Monday, July 23, 2012


I'm feeling rather uninspired to write tonight.  So we shall see where this takes us.  Buckle up.

The three miles on the road was great, a little slow, a little humid, great.  I love to be soaked in my own sweat and stink, it feels like such an accomplishment.  I've been walking the first two minutes, setting that as a lap and then running the miles.  I feel better when I do that, gets everything moving.  I have a desk job, I sit, I stare at a computer, I edit documents, I talk on the phone, the bulk of my activity is getting up to go print something or going to the cafe for lunch!  All the printers in the building were down today so there was just the walk to the gym in the a.m. to sign up for a chair massage, a walk to the cafe for lunch, and another walk to the gym to change and run.  I probably logged the sum total of 3/4 mile walking on campus.  Someday I should figure that out, today was not that day.

The run was great because I tried a new route this one had about a mile of hills, not giant hills but spaced out just right so that when you got a breather from going up and a little down then you got to go up again.  Hill training starts next week, I am excited and apprehensive about it.  I love hills, I really really do.  Getting to the top is awesome and the reward is the speed on the way down.  One could consider the up hill the foreplay and the down hill the big event?

Of course my timing was off and I didn't get as cooled down as I needed to before my shower and then back to work.  The back of my shirt was wet with sweat, post shower sweat.  The boys said I didn't smell but I was glowing.  I believe them that if I smelled they would be the first to offer an opinion on the matter.  Additionally, I manged to tweak my knee on the way down the stairs.  It only lasts for a few steps but I hobble and not one, not two, but three people happened to witness this.  It isn't that I feel weak it is just that I feel a little embarrassed to hobble.  So, yeah, maybe I do feel weak.  I need to cut myself a little slack, I ran 14 yesterday and an easy 3 today.  Tomorrow is a rest day and I'll be back at 3 on Wednesday and then  7 for Thursday and a 10 mile race on Friday. Oh wait, should I run that long before a race?  Maybe I should back Thursday down to a walk so I don't over do it?  Friday is usually my rest/yoga day.

TRX was cancelled for tonight, kinda bummed, however it did give me an opportunity to clean up the mess someone made of a project at work and I could leave feeling satisfied about both work and running. Plus I was able to roll my foot over the bottle of ice for a while longer and it is feeling A-OK, plus rolling both my feet over the ball with all the barbs on it in the a.m.  My tootsies seem to be sort of happy with me, yeah!

Saturday I got a little pressie in the mail from a friend.  Dirty Girl Gaiters for my trail runs.  Hmm I may have a solution for my now mounting problems.  I am dying to use these, and with the Friday race and jiggering around my miles, plus a long run of 14 on Sunday.  Wednesday I can run the trail after work, oh wait, I've got solo dog duty... hmmm...  well damn.  I'll fit in a trail run on Wednesday, by gum! The dogs won't have been alone too long, although they will be freaking stir crazy.

Not exactly a one of your finer pieces of work there Beth...

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