Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday, You Antagonize Me So

It is official, Wednesdays miles and Thursdays miles are getting flipped.  The day trip to NYC wears me out, and I can do 3 or 4 worn out and enjoy them, 6? Not so much…  Part of this training is enjoyment and injury prevention, right?

I decided to run my favorite trail tonight, Bluff Point.  

As I rifled through my gym bag, I found a new running skirt, shorts, bra, one shirt, flip flops, shoes, grocery bags, iPod, sunglasses, all sorts of stuff.  No socks.  Well shit.  There is a CVS on the way there, they will have something and I think I have some extra bucks...

Love the new running skirt, also love Sierra Trading post (where I procured said lovely skirt).  I have purchased skirts directly from the company (Skirt Sports) who makes the skirts, I may not be a born and bread New Englander but I totally buy into the whole "squeeze a Lincoln off a penny" mentality.  Heck I even take chicken or veggies back to the grocery if they are the least bit bad the next day after I bring them home.  Got a great deal on two skirts!  

Changed in the locker room next to my work area.  Hoped like hell the boys were busy and not paying attention as I left.  Of course Mr. Big is right there yapping away with my Work Husband, so they point and cat call.  Thanks guys.  But really, I'm not offended, but someone else may be and they can call HR on ALL of us!!  My hubb warns me that one of these days our tomfoolery is going to get us in trouble.  He may be right, he may be wrong.

Skittered off to CVS and found two pair of 'technical' shortie socks.  The price tag said $7.99.  This was an emergency and I did have $4 in CVS bucks, so that more than halved the price.  The cashier had a devil of a time getting the socks rung up.  She had to *gasp* enter in the barcode numbers.  The socks rang up at $3.99.  Score!  Free socks.  But I didn't get the penny... oh well...  The socks were actually not bad, fit well and didn't slip around and did keep my feet dry and blister free.

My run wasn't great.  My pace wasn't great.  I was tired, I knew I had 6 on tap and felt like doing 4.  I did 4... it was humid I was sweaty, I hated it until mile 3.  What is it with completing that damned mile 3 and everything just hitting its stride and I feel like I can go FOREVER?  Buller? Anyone?  Is it mental?  Is it physical?  I think most of running is mental...  or I'm mental...

At the end of the run, stretching my nice sweaty-warm-feeling-great-body my hand feels damper than normal. Oh it's pink, oh its blood.  Hmmm well I was on a trail, I did have on short socks, I'm bound to have gotten scratched.  Of course I snap a few pictures, nothing looks quite right, but I do garner some sympathy from my FB friends.  They rock, of course.  And one says 'Oh you are just trying to show off your legs.'  Ah actually no.  I do have a great leg picture, but I'll save that for another time... or never...  anyhoodles, I get little to zero sympathy, as I expected and deserved!

I had a notification the audio book I reserved was in and I had an audio book due.  Do I stop on the way home, pre shower or do I shower and go back out?  I go in the stinky mess that I am.  I stand back from the librarian explaining that I am stinky.  She says, oh sweetie, not compared to what we smell on a daily basis, at least we know you've been exercising.  Oh my...  guess the life of a librarian is not as glamorous as I had imagined.

Arriving home, the dogs are in a panic, it is 5 minutes past dinner time, hubb has gone off to a meeting... after they settle down and I begin their dinner preparation process my girl, my sweet Sage smells the blood and begins to clean my leg.  Awwww, what a sweetie.  Damn I hope she hasn't been snacking on poop that could get infected...

Who couldn't love these mugs?  (L- R  Jax, Gizmo, Gus, Sage)


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