little pressie in the mail from a friend.  Dirty Girl Gaiters for my trail runs.  Hmm I may have a solution for my now mounting problems.  I am dying to use these, and with the Friday race and jiggering around my miles, plus a long run of 14 on Sunday.  Wednesday I can run the trail after work, oh wait, I've got solo dog duty... hmmm...  well damn.  I'll fit in a trail run on Wednesday, by gum! The dogs won't have been alone too long, although they will be freaking stir crazy.

Not exactly a one of your finer pieces of work there Beth...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

"You Are Crazy"

The last words my husband said to me this morning before I set off on my 13 mile, which turned into 14 mile run because I was experimenting with alternates to my usual route.

The run was beautiful.  I really felt in the moment the whole time.  I also used my "fuel belt".  I had used it last weekend for a 3.1 mile run and then 6 mile walk but running with something and walking with it are two different animals.  It was fine for the 3.1 miles but, well that is just a short run.  For the full 14 it was awesome.  Why it was awesome:

  • No big 20 ounce jug in my hand switching it from hand to hand, so I don't end up with one bicept bigger than the other or one trap sorer than the other.  It did take a few miles for me to get the whole what do do I do with two free hands situation all figured out. 
  • It didn't bounce around, stayed in place.
  • It did give my lower back a little bit of support.
  • I didn't chug all my water in the first 5 miles.  In fact, I arrived home with water to spare!
The only thing I would change is for it to have a pocket big enough for my iPhone and a pack or two of GU Chomps.

GU Chomps, new find for me.  They came in a race goodie bag and have sat for a while. I am always nervous about trying something new.  I loved them!  So much less messy and so easier than the GU packages.  I do have a couple dozen GU packages and I will use them, just later.

I like to have my phone with me.  What if something happens and I need to call someone?  What if I find something totally cool and need to take a picture of it?

What if I desperately need to check FB? Plus I use MapMyFitness along with my Garmin to track my miles.  I use an arm band, that always chafes if I have it on bare skin.  Yes!  Glide would solve that problem, do you think I remember? Of course not!

14 miles in 2:25.  Why couldn't I have found that pace for my 1/2 last weekend, at least I would have beat my PB/PR.  Oh well.  I think it was the "fuel belt" and the reduced humidity and temperatures.  Maybe a few less hills?

One of my Besties stumped me with this question:

 " So how does it feel after you've run 14 miles? Spare no detail, I've no intentions of finding out the hard way. :-)"

Stumped me because, well I had never really thought about it.  I think about how I am feeling while I am running, does my breath feel ok, am I pushing hard enough, my heel feels a little tender, concentrate on mid foot landing, holy crap the sweat stings my eyes, oh this hill is killing my ass, oh wait, thats a good thing push harder.

How do I feel when I am done?  As a sensation: sweaty, gritty, dirty, energized, a little sore.  As a perception: powerful, accomplished, opportunistic (what can I work to improve next run).  Mostly I just feel glad I did it, and look forward to stretching, showering, icing the sore parts, eating, guzzling some water, and yes, later, a diet coke.

I still don't know if that is what she meant.  I think it would make a great essay, I just haven't gotten beyond the listing part, yet.  I don't think she wants to know about the biological balancing? or does she?  I'll have to think on this and pay more attention, see if there is, in fact, a story in there.

How do you feel after you've run 14 (or more) miles?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Day Went To The Dogs

Well the whole 10 mile walk went out the window.  Feh, I moved a lot today, I'm OK with that.

  • pick up my race bib for Blessing of the Fleet on Friday;
  • visit with the hubb and his buddies at their outing;
  • take the old fogies to the park for a stroll; and
  • meet up with the hubb at 5 at 'the field' to let the young ones run their fuzzy butts off.
I also attempted to get in some reading and Words With Friends, I couldn't possibly have any non-Beth activities...

My toenail did officially turn black!  I had to remove the pink polish to prove this.

Wonder if I'll loose another nail during this race?

Gorgeous day at the South County Balloon Festival where the hubb's RC club and several others were flying planes.

The speck is hubb's autogiro

The idiots scrubbing off some energy at 'the field'.

Jax and Gus

Tomorrow 13 on tap, so looking forward to it and using the 'fuel belt'.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Yoga day today!    I needed it.

What walked into yoga class tonight was a hot mess, oh read on, please.

After my very unseemly display of aggression, yesterday, with a driver who tried not once to plow me over in a cross walk but twice at the next cross walk.  I stood in the walk and I may have dared him.  The memory is a skitch fuzzy at the moment.  Then he pulled over and started yelling foul things at me. I may have yelled back and kept on running.  Smart? Probably not.  Refreshing, well yeah sort of.  Besides the bikers that hang out on the bridge witnessed this, and I'm sure they would have protected their own and gone after Mr. New York plates on a White Lexus, right?

What is so difficult to understand about this sign??

