Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday Long Run Day

Saturday had 5 on the schedule which I declared as optional.  I have been worried about injuring myself.  As I’ve mentioned the PF is bothersome and pushing it is only going to result in injury.  I really am uncomfortable with calling Saturday an optional run.  To counter the aggressiveness of the schedule and my own need to move I will make Saturdays a WALK.  This will serve a couple purposes. Get me out of the house on a mission and help train for the Susan G Komen 60 mile walk in August.  Yikes that is only 4 weeks away, I think I will be fine,  I was in far worse shape last year!!

The 11 on the schedule somehow turned into 8 in my mind.  Not sure how that happened, my mind was sure it was an 8.  OK so I ran 8.3 and called it good.  Imagine my surprise when I looked over my schedule to record my stats for the week and saw an 11.  Oh shit!  Week 1 of training I logged 27.4 miles.  Week 2 of training I logged 20 miles.   OKAY,  BLS cut yourself some slack, we just started Week 3, and you have been running consistently and ‘long’ since the Half  Marathon in May. I think we can call this a little blip in the plan.  And like any plan the moment it is final it is obsolete!

So my run on Sunday evening.  I slept in on Sunday, by the time I actually woke up, 10 a.m. (IKR? What a bum!) Hubb had already fed the dogs and let them back in the Air Conditioned bedroom to sleep, amazingly they slept even the puppy, well teenager, Jax.  It was already in the 80’s and I was a little nervous about my long run and the heat and I said I would do it in the evening.  

After taking the two old fogey dogs to the park for a nice stroll, in the shade, it was 7:30.  Plenty of time to be home before dark.  Well not quite, took me nearly 90 minutes to run the 8.3 miles, I also stopped to buy some water, so let us take off a few minutes for that.  I need to find a point on the run to hide water.  I have to suck it up and talk to one of the home owners about stashing a bottle or two of water on their property.  Or finding out if I can use their outdoor hose to fill up my water bottle.  Thoughts on this from the experienced runners? Or even home owners, would you be agreeable if someone asked if they could stash some water in your front garden or use your hose?

The old fogies, aren't they cute?  They had a little round of running and needed a break!

 It was a nice run, lovely breeze as I ran up the Pawckatuck River waving at all the drivers.  I wonder if they even care? Well I’m going to wave either way.  Although I thought one woman was flipping me off as I was waving, but she was adjusting her sun visor.  Pshew.  Why would someone flip off a runner?

As a friend said to me once.  "I know why you run.  You run from beautiful view to beautiful view."  I have to say this route has some nice things to look at!  Here is a piece of eye candy:

In my Friday outing with a friend we were discussing running on hilly curvy roads and how she zips over to the other side on a blind curve where she can’t see oncoming traffic.  I never really much paid attention to this, not that I ignored the possibility of someone coming around a blind curve, just that I put it in the back of my mind.  Blind oblivion, perhaps? Anyhow this conversation came to me as I approached a blind curve.  In the spring and winter it wasn’t so blind because of the lack of vegetation, so must be why I never thought about it?  I scurried to the other side of the road, to, gasp, run WITH traffic.  Sure enough a car came whizzing around that curve, taking it really tight.  That little conversation, and the action I took because of it surely saved me from injury!

 So this begs the question do you run with or against traffic?  Why?  And when do you deviate from that course of action?  Why? 

So as I am running the last little bit before getting back into town a rescue truck zooms past, fire engine, police car, fire engine, police, police, fire engine.  Here I am running away from whatever was going on behind me.  I have no idea what it was but certainly was some big goings on.

What did I learn in this long run: 

  • While it is cooler to run in the evening, it will be a slower run.  Get your butt out of bed and take a nap later!
  •  No matter what I think 8 miles is going to take more than an hour, so don’t start with an hour left until the sun sets, hub gets worried when I am out after dark.
  • The local papers are horrible about reporting on things I am curious about, seriously where were 2 fire trucks, 3 police, and a rescue going at 8:30 last night and why can’t I find out about it.
  • It is very hard to fall asleep, even if you are dead tired, within a few hours of running.

Saturday is my next long run.  The Jamestown 1/2 Marathon.  Should be interesting, fun, and hopefully not sweltering hot!

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