Thursday, July 12, 2012

Divas Dine

Dinner out with three gal pals tonight.  I ate my worth in pasta primavera, bread, and garlicy oil.  Hubb commented that I am belching up garlic, tee hee, sorry dear.  The company was divine and always inspiring.  Yeah to my GF who passed her latest breast cancer re-occurrence scare!!!  Seriously this woman does not need any more to test her mettle.  Open heart surgery and Breast Cancer in the last 5 years all before age 45, seriously?  All is fine and the biopsy came back negative.  Pshew!!!  Yeah to my GF raising wonderful children and embarking on the 'turning into a woman' process with her eldest,  you can do it!  Yeah to my GF for muble years of marriage and two beautiful successful grown children!!!

I squeezed in a 4 mile run post work, pre-dinner.  Felt really good!  It was sans-tunes!  OMG, IKR?  No music, what is a girl to do when she can't hear her "Mambo #5" and just gets to hear herself sucking wind?  Well, it was nice to focus on my breathing a bit, and after a mile or so I didn't notice anything and enjoyed the peace and quiet, mostly.

I lost the left earbud thingy that goes over my ear.  Such a COOL invention, they snap on to the regular Ipod earbuds and make an over-the-ear thing. I was going through a Belkin sound converter thingy.  Oh, let me back up a bit.  My tunes are on an iPod shuffle 3rd generation.  The controls for the volume, FF, RW, and Pause are on in line, not on the unit.    The Ipod ear buds do not stay in my ears when I run, I need an over the ear hook.  I found a nice over the ear hook headphones, and this Belkin adapter so I could have in-line controls.  Ok so that catches you up, oh dear reader.  I was going through one of these $20 converters every couple of months. I always had a back up in my gym bag.  Then I found these over the ear hooks that snap on to the Apple iPod buds, to freaking cool, they were like $8 or something totally ridiculously cheap.  Well the left one has been coming off, I don't know why, I never really think about investigating the reason because I am running or about to run when it happens.  I just hope it lasts for the run and I'll deal with it later.  Well, later never happens, natch.

Oh, where was I?  Yes, I lost the over the ear adapter thingy, so I was sans tunes.

I had a in-line over the ear earphone set (and a Belkin) waiting in the wings.  Pshew the in-line over the ear worked with the iPod.  Now to just find the charger.  I need my tunes for the 1/2 marathon on Saturday!!!!

It was still a skitch warm, just about 80, the humidity on the rise, the sun blaring down, however a bit of a sea breeze to cool me down and shade for most of the run back to campus.

Cute little GPS, eh?  Damn I do love the wonderful area I live and work in...  could. not. ask. for. better.  I just hope to remain employed and our location remains open...  if not, feh, we will figure something out.

I redid my training plan, I know I know, once it is done it is out the window.  Well, I needed to do this for me.  I also track my total miles for the week against scheduled.  

Unveiling the latest schedule.   You will note I have swapped Thur and Wed miles and opted for Sat as a walk.  I think this will do just fine.

My Work Husband agrees this is the ultimate in geekdom.  Oh crap, now he knows what I call him...  erh, ah, well... there you go...

Tomorrow I am going to discuss why I run and Lung Cancer Alliance and start begging for donations.  I also send my note around to my work peeps and my friend peeps, possibly with a link to this blog...  Yes, I am crazy.  But hey, there is nothing wrong with a little bit of crazy, right?

Carpe Diem!

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