For a bit of background:  I live in a beach community, summer means tourists.  I may have yelled something about f-ing tourists PEOPLE actually LIVE here show some damed respect.  I do appreciate the tourists for the money they bring and then leave in our wonderful town (just not at the Wal-Mart, please, frequent some LOCAL businesses);  I don't appreciate them not paying attention to driving and trying to plow down me or any of our other residents two and four footed alike, or stopping me WHILE running UPHILL to ask for directions.  Really?  Even better are the ones that want to disagree with the directions I give.  You stop a woman and ask for directions chances are you are going to get directed by landmarks, deal with it.

We do have beautiful beaches!!!

Today was a work at home day, which is nice.  Hubb was off fishing with a buddy, it was just me and the four footteds, laundry to do, a pile of documents to read and edit *cue red pen* and a spreadsheet to review from a consultant.   Around noon I contacted the consultant looking for his work product.  Well he was getting to it later.  Well OK, so I need a nap and have a few errands to run so I did that.  Around 3 I checked back for said work product.  Well he forgot the file, could I send it to him. Done! I am not a fan of consultants, so I was a teensy bit frustrated.  He did send me said work product at 5:09 stating he couldn't complete it because he didn't have the file. Grrrrr....

And that was the frustrated hot mess that walked into Yoga class tonight.

Yoga was packed, seriously packed.  12 people packed.  Usually on Friday night it is 2 or 3 of us chickens, we even had 2 roosters too!

The class went so quickly too.  I was ready for more and the instructor said, "Ok well, your choice, what does your body need to do before Shavasana"  Wait? What? I'm not ready for Shavasana, believe me usually I am ready for Shavasana to be the WHOLE class.  Must have been that power nap this afternoon?  I did a shoulder stand and went in to plow and then untangled myself and settled into Shavasana.  The instructor chanted during the final minute, that was so freakin' cool!!  I just love her.

At the beginning of class the instructor asks us to dedicate our practice to someone.  The first person that popped into my head was my Father.  He had done something very sweet for me to let me know he and my mother support me in anything and everything I do. I do know that, it was a nice reminder, he is a sweet guy. So my practice was for my father.  I've often wondered if the people I think about in my practice get any sort of positive energy or anything.  Or maybe it is just me who feels positive?



Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dr. Evil's Underground Lair

When you run the same route often enough do you begin to make up stories about the mysterious things you see?

Dr. Evil's Underground lair?
There is an identical one across the street from this and then a half mile down another set.  They are some sort of flood control for the Pawcatuck River.  Until someone told me that I had all sorts of stories about these being the entrance to Dr. Evil's Underground Lair, an auxiliary garage for the Bat Mobile.  What amazes me most is they never have graffiti on them.  What an exceptional canvas, either someone watches them like a hawk or there just aren't vandals in that neighborhood.  I'd like to think the area is sans vandals.

Really what I thought about most on today's run was Lung Cancer.  My mother is approaching her 5 year anniversary being diagnosed with Lung Cancer.  A co-worker lost her father last week to Lung Cancer.  Another co-worker lost a good friend last month to Lung Cancer.  A good friend lost her mother to Lung Cancer in February.

Lung Cancer is the underdog Cancer.  Since Nixon declared "war on cancer" in 1971, the 5 year survival rate of Lung Cancer has essentially not moved, it has gone from 13% to 15%.  The survival rate for Breast Cancer has moved from 75% to nearly 90% in that same time period.  The awareness and advocacy around Breast Cancer is tremendous.  Frankly who doesn't like boobs?  And Lungs, well we can't see them and oh yeah, didn't the smoker bring on their cancer?  WOAH wait a minute.  Did you know that 80% of all new diagnosis of Lung Cancer are in former and NEVER smokers?  Did you know that the survival rate is so low because Lung Cancer is not diagnosed early enough AND it is the least funded for Cancer research by the NIH, DOD, and the CDC has $0 in funding for Lung Cancer research.

So yes, it is a lot of facts and figures.  I pulled these from:  Lung Cancer Alliance Lung Cancer Facts and Figures, check it out your self.  Also take a cruise around the Lung Cancer Alliance website tons of helpful information to learn more about Lung Cancer, to find support groups for Lung Cancer Victims and their Families.

Do you know anyone with Lung Cancer?  Or who passed from Lung Cancer?  It is a tough disease.  I know being the daughter of a Lung Cancer survivor, and the friend of someone who passed from Lung Cancer the first question is "did they smoke?"  it is a tough question.  Because you can visibly see someone shut down when the answer is yes.  Think about this:

Tobacco causes 14 types of Cancer

What can you do? You can support me with a donation to the Lung Cancer Alliance!

I am running a Full Marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon with Lung Cancer Alliance's Team Lung Love in Washington DC on October 28th.  The funding goes for Education, Awareness, and Advocacy about Lung Cancer!

My personal page:

And I leave you with this thought, says it best:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WTF... Wednesday Thursday Friday, What Were YOU Thinking?

