Friday, July 20, 2012


Yoga day today!    I needed it.

What walked into yoga class tonight was a hot mess, oh read on, please.

After my very unseemly display of aggression, yesterday, with a driver who tried not once to plow me over in a cross walk but twice at the next cross walk.  I stood in the walk and I may have dared him.  The memory is a skitch fuzzy at the moment.  Then he pulled over and started yelling foul things at me. I may have yelled back and kept on running.  Smart? Probably not.  Refreshing, well yeah sort of.  Besides the bikers that hang out on the bridge witnessed this, and I'm sure they would have protected their own and gone after Mr. New York plates on a White Lexus, right?

What is so difficult to understand about this sign??

For a bit of background:  I live in a beach community, summer means tourists.  I may have yelled something about f-ing tourists PEOPLE actually LIVE here show some damed respect.  I do appreciate the tourists for the money they bring and then leave in our wonderful town (just not at the Wal-Mart, please, frequent some LOCAL businesses);  I don't appreciate them not paying attention to driving and trying to plow down me or any of our other residents two and four footed alike, or stopping me WHILE running UPHILL to ask for directions.  Really?  Even better are the ones that want to disagree with the directions I give.  You stop a woman and ask for directions chances are you are going to get directed by landmarks, deal with it.

We do have beautiful beaches!!!

Today was a work at home day, which is nice.  Hubb was off fishing with a buddy, it was just me and the four footteds, laundry to do, a pile of documents to read and edit *cue red pen* and a spreadsheet to review from a consultant.   Around noon I contacted the consultant looking for his work product.  Well he was getting to it later.  Well OK, so I need a nap and have a few errands to run so I did that.  Around 3 I checked back for said work product.  Well he forgot the file, could I send it to him. Done! I am not a fan of consultants, so I was a teensy bit frustrated.  He did send me said work product at 5:09 stating he couldn't complete it because he didn't have the file. Grrrrr....

And that was the frustrated hot mess that walked into Yoga class tonight.

Yoga was packed, seriously packed.  12 people packed.  Usually on Friday night it is 2 or 3 of us chickens, we even had 2 roosters too!

The class went so quickly too.  I was ready for more and the instructor said, "Ok well, your choice, what does your body need to do before Shavasana"  Wait? What? I'm not ready for Shavasana, believe me usually I am ready for Shavasana to be the WHOLE class.  Must have been that power nap this afternoon?  I did a shoulder stand and went in to plow and then untangled myself and settled into Shavasana.  The instructor chanted during the final minute, that was so freakin' cool!!  I just love her.

At the beginning of class the instructor asks us to dedicate our practice to someone.  The first person that popped into my head was my Father.  He had done something very sweet for me to let me know he and my mother support me in anything and everything I do. I do know that, it was a nice reminder, he is a sweet guy. So my practice was for my father.  I've often wondered if the people I think about in my practice get any sort of positive energy or anything.  Or maybe it is just me who feels positive?




  1. Did you get the plate # on the guy? We've got friends, you know. (Right, I'll try to remember compassion tomorrow).

  2. I did!!! ;) "No nose Guido" has been notified!