Sunday, July 22, 2012

"You Are Crazy"

The last words my husband said to me this morning before I set off on my 13 mile, which turned into 14 mile run because I was experimenting with alternates to my usual route.

The run was beautiful.  I really felt in the moment the whole time.  I also used my "fuel belt".  I had used it last weekend for a 3.1 mile run and then 6 mile walk but running with something and walking with it are two different animals.  It was fine for the 3.1 miles but, well that is just a short run.  For the full 14 it was awesome.  Why it was awesome:

  • No big 20 ounce jug in my hand switching it from hand to hand, so I don't end up with one bicept bigger than the other or one trap sorer than the other.  It did take a few miles for me to get the whole what do do I do with two free hands situation all figured out. 
  • It didn't bounce around, stayed in place.
  • It did give my lower back a little bit of support.
  • I didn't chug all my water in the first 5 miles.  In fact, I arrived home with water to spare!
The only thing I would change is for it to have a pocket big enough for my iPhone and a pack or two of GU Chomps.

GU Chomps, new find for me.  They came in a race goodie bag and have sat for a while. I am always nervous about trying something new.  I loved them!  So much less messy and so easier than the GU packages.  I do have a couple dozen GU packages and I will use them, just later.

I like to have my phone with me.  What if something happens and I need to call someone?  What if I find something totally cool and need to take a picture of it?

What if I desperately need to check FB? Plus I use MapMyFitness along with my Garmin to track my miles.  I use an arm band, that always chafes if I have it on bare skin.  Yes!  Glide would solve that problem, do you think I remember? Of course not!

14 miles in 2:25.  Why couldn't I have found that pace for my 1/2 last weekend, at least I would have beat my PB/PR.  Oh well.  I think it was the "fuel belt" and the reduced humidity and temperatures.  Maybe a few less hills?

One of my Besties stumped me with this question:

 " So how does it feel after you've run 14 miles? Spare no detail, I've no intentions of finding out the hard way. :-)"

Stumped me because, well I had never really thought about it.  I think about how I am feeling while I am running, does my breath feel ok, am I pushing hard enough, my heel feels a little tender, concentrate on mid foot landing, holy crap the sweat stings my eyes, oh this hill is killing my ass, oh wait, thats a good thing push harder.

How do I feel when I am done?  As a sensation: sweaty, gritty, dirty, energized, a little sore.  As a perception: powerful, accomplished, opportunistic (what can I work to improve next run).  Mostly I just feel glad I did it, and look forward to stretching, showering, icing the sore parts, eating, guzzling some water, and yes, later, a diet coke.

I still don't know if that is what she meant.  I think it would make a great essay, I just haven't gotten beyond the listing part, yet.  I don't think she wants to know about the biological balancing? or does she?  I'll have to think on this and pay more attention, see if there is, in fact, a story in there.

How do you feel after you've run 14 (or more) miles?

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