So we last left off after the Anywhere 5K and my first training walk for SGK...  That leaves Monday, Tuesday, and today...

To recap last week:  Running:  27 miles  Walking: 6 miles.  I am a little under my weekly mileage, but hey my weekly mileage is aggressive and it is freaking hot and humid (fact not an excuse).

Monday is TRX and a 3 mile run.  I enjoy TRX, eventually I will get the roll over plank with my feet in the straps.  Monday was not the day for this, so feet on the floor, and I managed for the full 30 seconds, 2x on both sides, that is a LONG freaking time! I didn't feel the muscle soreness I had felt in the past weeks, so it is time to step it up a little bit, I suppose.  Because of the heat and my absolute paranoia about passing out I didn't run till after TRX.  Took my happy little feet down to the ocean to run Quonnie.  Cute cute cute little beach, easy 3 miles at low tide.  Well it was high tide.  Kinda hard to tell from this picture of the Weekapaug Breechway how freaking high the tide was.  Still in all it is a pretty picture.

High Tide Weekapaug Breechway 

The sand was soft soft soft, the breeze was off the land so warm warm warm, but hey, it was the beach and I could run through the surf, and I did, and I loved it.  At the end I just stood in the surf letting it splash me.  I really should have taken off my shirt and dove in, it was just me and a guy who rode to the beach on his bicycle who jumped in and then sat at the bench at the top of the dune to take in the awesomeness of the Atlantic Ocean.  Next time I won't be so shy, my sports bra isn't revealing and if I am ever going to do a tri-athalon I need to get over my fear of the water!!

Tuesday was my New York day and a rest day.  Up at 5 a.m. and home by 10 p.m.  L.O.N.G. day.  I did get to see one of my gal pals and that makes the day A-OK!

Today, Wednesday, Hump Day, the beginning of WTF...  3 miles are on the schedule, remember I swapped my Thursday short run for the Wednesday long run.  So far this is working out well.  I am a little tired, and a teensy bit crabby on Wednesday so 3 miles is good.  I ran them after I got home from a very long and productive and rewarding work day.  Yeah, I'm one of those people who actually LIKES their job and LOVES their boss and and works with GREAT people.  We are one in a bajillion, we do exist!!!  3 miles around my neighborhood is hills and more hills, good thing I like hills!  The first 1/2 a mile wasn't as rough.  I tried something new.  Coach Julia said she walks the first 2 or 3 minutes and then runs.  I did this, and it actually did help that first massive uphill I need to do!  I can reset my Garmin to make that first bit of walking a lap and then I can accurately clock my slow as molasses in January pace in the heat and humidity.

Wednesday is also when I see Amy for a chair massage.  She always makes me feel like a rock star, and I love it!  I've been having problems with tight back and neck muscles for years, when she first started working on me 4 years ago, when I came to her unable to turn my head from side to side, she said it was like dealing with cement.  Eventually all the solidified fascia and muscle started to give way and the muscle memory went to a place of relaxing and letting her get her wonderfully pointy elbows in and break up more of the cemented together muscle tissue.   So I love my nearly weekly 20 or 40 minutes of Amy time.  My left trap has been tight, to the point of "standing at attention" as Amy calls it. I was worried it was the water bottle I carry when I run, and maybe it is, but she said and I noticed, that it was much more relaxed and my left shoulder wasn't trying to 'kiss my ear'.   Perhaps it was a bit of stress from the 1/2 on Saturday?

I did use the water belt on Sunday, for the 3 mile run and 6 mile walk.  I liked it.  I do need to run more than 3 miles with it to really get a good feel for it.  As a runner co-worker said about the belt, he likes it because it feels like it gives his lower back some support.  I don't know if I noticed that or not.  Possibly...

I will leave you with a picture of Gus, he turned 5 on Monday, we celebrated with some carrot cake all around, we all LOVED it!!  He is a handsome guy.  A rescue, I can't imagine our life without him.  It isn't easy to rescue a dog, challenging for both, most rescues have been abused in some way or another and they need to learn to trust humans again.  The first 3 - 6 months is an adjustment period, for every one.   Us figuring the dog out the dog figuring us out, everyone figuring where everyone else fits in the pack.  He is loved and he knows it and he loves us back.  Although I only think he loves me the most in the morning because when I get out of bed he jumps right into my spot, nestles his head on the pillow and falls back to sleep, awwwww.....

Gus at Quonnie, on the Quonnie Breachway

Sunday, July 15, 2012

#Anywhere 5K and Susan G. Komen 3 Day training

Yesterday and today was the Anywhere 5K Troop Tribute race.  I ran mine, this a.m., for my Paternal Grandfather.  He was a U.S. Merchant Marine, we don't hear much about them and they are military...  so I figured what the heck, I hadn't spent any time thinking about him lately and it is good for me to have a subject to ponder while I run, even if it is only 3.1 miles.

