Thursday, July 26, 2012

Personal Yoga Session

Thursday is a running day, not a yoga day, yep.  I have a race tomorrow, Friday, and that is my yoga day so Friday and Thursday were swapped.  See, it all works out.  

There was a 4:30 yoga class and a 6:00 yoga class.  My 3:00 - 4:00 was moved to 4:30 - 5:30 and that ran until 5:50, fortunately the Westerly Community Yoga Center is just a few blocks from my house!  I made it just as the clock struck 6 to find only Heidi in the room.  I asked "Do you have class if you only have one student?" she said "Of course. What do you want to work on."  I told her I had a race tomorrow and as usual I was very tight in my hamstrings and calves and generally needed to get my zen on.  She asked if I'd like to have some vinyasas or just poses.  I like the flow of a vinyasa so that is what she did.  It was an amazing class!  And again, before I knew it it was time for inversions (leg up the wall, yeah!!!), twists, and shavasana.   We did a lot of hamstring and hip opening work as well as twisting and a few back bends for good measure.  All in all a lovely class.  At the end Heidi said "This was wonderful." I agreed it was wonderful.  My first one on one yoga class.

Today was a work at home day.  The dogs were a bit miffed that I was home and not doing something for them.  

Do something for me, I don't know what, just something!

Well since they were up half the night because hubb wasn't home they were extra tired the young ones slept pretty hard during the day.

Bookends (and the white one, Gus, isn't pooping his tail is brown)
After 4 tries I finally got my bib pinned on my shirt for tomorrow evenings race.  How hard can it be to pin on a freaking bib Beth?  Apparently this one was massively difficult!  I am looking forward to the race.  Bummed I won't be running with my brother-in-law, sometimes somethings just don't work out.  Although I am holding out hope for Sir-GIS-A-Lot and his Syracuse Orange socks to make an appearance!