Sunday, July 15, 2012

#Anywhere 5K and Susan G. Komen 3 Day training

Yesterday and today was the Anywhere 5K Troop Tribute race.  I ran mine, this a.m., for my Paternal Grandfather.  He was a U.S. Merchant Marine, we don't hear much about them and they are military...  so I figured what the heck, I hadn't spent any time thinking about him lately and it is good for me to have a subject to ponder while I run, even if it is only 3.1 miles.

I suppose I could have counted yesterdays 5K as a 5K with a 10 mile warm up?  Nahhhh....   I ran the first 5K of my 8 miles for today.  Where is that pesky schedule... I messed up last weeks 11 and only did 8, I think today was 8 and I had decided to walk the Saturday miles.

Wait, today is Sunday you say?  Well my long run was the race yesterday, so Sunday's miles and Saturday's miles got swapped.  Jeepers how quickly you people forget!  Don't you keep my life top most in your mind?  HA HA HA

OK, so where was I.  Yes the 5K, My time was 32:36, not great, not bad, hey I ran 13.1 yesterday.  The 5 miles turned into 6 when I decided to explore a side street.  Oh boy, I haven't walked for exercise in a while!  You do use different muscles.  I kept a consistent 15 mile/minute clip and finished in 90 minutes.  I definitely need to do some longer walks to get used to what that feels like for the SGK 3-Day (60 miles in 3 days) walk the 3 - 5 of August in Cleveland.  So excited to see my GF Trish, it has been a year!  Grateful for FB so we can stay connected and get to know each other over the last year.

From this point I start to wonder why there are so many more women involved in fundraising and walking or running for a cause?  Thoughts?

Speaking of fundraising..  I still haven't started to beg for sponsorship for the Marine Corps Marathon I am running in October with Team Lung Love...  just wait.  There is a link on the side though....  if you'd like to jump the gun and sponsor me!!

I will leave you with some of the lovely sites I see on the Pawckatuck CT side of this route!

The Flamingo Chairs.  Wouldn't having a cocktail watching the boats come in be lovely?

Flowers, I love this old wrought iron fence and the Hostas and the Tiger Lilies plus there are usually some ducks out on the water.

I just love this old majestic house.  

To me this is absolute tranquility

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