I suppose I could have counted yesterdays 5K as a 5K with a 10 mile warm up?  Nahhhh....   I ran the first 5K of my 8 miles for today.  Where is that pesky schedule... I messed up last weeks 11 and only did 8, I think today was 8 and I had decided to walk the Saturday miles.

Wait, today is Sunday you say?  Well my long run was the race yesterday, so Sunday's miles and Saturday's miles got swapped.  Jeepers how quickly you people forget!  Don't you keep my life top most in your mind?  HA HA HA

OK, so where was I.  Yes the 5K, My time was 32:36, not great, not bad, hey I ran 13.1 yesterday.  The 5 miles turned into 6 when I decided to explore a side street.  Oh boy, I haven't walked for exercise in a while!  You do use different muscles.  I kept a consistent 15 mile/minute clip and finished in 90 minutes.  I definitely need to do some longer walks to get used to what that feels like for the SGK 3-Day (60 miles in 3 days) walk the 3 - 5 of August in Cleveland.  So excited to see my GF Trish, it has been a year!  Grateful for FB so we can stay connected and get to know each other over the last year.

From this point I start to wonder why there are so many more women involved in fundraising and walking or running for a cause?  Thoughts?

Speaking of fundraising..  I still haven't started to beg for sponsorship for the Marine Corps Marathon I am running in October with Team Lung Love...  just wait.  There is a link on the side though....  if you'd like to jump the gun and sponsor me!!

I will leave you with some of the lovely sites I see on the Pawckatuck CT side of this route!

The Flamingo Chairs.  Wouldn't having a cocktail watching the boats come in be lovely?

Flowers, I love this old wrought iron fence and the Hostas and the Tiger Lilies plus there are usually some ducks out on the water.

I just love this old majestic house.  

To me this is absolute tranquility

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I May Have Drowned My iPod Shuffle

Today was the 2nd leg of the United Health Care Triple Crown.  A three 1/2 Marathon race series.  The first was in Providence.  Which was also my Team Lung Love run!!!  The second, today, in Jamestown, RI. The third October 14th in Newport, RI.

I set out with a goal of 2:10 for the race.  This is aggressive.  My Providence time was 2:17, and the Jamestown course was far hillier than Providence, and the weather warmer and wetter.  Generally July is warmer than May, and it was bound to be humid, and the sprinkling rain was great (really, I love to run in the rain).  No complaints, no excuses, just the facts!  And I didn't have Carrie there keeping my pace up!

I kept up my desired 10 pace for the first half of the race pretty well (I'll insert my splits), or at least I felt like I did when I was running!  I finished with a time on my watch of 2:23... I'll update with the official results when they are posted.

The day did not have an auspicious start.  My alarm was set for 4:45, giving me enough time to wake up, eat a peanut butter sandwich, drink water, brush teeth, shower, dress and make sure I had every thing and saunter out the door 5:15 at the latest.  Reality:  I slept through the alarm, I have to remember to turn up the volume.  I woke with a start at 5:13.  Fortunately it was really 5:08 because we keep loosing power and my alarm clock goes a head a few minutes, so Pshew...  I scrambled around.  Thankful I had laid everything out the night before and pinned on my race bib (geek).  Quick scrub of the teeth, quick rinse in the shower, make the PB sammy grab some water, kiss the hubb, run out the door shoelaces untied.  FORTUNATELY I did not trip.  Because, yeah, I looked down and thought OH SHIT I'm going to bite it on my own front walk, wouldn't that suck?  I made it to the car, tied my shoes, took off, 5:25 a.m.

Friday when I picked up my race packet I also bit the bullet and got a RI E-ZPass.  They cost $20.95 and I couldn't see paying that for a transmitter when, wait what?  it costs me $4 EVERY trip across the bridge with the NY E-ZPass and it would only cost me $0.85 with the RI E-ZPass.. Hmmmm  One will pay for itself rather quickly, so yeah, lets get one.  Of course it isn't active until 6 a.m. the next morning.  Well with my oversleeping issue I hit the Pell Newport Bridge at 5:59:30 and shoved the NY E-ZPass in the foil package and put up the RI E-ZPass.  Well how about that GREEN light AND the velcro things were the right distance apart.  If I was on my original time schedule this would have cost me an additional $3.15.  Woot!  

The last shuttle left the Newport Grand lot at 6:15 (we had to be bused to the race start as there was no parking on the Island of Jamestown, as it is quite tiny).  I was on the straggler shuttle. When the traffic director said that, the guy behind me just laughed, I said, yep, stragglers!  Got to the starting line with just enough time to use the porta potty.  Yeah I hate 'em but they are necessary.  The porta potties, sans toilet paper were being delivered as I arrived.  There were lots of angry people and even angrier when they discovered there really was no toilet paper.  Just as my turn is coming the guy delivers the toilet paper.  WOOT.  So maybe this is all working out WAY better than I thought it would when I woke up 25 some odd minutes (oh you do the math between what the clock said and reality, 25 minutes seems fair) late.

