Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Day Went To The Dogs

Well the whole 10 mile walk went out the window.  Feh, I moved a lot today, I'm OK with that.

  • pick up my race bib for Blessing of the Fleet on Friday;
  • visit with the hubb and his buddies at their outing;
  • take the old fogies to the park for a stroll; and
  • meet up with the hubb at 5 at 'the field' to let the young ones run their fuzzy butts off.
I also attempted to get in some reading and Words With Friends, I couldn't possibly have any non-Beth activities...

My toenail did officially turn black!  I had to remove the pink polish to prove this.

Wonder if I'll loose another nail during this race?

Gorgeous day at the South County Balloon Festival where the hubb's RC club and several others were flying planes.

The speck is hubb's autogiro

The idiots scrubbing off some energy at 'the field'.

Jax and Gus

Tomorrow 13 on tap, so looking forward to it and using the 'fuel belt'.

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