Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Runday Funday

3.6 in the books, or 3.8 depending on if I look at my Garmin or my iPhone.  We will just call it 3.6, and try to resist the temptation to round it UP to 4.

On the books today were 3 miles and TRX.   I ended up in some meetings in the a.m. and didn't get out on the road until the afternoon, leaving me 90 minute recovery between running and TRX.  My PF was ok, my left knee was screaming, though.

My route:

Didn't make for an interesting GPS route picture.  But perhaps if the picture were rotated?   I love love love my coastal runs.  While my weekday runs are on the Long Island Sound and the Thames River, there is a decent enough breeze because the waters aren't totally blocked by Long Island.  One of my friends commented that she finally knows why I run.  I run to go from beautiful view to beautiful view.  I laughed this off, but noticed how freaking gorgeous my work day run really is.  A small sample below, who could beat this view from an early spring run.  I'll spare you the gorgeous sailboat filled marina for the present time.

Don't you just want to cop a squat in one of those Adirondack chairs and gaze over the sound to the Ledge Light Lighthouse?

Oh yeah, this was supposed to be about running or dogs or drinking?  Hmmm...  took the elder pups out to the park when I got home from all my running about (and buying THEM treats and food, so hey I'm not totally self focused!!).  We haven't been to this park in quite a while and whaddoyou know but they knew the routine and when I tried to deviate from the regular walking path they let me know that I was NOT doing this correctly.  Love those dogs and their so very schedule orientated psyche.

So here I am on a Monday night, nearly 11 p.m. and I am wide awake...  WTF was I not busy enough to be exhausted? 

Tomorrow is truly a rest day, NOTHING on the schedule for me.  Just a dog focused evening.  Oh and maybe I should pay some attention to my husband, he seems to be recovered from his recent wisdom tooth (all 4) extraction.  Then again I could sit on the porch and knit and drink Jack... one never knows...

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