Ok so the race starts.  Mile 1, is a tough one for me.  I need to find my pace, my feet, my rhythm.  I'm noticing that it is nice not running in the sun and I enjoy running in the rain, so hey this might not be so bad.  Mile 2 presents its usual "Seriously, Beth, what ARE you doing, you aren't a runner, come on lets just walk, please"  Mile 3 marker pops up and everything clicks, really clicks.  I have my cadence my tunes are awesome, found a couple people to pace with and I was loving it.  Feeling on top of the world, I can do this all day long.

Miles 5 - 7  Hill, the big one.  Take a gander at this elevation profile:

I knew 6 topped the big hill and was happy when it was over.  Somehow the remaining 6 or 7 climbs (depending on how you look at it) didn't exist in my mind, but trust me my rear knew they were there!!!

Mile 9  I realize I am not going to hit 2:10 and just relax into the run.  I pass on the down hill, hey I am taking advantage of gravity.  I pass this guy, he starts to pass me on a flat and we just run next to each other for a few hundred yards.  I say, "Hi" he says "Hi" he keeps up for a while and eventually falls back.  Huh... can I call this chicking a dude?  Yeah, no, it wasn't, that only counts at the end of the race...

Mile 12 nice view of the Narragansett bay, bit of a breeze.  Only one mile left.  Wait, what? ANOTHER hill.  You are freaking kidding me.

Mile 13  THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. is all I can think.  All of a sudden my dragging feet get moving.  Really feet?  You couldn't do this at mile 10?  Maybe we would have hit 2:17?  (refer to elevation chart, there was a hill, perhaps the feet were doing the best they could?)

I love running through the chute with all the cheers.  These people don't know me, they are just cheering and it is wonderful.

I love spectators that cheer at races.  The ones that sit there, and wait until the person they are cheering show up, they suck.  They do, they suck.  Just cheer ALL the people on.  OMG what a lift it gives, what a lift.  Just that good job, clap, smile, wave.  I always say thank you, and I mean it  THANK YOU, it helps so much to cheer on the runners.  They may be having a great run or a poor run or an ok run, but you, you dear spectator, cheering us on, we LOVE it.  Or I do...  Guess I can't speak for all runners.  Runners?  What are your thoughts?

During the race I thought about various things, in no particular order:

  • Multiplication tables, I still can't get 8x8 right... grrrrr.... but it sure does help to focus thoughts not on running.
  • Level Renner's article about the cost of races, which all I took away from it was, I wonder if this guy considers me a "Tourist" in races.  I really do think of myself as a runner, and I am my own worst critic, maybe I shouldn't think of myself as a runner?  To his credit and to his point, races are getting expensive and I have no need for a finisher medal, especially if this jacks up the price, which most likely it does.  Finishing and having my results posted on CoolRunning is so totally awesome, that is all I need.  Dude, I can google myself and see race results, that is awesome!
  • Wade and Rod -  They inspire me to be the best I can be.  To keep on keeping on.  Both are fitness professionals, and really do treat their body like a temple and are proud (not arrogant, not boisterousbeautifully and subtly proud) of their accomplishments, and what makes me admire them so much more, they are proud of their students (and their friends) accomplishments
  • My mom and dad - what a time they have had the last 5 years, and just this year.  How much I miss them and admire them for all they have accomplished and done.  
  • My friends - JoAnna because I could hear her clanging the cow bell.  Sheila because I knew she was up sipping coffee crocheting cheering me on.  Michelle because I knew she had her ass in bed with her gorgeous husband. Matthew because how can be be so damn good at WWF, he is killing me, killing me!!  Don every time I would slouch or strike my left heel heavy, I would straighten up, like someone pulling a string out of the top of my head.  Julia, Carrie, Diane, and Nelia my TLL Team Mates, because I simply admire them.  Running with Cupcakes because, damn I wonder which one of these women I've passed or who has passed me is her!
  • My husband - my iPod Shuffle started doing funny things, like saying stuff in the middle of songs "nice song"  "great running song" I thought, what the devil did he do to my iPod, and how sweet, wonder if he will have any other encouraging words.  I also wondered if he actually remembered me kissing him good bye. 
  • Running -  IKR, I'm running and I'm thinking about running?
  • What am I going to write in the blog. 

Splits - I have no idea what to do with this data, but it is data there for it is good and should be collected..... and cause I referenced them and I'm sure one of you can pick this apart?  or not?  or like me just like data!

