Sunday, July 29, 2012

Grouchy Sunday

When I don't run I'm grouchy.  When my left foot hurts I'm grouchy. When I have a pile of things to do and looming deadlines I'm grouchy.  So I'm grouchy this Sunday.  However I am productive mostly because if Hubb and I cross paths I'll be grouchy at him when he doesn't deserve it.

Have you any idea how difficult it is to find a grouchy looking Oscar the Grouch?  WTF...

A little Paul Whiteman and Orchestra playing in the background and several of my piling up to dos are done.  What is it about Jazz or even music in general that soothes the savage beast?  Savage beast meaning me in this instance.  It was a lovely few hours with Paul and sorting through my piles of stuff.  I swear my husband and I are junior hoarders.

Speaking of music, again with the iPod shuffle and the earphones (different pair) crapping out on me.  Now that they are dry they work just fine.  I seriously have to figure this one out.  Do I bite the bullet and get a new iPod shuffle where the volume control is on the unit?  Try several more pair of sweat proof ear buds? Or what?  Or do I just learn to run sans music?  Probably not a decision to make while I am grouchy, eh?

I need to remember why I took a rest day today.  I want to run Marine Corps, I don't want to make my left foot's PF any worse. I will get to run tomorrow and it will be awesome! I am NOT behind on the minimum number of miles I needed to do for this week!

Beth the Grouch

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