After the race is when I began to realize that my iPod was actually malfunctioning, while my husband is a wonderful guy neither one of us touch each others computers... I must have drowned the iPod.  I was dripping wet, seriously, DRIPPING wet with sweat.  I clip the little iPod guy to my left bra strap and he got soaked.  I will let him dry out and see if he is ok.  I really like the 3G iPod shuffle, totally basic, no screen no scrolling.  I need to find a new place to clip him.  Damn the bra strap worked so well, but eventually he isn't going to recover from his salt baths. And that is how I may have drowned my iPod Shuffle.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Divas Dine

Dinner out with three gal pals tonight.  I ate my worth in pasta primavera, bread, and garlicy oil.  Hubb commented that I am belching up garlic, tee hee, sorry dear.  The company was divine and always inspiring.  Yeah to my GF who passed her latest breast cancer re-occurrence scare!!!  Seriously this woman does not need any more to test her mettle.  Open heart surgery and Breast Cancer in the last 5 years all before age 45, seriously?  All is fine and the biopsy came back negative.  Pshew!!!  Yeah to my GF raising wonderful children and embarking on the 'turning into a woman' process with her eldest,  you can do it!  Yeah to my GF for muble years of marriage and two beautiful successful grown children!!!

I squeezed in a 4 mile run post work, pre-dinner.  Felt really good!  It was sans-tunes!  OMG, IKR?  No music, what is a girl to do when she can't hear her "Mambo #5" and just gets to hear herself sucking wind?  Well, it was nice to focus on my breathing a bit, and after a mile or so I didn't notice anything and enjoyed the peace and quiet, mostly.

I lost the left earbud thingy that goes over my ear.  Such a COOL invention, they snap on to the regular Ipod earbuds and make an over-the-ear thing. I was going through a Belkin sound converter thingy.  Oh, let me back up a bit.  My tunes are on an iPod shuffle 3rd generation.  The controls for the volume, FF, RW, and Pause are on in line, not on the unit.    The Ipod ear buds do not stay in my ears when I run, I need an over the ear hook.  I found a nice over the ear hook headphones, and this Belkin adapter so I could have in-line controls.  Ok so that catches you up, oh dear reader.  I was going through one of these $20 converters every couple of months. I always had a back up in my gym bag.  Then I found these over the ear hooks that snap on to the Apple iPod buds, to freaking cool, they were like $8 or something totally ridiculously cheap.  Well the left one has been coming off, I don't know why, I never really think about investigating the reason because I am running or about to run when it happens.  I just hope it lasts for the run and I'll deal with it later.  Well, later never happens, natch.

Oh, where was I?  Yes, I lost the over the ear adapter thingy, so I was sans tunes.

I had a in-line over the ear earphone set (and a Belkin) waiting in the wings.  Pshew the in-line over the ear worked with the iPod.  Now to just find the charger.  I need my tunes for the 1/2 marathon on Saturday!!!!

It was still a skitch warm, just about 80, the humidity on the rise, the sun blaring down, however a bit of a sea breeze to cool me down and shade for most of the run back to campus.

Cute little GPS, eh?  Damn I do love the wonderful area I live and work in...  could. not. ask. for. better.  I just hope to remain employed and our location remains open...  if not, feh, we will figure something out.

I redid my training plan, I know I know, once it is done it is out the window.  Well, I needed to do this for me.  I also track my total miles for the week against scheduled.  

Unveiling the latest schedule.   You will note I have swapped Thur and Wed miles and opted for Sat as a walk.  I think this will do just fine.

My Work Husband agrees this is the ultimate in geekdom.  Oh crap, now he knows what I call him...  erh, ah, well... there you go...

Tomorrow I am going to discuss why I run and Lung Cancer Alliance and start begging for donations.  I also send my note around to my work peeps and my friend peeps, possibly with a link to this blog...  Yes, I am crazy.  But hey, there is nothing wrong with a little bit of crazy, right?

Carpe Diem!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday, You Antagonize Me So

It is official, Wednesdays miles and Thursdays miles are getting flipped.  The day trip to NYC wears me out, and I can do 3 or 4 worn out and enjoy them, 6? Not so much…  Part of this training is enjoyment and injury prevention, right?

I decided to run my favorite trail tonight, Bluff Point.  

As I rifled through my gym bag, I found a new running skirt, shorts, bra, one shirt, flip flops, shoes, grocery bags, iPod, sunglasses, all sorts of stuff.  No socks.  Well shit.  There is a CVS on the way there, they will have something and I think I have some extra bucks...

Love the new running skirt, also love Sierra Trading post (where I procured said lovely skirt).  I have purchased skirts directly from the company (Skirt Sports) who makes the skirts, I may not be a born and bread New Englander but I totally buy into the whole "squeeze a Lincoln off a penny" mentality.  Heck I even take chicken or veggies back to the grocery if they are the least bit bad the next day after I bring them home.  Got a great deal on two skirts!  

Changed in the locker room next to my work area.  Hoped like hell the boys were busy and not paying attention as I left.  Of course Mr. Big is right there yapping away with my Work Husband, so they point and cat call.  Thanks guys.  But really, I'm not offended, but someone else may be and they can call HR on ALL of us!!  My hubb warns me that one of these days our tomfoolery is going to get us in trouble.  He may be right, he may be wrong.

Skittered off to CVS and found two pair of 'technical' shortie socks.  The price tag said $7.99.  This was an emergency and I did have $4 in CVS bucks, so that more than halved the price.  The cashier had a devil of a time getting the socks rung up.  She had to *gasp* enter in the barcode numbers.  The socks rang up at $3.99.  Score!  Free socks.  But I didn't get the penny... oh well...  The socks were actually not bad, fit well and didn't slip around and did keep my feet dry and blister free.

My run wasn't great.  My pace wasn't great.  I was tired, I knew I had 6 on tap and felt like doing 4.  I did 4... it was humid I was sweaty, I hated it until mile 3.  What is it with completing that damned mile 3 and everything just hitting its stride and I feel like I can go FOREVER?  Buller? Anyone?  Is it mental?  Is it physical?  I think most of running is mental...  or I'm mental...

At the end of the run, stretching my nice sweaty-warm-feeling-great-body my hand feels damper than normal. Oh it's pink, oh its blood.  Hmmm well I was on a trail, I did have on short socks, I'm bound to have gotten scratched.  Of course I snap a few pictures, nothing looks quite right, but I do garner some sympathy from my FB friends.  They rock, of course.  And one says 'Oh you are just trying to show off your legs.'  Ah actually no.  I do have a great leg picture, but I'll save that for another time... or never...  anyhoodles, I get little to zero sympathy, as I expected and deserved!

I had a notification the audio book I reserved was in and I had an audio book due.  Do I stop on the way home, pre shower or do I shower and go back out?  I go in the stinky mess that I am.  I stand back from the librarian explaining that I am stinky.  She says, oh sweetie, not compared to what we smell on a daily basis, at least we know you've been exercising.  Oh my...  guess the life of a librarian is not as glamorous as I had imagined.

Arriving home, the dogs are in a panic, it is 5 minutes past dinner time, hubb has gone off to a meeting... after they settle down and I begin their dinner preparation process my girl, my sweet Sage smells the blood and begins to clean my leg.  Awwww, what a sweetie.  Damn I hope she hasn't been snacking on poop that could get infected...

Who couldn't love these mugs?  (L- R  Jax, Gizmo, Gus, Sage)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monday and Tuesday are a Wrap

Mondays schedule was a 3 mile run and an hour TRX class.  Tuesday is a rest day.

I ALMOST managed the plank curls in TRX.  I did a couple and then ‘cheated’ through the range of the rest of the 30 seconds.  On both sides.  Hey, two weeks ago I didn’t even have my feet in the straps, so phooey… All in all, I love this TRX stuff, you are using your own body weight and leverage, it is very cool.  I can feel a little bit of a difference three weeks in, I expect there will be more changes as I get better and continue.  Saw a little bit of a triceps popping out in the mirror this a.m. OH yeah, I’m bad ass!  HA!

I ran before TRX class not sure if that was wise or not.  It wasn’t wise, or make that fun, to run without water. I know I know, it is 3 miles Beth, you can’t run for 30 minutes without water? You wuss.  Well, actually not at the moment I can't (or maybe won't). It may be like a pacifier for me, my big water bottle with the pink strap?  I’m claiming I needed the water due to the heat and the fact it was after 4 in the afternoon when I am tired.  So I’m just going to run with my water.  I don’t think it is a bad thing although I do worry I maybe over hydrating.  What are the signs of over hydration?  Anyone?  Buller? 

Tuesdays I am in the city, New York, that is, tourists, crazy cabbies.  There are days you can put shoes and a nice dress on me and no one would ever know I used to run around barefoot on a farm for the first 20 some years of my life…  other days, well I may be a featured DON’T in the “DO’s and DON’Ts” in the back of Glamour Magazine.  Today was not one of those days, pshew.  Thankfully a girlfriend shops with me and pulls together outfits.   What was particularly challenging was getting out of bed and staying awake.  I may have mentioned I slept in till nearly noon on Sunday, then ran at night, before bed, I was a little sleepy Monday and arrived home with the intention of going to bed by 9:30.  Well, once I got home to the chaos and confusion of four dogs and hubb who was busy working on a new project and had lots to show me my energy level zipped through the roof.  Or it was the box of Whoppers I ate in the car on the drive home?  We may never know.  So this, my declared rest day, I am grateful for.  I may take a mile or so walk at lunch, depending on which shoes I wore, but generally it is a sit on my butt and think day.  Oh yeah and eat, what is it with sitting around and the urge to cram food in the mouth?  Crazy. 

Seemed like everything in the city was overly Air Conditioned.  I wish I had a parka from one of these holiday tourists!  Grand Central Terminal is beautiful, no matter what time of year.

My boss is always astounded that I make it into Manhattan before her, I have a 3 hour commute and she has a 30 minute commute.  She walks in and shakes her head, how do you manage to be in here by 8:30, do you sleep?  I got lucky this a.m. and got on a train 13 minutes earlier than my usual train…  Have to say it is nice and quiet until about 9:30 when the rest of the office arrives.  I do manage to get a few things done.  I am sure she is home well before me, that 6:29 train isn't too terrible, it is the not actually arriving home until 9:30.  Fortunately I have a good audio book for the 60 minute drive from the train station to home and Facebook to entertain me on the train.

So this catches me up for the week.  Ah, I knew the rest day would come in handy for something!

And to my friend who said "What do you mean you don't have to run? Shouldn't that be I don't get to run?"  Point taken, noted, and believe me I do enjoy a day not running, it makes the next run so much more delightful!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday Long Run Day

Saturday had 5 on the schedule which I declared as optional.  I have been worried about injuring myself.  As I’ve mentioned the PF is bothersome and pushing it is only going to result in injury.  I really am uncomfortable with calling Saturday an optional run.  To counter the aggressiveness of the schedule and my own need to move I will make Saturdays a WALK.  This will serve a couple purposes. Get me out of the house on a mission and help train for the Susan G Komen 60 mile walk in August.  Yikes that is only 4 weeks away, I think I will be fine,  I was in far worse shape last year!!

The 11 on the schedule somehow turned into 8 in my mind.  Not sure how that happened, my mind was sure it was an 8.  OK so I ran 8.3 and called it good.  Imagine my surprise when I looked over my schedule to record my stats for the week and saw an 11.  Oh shit!  Week 1 of training I logged 27.4 miles.  Week 2 of training I logged 20 miles.   OKAY,  BLS cut yourself some slack, we just started Week 3, and you have been running consistently and ‘long’ since the Half  Marathon in May. I think we can call this a little blip in the plan.  And like any plan the moment it is final it is obsolete!

So my run on Sunday evening.  I slept in on Sunday, by the time I actually woke up, 10 a.m. (IKR? What a bum!) Hubb had already fed the dogs and let them back in the Air Conditioned bedroom to sleep, amazingly they slept even the puppy, well teenager, Jax.  It was already in the 80’s and I was a little nervous about my long run and the heat and I said I would do it in the evening.  

After taking the two old fogey dogs to the park for a nice stroll, in the shade, it was 7:30.  Plenty of time to be home before dark.  Well not quite, took me nearly 90 minutes to run the 8.3 miles, I also stopped to buy some water, so let us take off a few minutes for that.  I need to find a point on the run to hide water.  I have to suck it up and talk to one of the home owners about stashing a bottle or two of water on their property.  Or finding out if I can use their outdoor hose to fill up my water bottle.  Thoughts on this from the experienced runners? Or even home owners, would you be agreeable if someone asked if they could stash some water in your front garden or use your hose?

The old fogies, aren't they cute?  They had a little round of running and needed a break!

 It was a nice run, lovely breeze as I ran up the Pawckatuck River waving at all the drivers.  I wonder if they even care? Well I’m going to wave either way.  Although I thought one woman was flipping me off as I was waving, but she was adjusting her sun visor.  Pshew.  Why would someone flip off a runner?

As a friend said to me once.  "I know why you run.  You run from beautiful view to beautiful view."  I have to say this route has some nice things to look at!  Here is a piece of eye candy:

In my Friday outing with a friend we were discussing running on hilly curvy roads and how she zips over to the other side on a blind curve where she can’t see oncoming traffic.  I never really much paid attention to this, not that I ignored the possibility of someone coming around a blind curve, just that I put it in the back of my mind.  Blind oblivion, perhaps? Anyhow this conversation came to me as I approached a blind curve.  In the spring and winter it wasn’t so blind because of the lack of vegetation, so must be why I never thought about it?  I scurried to the other side of the road, to, gasp, run WITH traffic.  Sure enough a car came whizzing around that curve, taking it really tight.  That little conversation, and the action I took because of it surely saved me from injury!

 So this begs the question do you run with or against traffic?  Why?  And when do you deviate from that course of action?  Why? 

So as I am running the last little bit before getting back into town a rescue truck zooms past, fire engine, police car, fire engine, police, police, fire engine.  Here I am running away from whatever was going on behind me.  I have no idea what it was but certainly was some big goings on.

What did I learn in this long run: 

  • While it is cooler to run in the evening, it will be a slower run.  Get your butt out of bed and take a nap later!
  •  No matter what I think 8 miles is going to take more than an hour, so don’t start with an hour left until the sun sets, hub gets worried when I am out after dark.
  • The local papers are horrible about reporting on things I am curious about, seriously where were 2 fire trucks, 3 police, and a rescue going at 8:30 last night and why can’t I find out about it.
  • It is very hard to fall asleep, even if you are dead tired, within a few hours of running.

Saturday is my next long run.  The Jamestown 1/2 Marathon.  Should be interesting, fun, and hopefully not sweltering hot!